Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miu Miu Love

Vitello Lux Bow Bag in Deserto (Nude), $1,430.

Patchwork Mink Clutch, $1,450.

Napa Cloquet Shoulder Bag in Gray/Blue, $1,430.

Yesterday it was overcast and drizzly here in Brooklyn and half of my family was sick so I was feeling a little down. I was standing on the corner of 9th Street, close to the 7th Avenue F and G train subway station, chatting with a friend. As we talked I saw a few standout outfits on women making their way into the city--riding boots with wool skirts and tights, wide-legged pants with high-heeled pumps, walking coats, wonderful scarves. This must be what it's like for Bill Cunningham, the New York Times chronicler of street fashion, to hang out at 57th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan: you stand still and the fashion will eventually come to you!

One woman carried a gorgeous cream colored leather Miu Miu handbag that was to die for and it not only improved my mood, it reminded me of how much I like that brand. While none of the above bags are the exact one I saw, the top one is close and all of them are divine. I feel a trip to the Miu Miu boutique coming on and I hope they have the same foxy male model types to open doors and answer questions that the Prada stores hire. Minimum height 6'1, very thin, black suits with white shirts, charming and witty as well. White, black, Italian, American, short hair, long hair, glasses, no glasses. It's like the UN of hotties at Prada, at both the SoHo and Upper East Side locations.

Miuccia Prada is a genius and it's not just for her designs.

All bags featured from the Bergdorf Goodman website.


Cloud of Secrets said...

Miu Miu clothes and shoes aren't for me, from what I have seen, but their bags have struck me as quite delicious. I fell in lust with this pink one on the {this is glamorous} blog:

I just wanted to hold it close and know it was mine, even though I rarely wear pink. know my purse cost limit! I don't want to take out a new insurance policy on my handbag.

I hope your family is feeling better soon, and that you escape the bug, whatever it is. I'm not looking forward to the looming cold & flu season, esp. as daughter will be starting preschool in January. She'll be exposed to even more bugs, and I'll feel guilty if there's a chance we've exposed other kids by not keeping her home for another session.

jill815 said...

Hi Sarah,

Miu Miu clothes and shoes are kind of out there, aren't they, but yes, yes, that pink bag you like is one of the Vitello Lux Bow Bags! Isn't it gorgeous? Bergdorf's also showed it in a wonderful blue.

I'm with you on the subject of sick kids. And then I always think, After all this arduous mothering and keeping kids home to recover and not contaminate everyone else, I deserve a Miu Miu bag! Not that I'm getting one but a mom can dream...