DIY Chanel Jacket

My DIY Chanel Jacket project is on hiatus at the moment but I still love learning about how these beauties get made, either by home sewers, professionals like Claire Shaeffer or Susan Khalje, or by The House That Coco Built. Here are some posts I have done on this subject:

An Interview with Claire Shaeffer

Mendel Goldberg

Mishaps in Muslin

Muslin Work (or Lack Thereof, Thank You London 2012 Olympics)

The Fabric Swatches

The Resources

The Pattern

The Idea

A few other posts, just for fun:

How I Wear My: Chanel-Inspired Outfit (We all went Coco one summer. It was so fun!)

Chanel’s Chandelier (About the personal symbols in Coco’s specially-made chandelier and what my own personal symbols should be.)

You Had Me At Chanel (This post features a link that takes you to a short video showing the Chanel seamstresses sewing a black jacket similar to the one above.)

Worth Getting Older For: CHANEL (When I tried on Chanel jackets at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, with my then-8-year-old son in tow. Oh dear.)

The lavender jacket above, as well as the yellow at the top of this page are both from the Cruise 2011-12 collection, one of my favorite Chanel shows of all time! My other favorite was the Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture show that featured an airplane aisle for a runway. Two of the most gorgeous shows Uncle Karl and his gang at Chanel ever produced!

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