Thursday, July 18, 2013

J. Crew Jewels (or, Blame It on Barbara!)

I love this necklace with stripes!

I have had costume jewelry on the brain because of the gorgeous exhibit Fashion Jewelry: The Collection of Barbara Berger as well as a post by the lovely Déjà at Une femme d’un certain âge showing a great necklace by J. Crew. So I suppose I was susceptible to a necklace purchase and this one sent me over the edge. I went to J. Crew looking for replacement T-shirts on sale (a Planned Purchase, but they were sold out!) and came away with this instead (and a little summer dress for my daughter).

With flash.

I haven’t bought a J. Crew necklace in a couple of years—and yes, this was against my Shopping Ban, I am a little disgusted with myself!—but this one is totally me, not offered on the website, and I couldn’t walk away from it. I kept hearing Barbara Berger’s words in my head when she spoke of a jewelry purchase as a coup de coeur. Sometimes you just know. I plan on wearing it as part of my Casual Party Outfit for the next “How I Wear My” post in August—and I do hope you will join Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and me!

Without flash. I love that shade of blue in the rectangular stones.

Have you bought a glittery necklace lately? Tell me all about it!

And send a picture to Adrienne or me showing your Casual Party Outfit by July 31!


Marla Robinson said...

Beautiful necklace.

Sheree said...

I LOVE this necklace and I agree it looks amazing with the!
will send a pic soon!
Sheree xxx

Jill said...

Thanks Marla and Sheree, and I hope both of you will join us for the Casual Party Outfit, I want to see how you style a look for a low-key summer party! XO, Jill

Une femme said...

Oh Jill, it's gorgeous! And looks fantastic with your stripes. A lot of the J.Crew pieces have been tempting me lately. They seem to hit a place I'm calling "whimsical glamour" that really appeals to me. Thanks for the mention!

Jill said...

Hi Une femme! It was so awful standing at the mirror in J. Crew--I had on one necklace, while my 6-year-old daughter was modeling another for me, and I had a third in my hand! I feel quite proud of myself for limiting the purchase to just one necklace, there could've been a serious shopping accident. I'm with you, their necklaces have been calling my name lately, after a 2-year hiatus! XO, Jill

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I LOVE that necklace! I can see why you broke your shopping ban.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I think you were wise to snap this gorgeous necklace up!
It works really well with your stripes.
It reminds me of a vintage Sherman necklace that Mother owns. I can see this peeking out from under a cashmere sweater in the fall too.

Paula Ruta said...

Ahhh, guilty pleasures!

Sorry I missed the sunglass hook-up. I hope to do the casual party one! xoxo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Pretty!! Enjoy it :)

Cloud of Secrets said...

It is beautiful, Jill, and it will go with all sorts of outfits and situations, so enjoy the heck out of it.

I'm on a spending diet the past few months, too...I can't even let myself *plan* any wardrobe purchases, and I'm making my basics last longer than I usually might. Trips coming up, and doc bills, and sewer work on the street. Anyway, I feel your pain!

Heather Lindstrom said...

Hi JIll,
This necklace looks so chic with your stripes. Some rules are meant to be broken and somethings are just meant to be. I think you scored!
xx, Heather

Anonymous said...

I adore this necklace and it looks just wonderful on you! It totally suits you. Bravo!

Jill said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I hope every one of you babes will join Adrienne and me for "How I Wear My: Casual Party Outfit"! I want to see what you all are wearing! XO, Jill

Rachel said...

Gorgeous necklace and it looks great with the stripes. :-)

adp said...

Hello Jill,

I just found this post (and really sorry I missed out on this necklace - I love it!) -- am wondering which lip colour you are wearing??? It's a perfect shade -



Jill said...

Hi ADP, this response is so late but I am wearing Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bel Ami. I also really love Cavaliere, but unfortunately they discontinued that color. I really love the pinks from that collection and that they are sheer colors! xx

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