Friday, December 12, 2014

A Crème Brûlée Kind of Holiday

I adore the American Ballet Theatre!

I decided in November that I would try to really revel in the holiday season this year. It started when, out of the blue one weekend, my husband wished we had crème brûlée for dessert. I hadn’t made that in years but thought, Hey, why not. So I got out a recipe from Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris and got to work the following weekend. It made a regular Saturday night a lot more special—a glass of prosecco and crème brûlée! Then I realized I should make the whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season like this—not make myself crazy or stressed, but try to focus less on shopping and presents and more on experiences, special food, and time with my friends and family. It’s going well so far!

The ramekins right before going into their water bath in the oven.

The crème brûlée was delicious and Tippi had to check in on all the fun. 

Tippi comes to inspect the crème brûlée and prosecco!

Love all the colors in this Bergdorf window.

I’ve already been to see the holiday windows at Bergdorf and Tiffany with my dear friend (and frequent “How I Wear My” photographer) Gwynne. I was not a big fan of the above outfit when I first saw it, but the more I see it the more it grows on me. I definitely love those dark pink boots!

I have tickets to see American Ballet Theatre’s version of The Nutcracker at The Brooklyn Academy of Music with my family. I saw this production a couple of years ago and it was divine, the dancing and the costumes were amazing! I am very excited to see Misty Copeland, an ABT soloist, perform the night we attend since I have never seen her on stage before.

I love this picture of ABT Soloist Misty Copeland. I cannot wait to see her dance in The Nutcracker!

Never too old for Eloise!

I’ve already read Eloise at Christmastime, by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight, with my kids, and we will be reading it again, probably several times! My son and daughter both love Eloise’s antics any time of year, but she seems even more fun and zany at Christmas, and the drawings by Hilary Knight feel like a gift every time I see them, they are so beautifully done and bring me such pure joy. He is so talented!

Zara lace blouse (love) with a J. Crew necklace.

I will be wearing plenty of my fanciest things the second half of the month, like this purple and red lace Zara blouse and sparkly J. Crew necklace.

Tell me how you are making the holidays special for yourself or your family. I would love to hear all about it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kate and William’s New York City Visit

William & Kate arrive at the Met, December 9, 2014. Getty Images.

I feel like the subtitle of this Royal Visit to New York City, with the exception of the last night, could be subtitled “The Coat Tour.” Kate owns some gorgeous coats and it was fun to see her on our local news out and about in Manhattan and Brooklyn wearing all of them. If you want full coverage of the visit, with amazing details of every single thing she had on, do head over to Duchess Kate, my go-to site for all things Kate related, especially her fashions and accessories. There are some snarky comments by readers about Kate’s skirts being too short and not “age-appropriate” (what?), but I vote the legs stay. She’s not yet 33 and she definitely has the gams, so why can’t her dresses be above the knee sometimes?

For Kate’s New York City sartorial selections, I repeat my assessment of what she wore during her tour of New Zealand and Australia—I think she is modern and true to herself and making really great fashion choices, which never feel forced. I also think her clothes reflect who she is and her place in society.

I loved this plum coat by Seraphine with Lurex threads woven throughout.

A wonderful Seraphine coat on Kate! Getty Images.

Love that the Empire State Building was lit up in their honor! Gorgeous shot!

I hoped black lace was going to make an appearance and I was not disappointed! Kate wore this very pretty black lace dress by Beulah London out to dinner the night she and William arrived.

Lovely in lace. Getty Images.

Meeting with Chirlaine McCray. Photo by Carl Court.

I was a big fan of this coat by GOAT Kate wore to meet Chirlaine McCray, wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

A different angle of the same shot. Great coats on both ladies! Photo by Neilson Barnard.

Surprising choice for a b-ball game! Photo from Harper’s Bazaar.

What a lovely Tory Burch coat! She wore this to the Barclays Center here in Brooklyn to catch a basketball game between the Nets and the Cavaliers. The Toothpick jeans are by J. Crew.

Kate & William at the game. Photo by Al Bello.

For their last (very full) day, Kate wore this gorgeous hot pink Mulberry coat. Some people took exception to her wearing it to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, saying it was not somber enough, but I do not count myself among them. It was a rainy mess on the day they visited and I love it when a woman wears a bright color on a dreary day, don’t you?

Going to the 9/11 Memorial. Photo by Carl Court.

At NeueHouse. Photo by Mike Coppola.

I would know those geek-chic glasses and ombré sequined pailettes anywhere! Kate chatted with J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons at an event at NeueHouse, where she told Jenna that she had worn J. Crew jeans to the Nets game the night before. I loved Kate’s simple black dress by Seraphine and Cartier Trinity necklace!

