Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gems on Silk by Cartier

A vintage Cartier scarf.

I have been getting so much wear out of my silk scarves this spring because of the cool-but-sunny weather that I started to think that it was time to add a new one to my collection. I wanted something vintage but didn’t want to spend too much money. I started my eBay search looking for a YSL scarf but ended up with a Cartier! I had almost forgotten they make them but at $400 new (ouch), they are as expensive as Hermès so it was nice to find vintage ones for a fraction of the cost. I loved this red scarf featuring clocks and watches and white and yellow diamonds and I got it for under $40.

Love these white and yellow diamonds!

The silk twill is on par with Hermès (the weight of the 90cms, not the 70cms, for all you die-hards who know the difference), the colors are saturated and intense, with the Cartier “C” woven throughout, and the hems are hand-rolled and stitched! Most Cartier scarves feature gems and jewelry (particularly jewelry made famous by the Duchess of Windsor), which I think only adds to their appeal. I would have to win the lottery to own any serious Cartier jewelry but it’s nice to have a luxurious silk scarf from them, strewn with pictures of their famous watches and gems, to tie around my neck!

Great design details throughout.

Love this watch picture in particular!

Let me know if you own any Cartier scarves. If there are other brands you like for silk scarves, please share what they are!


HappyFace313 said...

:-) What a beautiful scarf, dear Jill!
Yet, it's true - Cartier makes lovely scarves. And what I like about them is that they also make jacquard scarves.
I had one but lost it. Boo-hoo-hoo :-(
Congratulations on your great find!
xo :-)

Jill said...

Hi Claudia, I knew you would know about Cartier scarves! I'm sorry you lost the scarf you had! I would like to add another Hermes scarf to my collection some time but I am going to have to be absolutely crazy about the pattern. In the meantime, I am going to be keeping my eyes out for more Cartier! xx

Linda said...

That's one gorgeous scarf, the color is wonderful! You really can find some great treasures, Jill. This is a perfect example. It'll look beautiful on you. Thanks for sharing the pics and info. I had no idea Cartier made scarves!!

Jill said...

Hi Mom! I knew Cartier made scarves but always seem to forget about it since I first think of Hermes. I can keep an eye out for you on eBay if ya want! Just tell me what colors or motifs you have in mind. xoxo

Hermesmerized™ the duchessofH said...

I love your scarf,Jill, and I think it's as beautiful as any Hermes scarf. I don't own anything Cartier; but I may just start taking a look at their scarves.

Jill said...

Hiya Duchess of H! They have some beautiful scarves on the Cartier website but I am going to stick with vintage for now since I want to keep putting money into my Jewelry Fund ha ha! xx