Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Necklaces

The August 2008 issue of Vogue featured Kate Moss looking quite ladylike in a cream-colored Louis Vuitton dress and a Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere strass necklace. The necklace particularly caught my eye and I wondered if something similar could be had for less than the original, $795. In February of this year J. Crew brought out their Martha necklace which retails for $165. It's named after Martha Stewart, on whose show J. Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons debuted it during the 2009 holiday season. After wanting it for most of this year, I finally broke down and bought it a couple of weeks ago, along with the crystal chain necklace, which looked good and was on sale.


The Martha necklace I had pined for is an exact replica of the Balenciaga necklace. It is so sparkly--made with blindingly white Swarovski crystals--you cannot take your eyes off it. My face can't compete with it. No one's face can compete with it. Seriously, imagine the most beautiful woman in the world wearing the necklace. You would look at her and say, Huh, nice, but not as nice as that necklace! The sparkle! The shine!

The crystal chain necklace, meanwhile, is composed of three linked necklaces--a strand of small glittery rhinestones, a link chain strand, and one braided chain. It is long and in gunmetal gray and it catches the eye but doesn't overpower the wearer. It's a great necklace. I would wish it for you, Dear Reader, but it is now sold out.

Because I only paid $29.99 for it and like it so much I feel like I stole it from J. Crew, like they're going to write me a letter saying they mislabeled the price, that I actually owe them fifty more dollars for it.

I love the irony of the impulse buy being the one I went crazy for but the one I thought I wanted turned out not to be for me.

The crystal chain necklace is getting a lot of wear with a long black open-front cardigan from Anthropologie.

The Martha necklace went back to J. Crew for a refund.

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