Kate with J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons. Photo by Kevin Mazur.

Arriving at the Met for the 600th Anniversary Dinner for St. Andrews. Photo by Neilson Barnard.

Kate wore a beautiful gown by Jenny Packham for the St. Andrews University 600th Anniversary dinner held at the Met. She broke out the big jewelry too, look at those gorgeous (and huge) diamond and emerald earrings, and matching bracelet! I’ve read that she’s donned this dress twice before, but I do love a duchess who believes in wearing something more than once!

Amazing jewelry on Kate. Getty Images.

I hope they return to New York for a longer trip next time and bring Prince George and the new baby with them!

What did you think of Kate’s clothing choices during this visit?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas in New York 2014: Bergdorf Goodman


The holiday windows are as stunning as ever at Bergdorf Goodman. This year they pay tribute to the arts and 13 disciplines are represented, from architecture, literature, and music, to gastronomy, calligraphy, and film. Each window is more than the eye can process at just a brief glance and each one invites you in for a much longer look. On the Fifth Avenue side of the store (and the 58th Street side too), it wasn’t about the clothes or accessories so much as it was about the amazing details offered in each window.

My husband is an architect so I couldn’t help but be smitten with the window devoted to architecture, one of my favorites. I was an English major in college, so I also loved the window highlighting literature. This is a very picture-heavy post for obvious reasons, but one I hope you enjoy. You know I love to share the beauty of New York City at Christmastime!

The Arts. Love this beaded chevron dress by did not find out who makes it! Naeem Khan?

Photography. The eye in the center blinked!


Love the Afghan hound...

...and the coat, by Alice & Olivia. The dress is by Prada.



Love all the details!

An amazing dress by Julien Macdonald.

Theater. Dress by Julien Macdonald. This window felt very Vegas to me.

Painting. Dress by Dolce & Gabbana.

So very shiny! Jumpsuit by CD Greene.

Dance. Dress by Delpozo.

Sculpture. Coat by Alexander McQueen.

Film. I am in love with this coat by J. Mendel and gown by Giambattista Valli!

Another of my favorite windows was the one devoted to film. I loved the black and white chevron fur coat by J. Mendel (so gorgeous!), and haute couture dress (to borrow a phrase from Rachel Zoe, I die) by Giambattista Valli, who has become one of my favorite designers! The window is made to look like a black-and-white film set and has a scrolling backdrop so it seems as the though the sled is moving. In my enthusiasm for the fur coat and glittering gown (I took so many pictures), I did not get a photo of the whole window, but my friend Rosie did! Thank you, Rosie, for letting me share it!

A full shot of the window, courtesy of my friend Rosie!

Gastronomy. Handbags by Edie Parker.

I loved the details of the window devoted to Gastronomy.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How I Wear My: Sweater

Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget).

Happy Holidays! The season of hustle and bustle may be upon us, and the chill is too, but that can lead to some quickly styled and elegant looks featuring sweaters so Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and I wanted to devote this month’s “How I Wear My” to an essential wardrobe staple this time of year!

I knew a call for sweaters would produce a visually interesting post and I was not disappointed! You are going to feel so inspired to wear every beautiful sweater you own after seeing this roundup. Enjoy!


Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget), my beautiful “How I Wear My” partner, says, “I am wearing a black GAP turtleneck sweater from last season with a faux leather, perforated sleeveless dress with a zipper up the front by Calvin Klein. I bought the dress last spring and wanted to wear it during cold weather. Adding a sweater was just the thing! I also added thick tights and Boden suede booties and accessorized with a bracelet from Jewels of the Vineyard.”

I love this look on Adrienne, it’s feminine yet edgy, and I think it’s especially perfect in December!

Sheree of It’s Not That Deep.

It’s Sheree of It’s Not That Deep under all that lovely chestnut hair, wearing a nubby sweater by Sanctuary and a pair of brown wide-legged corduroy pants. Sheree has just opened a new online shop, Deep Style, and says she will be scouring secondhand shops in NY to offer “Fabulous pieces that will never not be fabulous.” So if you like those cords on Sheree, be sure to head over to her shop, they are for sale! And keep up to date on all the new additions to her shop by following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Cynthia of My Rose Colored Shades.

Cynthia of My Rose Colored Shades says, “There is nothing better than a fuzzy fluffy sweater for the chilly winter months. This plaid sweater is one of my favorite purchases from Forever 21.”

I adore this entire ensemble on Cynthia, from the plaid sweater to the gray peacoat draped over her shoulders, to the slim black trousers with a side stripe. Smokin’ hot!

