Monday, November 22, 2010

Style Secrets of Anna Wintour

Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Europe.

I am a big fan of Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue. Not only has her magazine brightened many a day of mine and inspired me with its gorgeous editorials, I admire the strength, discipline and hard work involved in staying at the top of the fashion world.

And then there are her clothes. I've read her clothing allowance, paid for by Conde Nast, is $200,000 a year, but I'm sure she gets most of her clothes for free. How, then, do you hone your style when you can have anything in the world you desire? By knowing yourself through and through. Her look strikes me as simple, yet elegant and glamorous, and by watching her over the past few years, here are five tips I've learned from Anna:

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1. Find your look and stick with it.

This is a woman who found her best look early on and has been faithful to it ever since. Key pieces include the shift dress, the cardigan, the Chanel jacket and the fur-trimmed coat, as well as her trademark bob and sunglasses. For shoes she favors high-heeled sandals in warmer months and knee boots in fall and winter. Has she ever been photographed wearing pants since climbing to the top of Vogue's masthead in 1988?

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2. Trends are not friends.

Anna, for all her magazine's reporting on and championing of trends, does not follow them herself. She knows her look and she's loyal to it. The silhouette is classic, though she makes it current with the vibrant colors and patterns she often wears. Call it ladylike with a slight twist.

3. Structure, however, is.

Anna avoids anything very draped or billowy and there are no bohemian shapes for her. The dresses are narrow and the jackets, cardigans and coats are clean-cut.

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4. Big necklace, big payoff.

In almost every scene of The September Issue, Anna wore a huge beautiful gemstone necklace in either topaz, aquamarine or amethyst. This year she's taken to wearing them two or three at a time, upping her style quotient even more. Nothing like a big glittery Georgian-era necklace (or three) to send your look to the next level of fashion heaven.

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images.

5. Be a shady lady.

There is no one in the fashion world (except maybe Karl Lagerfeld) who is as known for wearing sunglasses as Anna is. Whether they really are corrective lenses for badly deteriorating eyesight (as has been rumored), or armor, as she herself has called them, they help keep her inscrutable and glamorous.

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Linda said...

Great post,Jill, Anna sure continues to look great and "in" with her classics. I'm ready for a haircut now...

Cloud of Secrets said...

Nice summary of her disciplined yet always-stylish look, and how she does it. It's interesting, how different her approach is from, say, Anna dello Russo. I wonder how other top Vogue editors work with endless and generous fashion offerings as they clothe themselves.

As a woman who has trouble settling into a disciplined style, I wonder if Anna Wintour ever has days where she craves long tousled waves, jingling coin necklaces, caftans, and boho fringe. Or a rocker girl shag, animal print leggings, and studded black leather.

jill815 said...

Hi Mom, Hi Sarah! I think Anna's discipline is what I'm drawn to most, although I'm sure it helps when you have people on standby to keep your hair and makeup perfect. I would love to see her out of her style element but none of us would probably recognize her. And I'm ready for a haircut too...