Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lauren Santo Domingo and Her Hermès Kelly

Lauren Santo Domingo at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week, September 2011. What a great look!

New York Fashion Week is upon us and I want to kick it off by sharing a look I like from last NYFW, in September 2011. This is Lauren Santo Domingo shown on Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl, a fun feature on I somehow missed this when it originally came out last October. Lauren is a Vogue contributing editor, co-founder of Moda Operandi, the internet site where you can buy looks directly from the runway, and New York socialite (Her husband is Andrés Santo Domingo, a Colombian beer heir).

Shoes by Céline. These are a little high for me but I like the look of them.

Love her Sellier Kelly!

I still can’t get over the Into the Gloss interview where she said she never washes her own hair, but maybe that interview is why I now like to see what she is wearing, and in this case, I love the entire look. It’s so modern and clean, and then you have the ladylike Kelly. J’adore!

If you go over to Moda Operandi today, you can shop her (million dollar) style. I will definitely be there to have a look.

All photos of LSD by Marko MacPherson.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I agree with you...this is a fabulous look!! Will you attend any of the Fashion Week events? Can't wait to see what you cover!!

sacramento said...

I ask like Pam, will you tell us about Fashion Week???
About Lauren, she is not exciting enough for me, LOl I am a bit on the baroque side hehehheeh
Anybody can wear expensive clothes if they have the money, and the time while they have their hair washed, lol
Thank you for all this info, my dear Judith.

Adrienne Shubin said...

Interesting that she doesn't wash her own hair...I wonder why? Is it pedestrian perhaps? I do love those shoes. I want to find some like that - but like you said, not so tall. I love a big thick heel. It's looks best on my pear shape. The little kitten heels and skinny stilettos looks silly on me.

I like her style - it's elegant and classic.
xoxo, A

Serene McEntyre said...

She's wearing such a lovely outfit that would look AMAZING on you! I read the interview with her that you referred to and I have to say, she seems immensely unlikable! A bit "to the manor born" and just "can't be bothered" to do her own hair or makeup. It's just that part of the fashion industry that really turns me off.

So, being in NY, do you get to go to any shows for FW? How fun would that be?!? Hugs! ~Serene