Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Recent Inductees to the Bob Hall of Fame

Cate looking so great in her bob! Photo by Jason Merritt.

In looking at red carpet photos of both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards this year, I noticed three ladies in particular with terrific-looking bobs. I thought about my Bob Hall of Fame and realized it was time to do a quick roundup because these lovelies need to be inducted into it! Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Cate Blanchett

Ah, Cate. She had another amazing award season on the carpet and even though I wasn’t sure about her Golden Globes dress (or coif), when I saw that she chopped her hair into a bob for the Oscars I was so excited since I loved the entire look! I really like this wavy bob on her since my own bob waves out all the time. Cate’s makes me want to lighten my hair as well as cut it shorter next time I see my hair stylist Maya.

Photo by Jason Merritt.

Helen Mirren

I love that Helen’s bob goes right under her ears and appears to be angled too. She looked so elegant and saucy at the Golden Globes with her black gown, big diamonds, and silvery-blonde bob, and of course I say a big part of it was because of the hair!

At the 2016 Golden Globes. Photo by David Fisher.

Slinky and sexy Helen! Photo by Kevin Winter.

Taylor Swift

I thought Taylor looked so sophisticated (and channeling the 1970s) with her sleek and stick-straight bob, shown here at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. I think this cut puts all the attention on her eyes, which are such a beautiful shade of blue.

So glamorous! Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

The haircut highlights her eyes! Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

Interesting to note that these ladies are all blonde, two are Oscar winners (and Taylor could very well be herself one day for songwriting), and they run from 26 to 46 to 70. Proof that the bob works at any age!

Let me know if there are any new bobs that have caught your eye that I should know about!


GSL said...

Cate does look FAB! I'm less taken with HM's and TS's although I sense each is only transitory. T-Swizzle's new release 'New Romantics' is getting heavy play round here.
Jill, certainly your Mya is worthy of HoF acclaim after her inspired work on your divine Park Slope Big Baby Bob...ouchy ouch ouch...

Jill said...

Oh GSL, you are so mean to me, I do believe I will weep a little bit. That should make me Park Slope Big Baby-worthy! I'm forgetting how I earned this title you bestowed on me and probably fits. Ha. Ouchy ouch ouch indeed! x

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

For me the two first are bobs but they are cheating if you know what i mean? TS has the traditional one and ironically is high maintenance if you don't have certain hair. You look good in your bob but it's not something everyone can get away with IMHO x

Jill said...

Hi Naomi, hmm, trying to figure out what you mean about cheating. Do you mean Helen's is cut so close and is asymmetrical? Or that Cate's has so much wave to it? I agree that TS has the most traditional bob and I know by looking at it that her team probably had to spend so much time to get it to look like that. It reminds me of Anna's in a way--I know from experience that takes a ton of product and hands that are not your own to blow it out and then use a straightening iron too! I totally hear you re the bob is not for everyone (and thank you for the compliment). I am always jealous when I see these beautiful women with long beautiful hair. I look terrible in long hair so for me a bob is the only way to go! xx

GSL said...

You should put a Louise Brooks pic up to show the bob's apotheosis.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Yes you nailed what I meant!!!

Jill said...

GSL, that is an interesting idea, I may do just that, a pic of Louise in the sidebar! xx

Jill said...

Hi again Naomi, I know just what you mean. It's about time for a haircut myself, since my bob is way too long. As Maya would say, "Is not bob." (Imagine this in a Russian accent.) x

HappyFace313 said...

:-) My top two here are Helen Mirren (what a beautiful dress!!!) and Taylor Swift. She looks all grown up and somehow mysterious.
I don#t know about Kate Blanchett's hair. Looks a bit "sloppy", doesn't match the fancy dress in my humble opinion.
Great selections, as always, dear Jill!
xoxo :-)

Jill said...

Hi Claudia, I hear ya re Cate but her hair was so weird and a bit of a disaster at the Golden Globes that I liked this wavy bob, even with a messy vibe, so much better! x

rosie said...

Hi Jill,

I love all three bobs on these ladies. And their gowns were just gorgeous The original bob "do" introduced by the beautiful Louise Brooks has survived for almost 100 years & rightly so. I myself went back to wearing the bob of my childhood - bangs & all.

I still cannot get over Cate's stunning aqua gown. What a color!!

Jill said...

Hi Rosie! I am with you, the bob has looked great ever since Louise Brooks showed it off so well and I think it will keep going strong forever!

And Cate's gown was just magnificent. I liked it SO much more than the fringe-y mess she wore to the Golden Globes. (Though I did like that pale pink color on her.) x

No Fear of Fashion said...

I am in... I have a bob. Which is about the only hairstyle I can wear haha.
I wonder how Helen Mirren keeps her chest without wrinkles. I am so unlucky with that. The day my bosom started growing from "not that much" to "significantly there".. I got wrinkles on my chest. And when your bosom is large(larger) it is handy to use a V-neck shape in tops and dresses. If I do that now, I would add 10 years to my age. Rats,... I wished there was a cure for this. (Hanging myself? haha.. only joking.)