Thursday, September 21, 2017

Melania & Donald: Fashion Influencers?

The ‘Margot’ dress by Roksanda from Net-a-Porter last year. Still available!

Last year I wrote a post on Melania Trump’s RNC dress by Roksanda, specifically if she had just brought back bell sleeves with that one appearance in a white dress by Roksanda, and this year I am seeing bell sleeves everywhere! On blouses, T-shirts, and dresses. Have you noticed this too?

Melania at the RNC, July 2016. Dress (sleeves altered) by Roksanda.

Sometimes I take a few days off from watching the national news, because everything that is reported on all seems so depressing, and then when I do tune in, I am still surprised that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. I tell you, I still can’t believe it! When I think of how much he wears that red power tie he is known for, I can’t help but wonder if that has had anything to do with how red is THE color of the season this year!

Still can’t believe he’s president. Is his red tie a key to why red is so popular this fall?

Red, red, everywhere! From the Bloomingdale’s site (love that skirt!).

I know it is popular to despise these two up to the heavens and back, but I also have to think that maybe no one is giving them enough credit for being fashion influencers. It seems the magazines will not give Melania (or Ivanka for that matter) her due—she is a stylish lady, she does care about clothes, she definitely hired a stylist to put her best foot forward as First Lady (and thank God for that because there was way too much boob on display just a few scant years ago), and he (Hervé Pierre) is putting Melania in some excellent selections worthy of her title. I know I am checking out what she is wearing and I think the rest of the world is too—and liking what they are seeing, if you ask me, sky high heels to a hurricane-ravaged Texas and all! I just read an interesting Q&A with Pierre over at the New York Times and now I like him even more.

As for red, here is my take—I like a splash of red in the fall anyway, so I say bring it on. I loved the Vanity Fair editorial on red in the October 2017 issue, especially those Bulgari earrings on the left!

Yes to those earrings!

Available now at J. Crew Factory!

If you think you want to give bell sleeves a try, J. Crew Factory has a great Bell Sleeve T available right now in a few colors (I bought black). The quality is pretty nice, with the fabric a bit heavier than regular T-shirt material. I am going to alter the sleeves like Melania did. Notice in that picture above how hers are puffed up? I am doing this too with the J. Crew T, it looks so much better that way. I will tuck up and sew the sleeves to get a fuller look and then will wear this with a long tassel necklace, jeans, and high-heeled black boots.

Regardless of whether you have been influenced by Melania or Donald, let me know if you are loving red or bell sleeves or both for this fall!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I just saw the video on NYT! That was such a good piece - i wanted a full length documentary. He is doing a fabulous job as her stylist. She looks great. Anyone who says she doesn't is not being objective. She is the first lady and to be frank it doesn't look like she likes her husband much either LOL but i think politics influences fashion even more in these times xx

rosie said...

One of the Bergdorf windows yesterday had all red ensembles. Just beautiful.
I do wear red particularly in accessories like handbags, wallets & scarves. A very structured red jacket can make me look like an American airline flight attendant from years gone by.

When Nancy Reagan was First Lady, she loved red. She wore it soooo much, there was a shade called Reagan red. It was the 80's and everything seem big & bold.

Suzanne Bell said...

Fabulous round up of my favorite color of the season! Thank you for including me in the party. I pinned quite a few of these to my Style Inspiration board on Pinterest...great looks!