Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How I Wear My: Sunglasses

Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget).

Sunglasses are an important accessory any time of year but now that it’s summer we won’t leave the house without them so Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and I thought July’s “How I Wear My” post should be devoted to shades.

Sunglasses are a great way to add some fun, glamour, or effortless cool to your look and these ladies show how a practical—and necessary!—accessory can add a whole new dimension to your outfit.

Adrienne, above, of The Rich Life (on a budget), my lovely “How I Wear My” partner, looks fabulous in a pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses. And check out that gorgeous hair color—I love ombré!

Bella of The Citizen Rosebud.

I specifically asked Bella of The Citizen Rosebud for a picture of her in her red heart-shaped glasses—they are my absolute favorites on her and she wears them so saucily and well!

Hey Sailor! Bella is kicking it nautical style and I have to say, mama like.

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb knocking it out of the park with these cat-eyes!

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb says of her sunnies:

I don’t wear my tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses as often as I should (they’re pretty dramatic) - but now I love them worn with my hair up in milkmaid braids! I think it’s important to wear the right kind of sunglasses, not only to complement your outfit but also your hairstyle.

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style Files.

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style Files looks so retro glam in this pair of vintage replica sunglasses!

Sacramento of MIS PAPELICOS.

Sacramento of MIS PAPELICOS is wearing her favorite sunglasses of the moment. The pink frames are perfect on her!

Deja of Une femme d’un certain âge.

Déjà of Une femme d’un certain âge writes of her look:

These glasses have a very ‘French Riviera circa 1960’ vibe.

I say Oui, oui to that, it’s one look I never get tired of!

Teresa in a terrific pair of blue SEE Eyewear sunglasses. I love these! Photo by Denton Taylor.

Denton says his wife’s friends all love her blue SEE sunglasses. I’m a fan of them too.

Sarah of Cloud of Secrets. Off topic, I love this dress on her, she looks gorgeous!

Sarah of Cloud of Secrets wears her sunglasses on her head, which I often do myself! She writes:

I really wear them on my head more than over my eyes – I’ve come to love how they add lift and flow to my layered wavy hair. I wear them as a headband on cloudy days sometimes.

Show of hands—how many other ladies wear their sunglasses this way?

Alicia of Spashionista. Love the glasses, love the pattern mixing!

Alicia of Spashionista says of her sunnies:

My prescription glasses are so strong I just had Transitions lenses put into this particular pair. These are Costco’s own brand, Kirkland.

I love these on her, they are super stylish!

Maryna of Antares: Alpha Scorpii.

Maryna of Antares: Alpha Scorpii is currently working in Thailand and this picture was taken at the Vertigo Bar atop the Banyan Tree skyscraper in Bangkok. She is wearing Karen Walker Number One sunglasses in tortoiseshell. Isn’t this a fabulous shot?

Ana of Mrs. American Made.

Ana of Mrs. American Made is wearing a pair of glasses of the kind I favor too—equally glamorous whether she wears them on her Colorado ranch or finds herself in the city!

Silk Path Diary looking so chic in Ray-Ban aviators. I love her relaxed easy style.

Silk Path Diary says she wears her steel Ray-Ban aviators year-round. I can understand why because they look so sleek and chic on her!

Heather of Stylemindchic in glam sunglasses and lipstick. Yowza!

Heather of Stylemindchic is wearing her Kenneth Cole Reaction sunglasses with Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Colour in ‘Paradis’. Smokin’ hot!

Jeannie of Gracefully 50 in all her glorious shades!

Jeannie of Gracefully 50 says of her sunnies:

I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing sunburn in my eyes, and I do NOT want go there again. I picked 4 of my favorite pairs. Top two are Ray-Bans, lower left is Christian Dior Aviators, and the lower right is Chanel.

Jeannie has built up a nice collection of gorgeous sunglasses!

Target sunglasses, $20! It’s hard to tell but these are dark purple, which I love.

Target sunglasses, shirt and necklace by J. Crew.

I got these purple sunglasses a couple of years ago at Target for $20! I had been looking at very expensive glasses by Prada and Chanel but couldn’t bring myself to pay so much for shades. I’d rather save on sunglasses and splurge on something else!

These glasses have a slight 1970s glamour vibe to me and it was fun to pair them with a glittery necklace. This one is by J. Crew. Isn’t it perfectly ironic that the day I wanted to take pictures it was raining outside? There was a storm passing overhead so I used the flash. I kind of dig the Terry Richardson feel to this photo, to tell you the truth. In so much of his work he uses flash and the girls look like it’s 1983 and they’re always wearing a lot of lip-gloss. Hey, wait a second! Is that Duran Duran playing in the background?