Terry of Terry’s Two Cents.

Terry of Terry’s Two Cents is looking very handsome in this terrific combination of Burberry blazer over a Christian Dior sweater. I always like a sweater as a layering piece, I do this myself all the time, and Terry’s ensemble reminds me that this is one styling technique I borrowed from the boys!

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb.

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb chose this pale neutral sweater as a layering piece, adding another neutral knit underneath, a black and white infinity scarf, and deep berry tones for her gloves and belt. I like that it’s a casual look with pops of pattern and color!

Trina of Tea Time With Trina.

Trina of Tea Time With Trina says this sweater is her favorite cozy go-to sweater. She writes, “I throw this on when I’m heading out for the day and don’t want to bother with a heavy coat.”

I never get tired of black and white graphic prints so I love both this sweater, as well as the long necklaces and knit cap Trina wears it with!

Susan of High Heels in the Wilderness.

Susan of High Heels in the Wilderness writes, “I love this fine-knit, animal-print cardigan, with black lace appliqué, by Elie Tahari, but it has gone unworn for a couple of years. That’s because I couldn’t find a pair of jeans to wear with it until now. These black Yoga Jeans by Second are over-dyed in brown making them look a bit distressed...and they have a high waist. I’m at that age where I can’t wear a short sweater like this with low rise jeans... ‘nuff said! But my sweater is making a come back this winter, thanks to my new Yoga jeans!”

Oh do I love this look on Susan. I am a big fan of Elie Tahari, especially his way with animal print and black lace, so I am envious I don’t own one of these cardigans myself! Maybe eBay can come to my rescue...

A close-up of the cardigan.

Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun.

Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun looks so weekend glam in this combination of a flame-red sweater with charcoal grey skinny jeans, burgundy bag, and Steve Madden zebra booties she added, she says, “for a bit of a wow factor.”

I do love the wow factor that all of these singular pieces add up to!

Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living.

Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living says, “My sweater from Marshall’s is lightweight and soft. It is old but I use it year after year because of the pretty design, color, and weight. I paired it with Trouvé Mixed Media Leggings from Nordstrom. I never thought I would wear leggings but the fabric on this pair is a nice weight that covers and doesn’t leave me feeling like I am wearing tights without a dress! To top it off I added a little silver jewelry and black booties, also from Nordstrom.”

This ensemble on Cheryl is something I would really like to try myself. I love that sweater on her—such a luscious shade of purple!—and leather leggings are something I don’t own but have been thinking about more and more.

Jane of Toronto Shopoholic.

Jane of Toronto Shopoholic is wearing a J. Crew sweater with a size zip over a lovely broderie anglaise blouse by Banana Republic. Anybody who knows me knows I can never get tired of lace and eyelet so I am a big fan of this look on Jane. I love the combination of a classic sweater, styled literally with a feminine edge, and a big sparkly necklace!

Nicole of High Latitude Style.

Nicole of High Latitude Style writes, “Alaska is sweater homeland, so to speak. My favorite sweaters are cashmere sweaters with a crewneck. Most of my sweaters are in neutral colors, gray, brown, black, white, pink, or red. I mentioned already that I count pink and red as neutrals, didn’t I? Thus, this chartreuse sweater is my standout piece. When I saw this sweater at a consignment store I had to have it. It reminds me of a dress my late mother had knitted for me when I was in elementary school. I literally wore it until it fell apart.”

I love this bright ensemble on Nicole. I also like the connection she feels to the sweater because of something her mother had knit her when she was a child. Aren’t those the most special memories?

Linda of A Labour of Life.

Linda of A Labour of Life writes, “Michael Kors sure can deliver, I found this navy and green striped sweater and it seemed the perfect match to my colorblock skirt. My two favorite colors in my favorite material (knit for the win)!

I like this fun look on Linda and I’m with her, navy and green go so well together, especially with the addition of stripes and a chunky pearl necklace!

Alice of Happiness at Mid-Life.

Alice of Happiness at Mid-Life says, “I love wearing sweater dresses, they are like wearing pajamas.”

She added a Danier Leather vest over this dress by Loft. I really like the mix of textures as well as the gorgeous colors in this unique look on Alice.

Deja of Une femme d’un certain âge.

Deja of Une femme d’un certain âge writes, “I love my sweaters! When I bought the long cardigan, I thought it would be a novelty piece, but I’ve found it’s very wearable. The light weight has been perfect for this time of year in Southern California.”

I do love the drama of a very long cardigan, it has such a sophisticated elegance to it, and I like how it takes a white shirt, jeans, and long necklaces to a whole other level!

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo.

