Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Handbag Wednesday: Longchamp Roseau Tote

For this week's Handbag Wednesday post, I'm featuring my friend Juliet's lovely new Longchamp Roseau tote bag in Petrole, which is a dark green infused with gray. It's made of croc-stamped leather and has double straps, a silver bamboo fastener, and jacquard lining with the Longchamp logo. The sides have snaps in order to adjust the size of the bag, which I have shown in the second and third pictures.

Longchamp has really grown on me in the past few months with their beautiful, well-made bags at more affordable prices than other brands. This Roseau tote normally sells for $460 but I believe Juliet got it for more than half off on sale. What a bargain!


Cloud of Secrets said...

*sigh* I've admired the Roseau line for some time now -- reminds me of Hermes, but for a fraction of the cost! Someday, when I graduate to the $400 range...

The Petrole is a really pretty color! I also liked the deep, deep blush the Roseaus were in earlier this year, via certain dept. stores.

What do you think of Brahmin bags? Some of their bags remind me, in turn, of Longchamp, and there's lots of embossed croc. Some really interesting and elegant designs, and such an array of colors, and always shifting throughout the year. And they're even less costly than Longchamp. I haven't felt them up in perosn, though, to determine quality.

jill815 said...

Hi Sarah! I thought of you yesterday when I was at Bloomingdale's in NYC. The Longchamp boutique was having a sale (there was a line, but a small one) and it was 30% off all bags! Don't give up on the Roseau line because now I know that Longchamp is a brand that goes on sale (unlike, say, Louis Vuitton). I will be on the lookout for Brahmin next time I'm out and about. I love that you know about bags!

Lady Lipstick said...

This bag is so dang pretty! I would love to have this esp in this color!! UGGG and swoon all at the same time!!!


jill815 said...

Hi Lady Lipstick! Yeah, this bag is a great color, it was hard to get a good picture because of the light but it's really that gorgeous green-crossed-with-gray I described.

Did you get The Fashion File yet? I think I'm going to start watching old Mad Men just to have a little hit of Janie's excellent costuming work while I wait for the next season!