Do you have a Go-To pair of sunglasses?

One of the pleasures of summer is the parties that happen over the course of it. Whether they are rooftop cocktails, park picnics, backyard barbecues, or beach bonfires, they seem even more special during the fleeting days of summer, don’t you think? So please join us in August for “How I Wear My: Casual Party Outfit”. We’d love to see how you style a relaxed summer party look. Send a picture to Adrienne or me by July 31.

Do head over to Adrienne’s to see even more fabulous sunglasses looks!

And thank you to the fine foxes who participated this month.


Une femme said...

Love your picture, Jill! Yes, it does have a very "fashion editorial" feel, well done. And thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

I love Une Femme's glasses...very chic. I double the oui, oui.

Jill, yours are very cute. They remind me of my Kmart (Foster Grant) pair that I wear just as often as my Guccis. As long as the lenses are polarized, I don't care what brand they are.

Very fun post...love seeing all the different sunnies out there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for including me! I'm so inspired to see everyone's choices. You look ultra glamorous!

Adrienne Shubin said...

So many gorgeous women in this post! Everyone looks very glamorous in their shades.
Looking forward to next month's Casual Party Outfit!
xoxo, A

Sacramento Amate said...

How fabulous it is like meeting a bunch of good friends, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I wish I could hug you all.

triskelos said...

Thank you so much for including me again! I always get so much inspiration from your posts)

Tamera Beardsley said...

Jill you look fabulous... as do the rest of your very stylish roundup!

Aya Shirai said...


I'm bummed I was so overwhelmed with school this month and couldn't participate. Thank you so much for the invite!

I'm looking forward to next month! :D

Anonymous said...

I love to look at all these HOW I WEAR... posts! Beautiful ladies, interesting styles! Congratulations to all of you :-)
Have a HAPPY week - ALL of you! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love to look at all these HOW I WEAR... posts! Beautiful ladies, interesting styles! Congratulations to all of you :-)
Have a HAPPY week - ALL of you! :-)

Heather Lindstrom said...

Jill-it is so much fun to connect with all these fabulous women. The styling is so unique and there are some great finds-like yours from Target. Looking very stylish on you.
Thanks for hosting!
Happy 4th!
xx, Heather

Anonymous said...

Jill, you look so chic! Reminds me of Jackie O.
I need a pair of fun glasses...maybe in pink like Mis Papelicos! Great look from everyone! Thanks for including me. Happy summer!

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Jill, thank you so much for hosting the linkup! I really enjoy seeing all of the different interpretations of HIWM and I get a huge kick out of being in such lovely company ;-)


Anonymous said...

J aime beaucoup la troisième photo ! Bonne soiree

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

So many cool sunnies!

Thanks for hosting.


Cloud of Secrets said...

I envy your aubergine purple sunglasses, Jill, and I particularly love the hair, hues, shapes, and sunglasses in Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb's photo. But so many nicely-shaped sunnies suited to their faces...my interest in sunglasses grows as I browse. Thank you for including me!

The Silver Bunny said...

Lots of beautiful ladies there, Jill, plus I love your hair. Having worked with an ophtalmologist, I'm very picky about my sunglasses because apparently, cheap lenses are bad for your eyes. My go-to pair is a Giorgio Armani's that my daughter bought but never wore ; they're quite big and I never wear my Chanel ones anymore, I find that they never really fitted properly. One of my bad buys, I'm afraid !xoxo

Prêt à Porter P said...

I wish I could tattoo sunglasses onto my face. I always travel with my collapsible sunglasses, it's very practical plus the case doesn't take up much space either.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Jill, you scored on those sunglasses. No way would I ever suspect they were Target. They look like Tom Fords. Those are on my wish list. They are the one sunglass that looks fabulous on everyone. However, I am like you and hate to pay so much for glasses. $100 is about my limit...Even then, I tend to lose them, scratch them and it seems they don't get me through longer than a year..
Loved all these stylish ladies! Always inspired by what they put together..

By the way, did you see the woman wearing the crazy Peggy Guggenheim like glasses at Wimbledon? It was during the final and I think she was in the royal box. They kept showing her. Women are getting more daring with their shades for sure.

Fun post! Hope you are having a good summer!


Zoé said...

I love cat's eye sunglasses (I have a pink pair) but have to admit that I usually fall back on circular John Lennon sunglasses, because nothing looks better with a Barbour.

Zoé said...

I love cat's eye sunglasses (I have a pink pair) but have to admit that I usually fall back on circular John Lennon sunglasses, because nothing looks better with a Barbour.

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