Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive (Or, Thank You Valentino and Giancarlo!)

Okay, Valentino didn’t ask me to be the caretaker of his archives, which I asked for in my last post, Spotlight: Valentino & Versace, but he and Giancarlo Giammetti just opened the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum, showcasing the iconic Italian designer’s 47-year history with over 180 videos and 5000 images, so you know I am completely freaking out, in the best possible way.

I love that the museum includes videos, original sketches, press clippings, advertising and photos of women wearing Valentino, to help viewers put the clothes in context of their time.

I also love that it is free.

I so hope there is a video, sketch and story attached to the above pink cape, from Fall/Winter 2007, made entirely of pink organdy petals, which has to be one of my favorite articles of couture, from any house at any time.


Serene said...

A KAZILLION thank yous for this link!!! I LOVE him!


sacramento said...

Thank you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
This dress is what I called a dream.

Paula said...

I can feel the dress on my shoulders, arms ... pure luxury. mmh.

Have a nice day!
The apron became my most important accessoire these days.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I would spend hours at this museum and I will view the link when I am home much fun. Thanks Jill!!

fashionoverfifty said...

I didnt recognize his last name--we all know him from his first one!

Anonymous said...

Wow--that's an incredible resource. I could spend hours and hours there!

About petit h, I'm still thinking about one piece in particular, a croc pendant, although I think I'd prefer another piece of horn if it came right down to it. But the pieces are so delightful, and seeing them is so much fun, that it doesn't matter so much if they aren't "for me."

Wishing you a Christmas with a bit of orange!