Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handbag Wednesday: The $25 Sequined Special

In an effort to keep myself posting through the crazy holiday season, I am starting Handbag Wednesday this month and will feature a different handbag every week.

This week's bag is one I bought about eleven years ago from Daffy's, a New York City/New Jersey chain of stores which offers, as the company cheekily calls it, "Clothing Bargains for Millionaires." They sell designer clothes for less, and while I own a few things from them, my husband has had way more success with Daffy's than I ever have. This bag is one of the exceptions.

I love luxury handbags of course, they are a passion of mine and something I collect, but I also adore the pretty bag that doesn't average in the mid-four figures (and up). For one, the cost-per-wear is low. Beyond that, as my friend Sarah over at Cloud of Secrets has noted, the high-end bag makes you want to take an insurance policy out on it. I know exactly what she means.

This clutch, by a brand named Sasha, was about $25 and seems the perfect bag to usher in the holidays with its silvery sateen fabric and charcoal gray sequins and beading, all done by hand.

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