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo says, “Seems the older I get the more I’m willing to wear bulky wool sweaters in winter. Must be that I am less able to withstand the cold and probably why so many Canadians move to Florida in their old age. Previous to this year I only wore fitted cardigans or thin merino wool sweaters.”

She is wearing DIY patch jeans with a gray wool sweater from Forever 21. The jeans were full of holes that she patched with different fabrics, how cool is that?

Gracey of Fashion For Giants.

Gracey of Fashion For Giants says, “This winter, how I’m wearing my sweater is oversized. This particular sweater is from the Gap and I paired it with Lucky Brand jeans and metallic flats from Old Navy.”

Gracey is a gal after my own heart. I would wear an oversized sweater this exact same way! Did you know Gracey just moved from Oregon to Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, to be exact) AND she is recently engaged? Congratulations to her and her fiancé!

Judith of Style Crone.

Judith of Style Crone says, “I’m wearing my favorite black turtleneck sweater with a 1960s red hat with brim. I always wear a hat, so that means I always wear a hat with my sweaters. This sweater was purchased at a consignment store years ago, and it has the perfect shape to stand on its own, or be worn under jackets or embellished with scarves. It’s a beloved background piece that will hopefully be in my closet for years to come.”

I always love Judith’s stylish vintage hats, as well as her penchant for red! Her ribbed black turtleneck sweater is the kind that every woman needs in her closet, don’t you think?

Helen of Valley of the Shoes.

Helen of Valley of the Shoes writes, “This outfit features my new fisherman knit sweater that’s been updated with a slightly cropped length and a more body-conscious fit. It’s a classic sweater style that can be dressed up or down (with my favorite go-to jeans, ankle boots, and aviators here). I love it and plan to wear it for many years and all four seasons (it’s 100% cotton).”

A fisherman knit sweater is such a classic and I like how it’s been made modern here with the slimmer fit and shorter length. Helen looks so lovely in this sweater and in the golden autumn light, it makes me already miss early fall!


Happyface313 writes, “I always wear sweaters, and in winters I like wearing a good old-fashioned twin set—it works with jeans as it does with a pair of 'decent' slacks and skirts in the office. Here I’m wearing it with my beautiful old “Neige d’Antan” jacquard scarf, as Advent has started today.”

I like that Happyface has made this twin set a fun one by selecting it in a bright color and edged it up with dark nails. The holiday-themed scarf is the perfect touch.

Detail of the twin set and scarf.

Malia of Style by Malia.

Malia of Style by Malia is ready to get the party started in this super glamorous sweater with raglan sleeves made of golden sequins by Torrid. You know I never met a sequin I didn’t like! I love that Malia paired her sweater with vintage gray jeans and gold glitter peep-toe high heels from Nine West. Pop open the bubbly and let’s have a toast to one fun look!

Tamera of Tamera Beardsley.

Tamera of Tamera Beardsley writes, “My cashmere sweater is a go-to pick and wardrobe staple. Paired with anything from jeans to sequin trousers (see Adrienne’s post!), it is an instant base for countless outfit stylings.”

I love that Tamera has taken a basic cashmere sweater and styled it with a fur vest, glamorous sunglasses, statement jewelry, and either a leopard turban (love) or a black fedora. Like Deja’s long black cardigan, above, Tamera has taken her cashmere sweater to the next level through wonderful accessories!

Three of my favorite cardigans. And I have plenty more where that came from!

My favorite article of clothing, after jeans, is a cardigan sweater, and I have written before about my love for them. I had to laugh when trying to think of what to select for this roundup—I realized I’ve worn a sweater in many of “How I Wear My” appearances! So I decided to make a collage of three of my favorite sweaters—a red sequined cardigan by L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic that I wore last month for “How I Wear My: Leather, Crystal or Glass,” a Missoni for Target cardigan featured in “How I Wear My: Everyday Bag,” and a black lace Rodarte for Target cardigan I donned for “How I Wear My: Lace.” It’s clear I have a thing for both cardigans and designer collaborations with mass market retailers!

Do you like cardigan sweaters as much as I do?

Let’s get 2015 off to a glamorous start by reveling in a color with the season in the title—Winter White! That dreamy off-white hue is so luxurious and gorgeous this time of year, whether there’s snow on the ground or you’re surrounded by sun, so please join us for “How I Wear My: Winter White.” Send photos to us at by January 5, 2015.

Do stop by Adrienne’s blog to see even more terrific looks featuring sweaters!

And thank you to all the fine foxes who participated this month. We had a great turnout thanks to you lovely people! Adrienne and I are wishing you the happiest, healthiest, and most fashionable of holidays!