Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping My Closet for the Mad Men Look

I know Season 4 of Mad Men just ended (which I will see when it comes out on Netflix, so tell me nothing!) and that started me thinking of a wonderful green tweed coat my husband's grandmother gave to me over ten years ago. The coat reaches to about mid-calf and the tweed is unbelievable, with flecks of other colors woven throughout. Here it is in detail, along with a gorgeous vintage brooch my mother-in-law gave to me this summer. The two together definitely remind me of something you'd see Betty Draper wearing.

The costumes on Mad Men are a big draw for me. I love what costumer Janie Bryant has done for the show and how her work highlights the elegance and glamour of the early 1960's, one of my favorite periods in fashion.

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