Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Love a Wedding!

Dress by S.L. Fashions, shoes by Nina, necklace by J. Crew.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending—rather impromptu—the wedding of the daughter of family friends. I can’t remember the last time I went to a wedding and it’s been so long since I went to a formal event of any kind that I had to break the Shopping Ban to get a new dress. Thankfully the shopping gods were on my side because I found this dress on sale at Macy’s, it fit me perfectly, it was the last one, and I had a pair of shoes that went with it that I actually bought two years ago and have never worn!

Unfortunately, I am in Virginia right now and said shoes were back in New York. My husband kindly sent them to me via UPS and I was all set.

My mother and I drove five hours to get to the wedding. Damn that DC traffic!We literally pulled into the parking lot three minutes before the ceremony was about to start, ran into the country club, threw on our dresses in the ladies’ room, ditched our street clothes in the coat room, and hurried to the hall where the vows were to take place! The ceremony was delayed about 15 minutes, so hallelujah—we made it!

My mother wore a periwinkle lace dress and strappy silver sandals.

This dress was thankfully quick to put on!

A detail of the skirt. I love ribbon roses and embroidery!

This baby Chanel bag is great for special occasions.

The fashion gods were also on my side because getting ready for the wedding was easier than getting dressed on any given day—I put on the dress and shoes and I was done.

I wore my J. Crew necklace—I have been wearing this necklace a lot, I didn’t realize I would love it this much and it goes with everything!—and carried my baby Chanel bag. The shoes are by Nina and I got them at DSW. If you ever need evening or bridal shoes, I highly recommend this brand—elegant designs, great prices (these were about $50 two years ago), and fairly comfortable as well.

Black satin peep-toe pumps by Nina.

One of the bridesmaids handed me her lovely bouquet as I was leaving. How wonderful!

I never get tired of white and pink roses (or carnations and hydrangeas).

Marriage is not easy, I will be the first to tell you, but it is still very sweet to see two people so crazy about each other, in beautiful clothes, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating their love for one another, and making a commitment to it as they begin their life together. It still touches my heart. I wish Hillary and Darren all the best!

The newlyweds!

Have you attended a wedding this summer?


Une femme said...

You and your mother both look fabulous! I love the dress you found, what wonderful detailing on that skirt.

JoanneM said...

Your dress is beautiful couture and your mother looks wonderful.
Weddings are just starting for our friend's children so I cant wait to start to "dress up" once again!

Marla Robinson said...

No weddings this summer for me. I love your beautiful dress.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

no weddings for me this summer funny enough. but love your elegant outfit and your mum's dress. That blue is a really cheerful shade perfect for a fun happy occasion. I love the soft colors on that bouquet as well! x PS my husband would never have sent shoes over!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love that look on you. So elegant. You were lucky to find the dress and all of your accessories suit it so well.

So fun to get the bouquet too : )


Adrienne Shubin said...

I love that dress! It's modern but has a retro vibe. Good job with those shoes. I need a dressy black pair in my wardrobe for special occasions.
Your mom looks lovely in her periwinkle dress. An ideal wedding attendee dress.
Love your little Chanel bag - so precious!

I am going to a wedding in late September, the time of year when it's usually the hottest so I have to plan accordingly. And it's on a vineyard ranch so no heels for me unless they are of the sturdy kind.

denton said...

Love the dress and everything goes with Chanel!

Jill said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Hey Coulda shoulda woulda, my husband was VERY reluctant to send the shoes at first, it took a lot of texts to convince him. Don't even get me started on that subject! Marriage is tough indeed! XO, Jill

Aya of Couturgatory said...

You always look incredible, and that dress is divine on you. Now that we've seen a photo of your mother, we can see where some of your fashion sense comes from. :D

Veshoevius said...

Oh Jill you look sooo elegant! I love the dress and bless your husband for sending you the matching shoes! I have many a made cross country dash to get to a wedding tale to tell. Not always arriving on time either! Mr V and I were late for a wedding in Devon after it took two hours to get out of London in traffic and then we made an epic journey by ferry and car driving to the middle of France for another. We arrived at the grooms parents farm house just as the bridal party were leaving and had to make a quick change in their loungeroom to dash to the ceremony!

LornaMi said...

We just attended Wedding No. 7 this month (2013) but I think we're finished for the year. You're right on about Nina for evening for comfort - I have 2 pairs and swear by them. Bee-utiful dresses on you and your mom. said...

Oh, Jill, I love your dress! It's a bit 50ies and I love the details on the skirt!
Of course shoes, bag and necklace make it perfect :-)
And your mom is a lovely lady, too!!

Weddings are special - goes without saying that the bouquet you received is very special and pretty!

Have a very lovely day! xo :-) said...

You look gorgeous, Jill! Your mom, too!

silkpathdiary said...

You both look stunning! I absolutely love how you both wore your dresses. It was fate Jill, this dress has that wonderful couture look and suits you perfectly with your shoes and bag.
No weddings for us this Summer. The young bride and groom look lovely!

emilyatheart said...

You both look stunning and not at all hot or wilted! Beautiful dress - one of the prettiest.

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