Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rachel Zoe in Boho

Photo by FameFlynet Pictures.

The title of this post could really be “Rachel Zoe Breathes” since I can’t imagine her without her boho vibe, which I think is in her DNA. These are fairly recent photos of Rachel which highlight not only her personal trademarks but are also hallmarks of bohemian style (through a modern filter, of course)—dark flared denim, knit poncho with fringe, round sunglasses and lots of jewelry! She is with her younger son Kaius, who is so adorable in his onesie and boots and fedora.

I also found photos of Rachel wearing some dramatic jewelry along with a fringed red suede coat. The length of the coat is kind of driving me crazy, it seems it should have been hemmed for her and not dragging on the ground. However, I do like the color of it and I am not surprised Rachel is wearing more fringe!

Photo by Frazer Harrison.

I think those rings are a little too big for me (I would not say no to the one that is on her pinkie, though), but I love that Rachel is constantly pushing the jewelry (and bohemian) envelope. As usual, her manicure is perfection!

Photo by Frazer Harrison.

Let’s Rachel’s boho look be your friendly reminder that April’s “How I Wear My” is all about bohemian style! Photos are due April 4, 2016. You can send them to us at Be sure to tell us a little about your outfit or how you feel about the bohemian look.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Does she still have a show over there? I used to love it! I do think she does that american version of the left bank parisian boho so well. I can do hobo however! xx

Jill said...

Hi Naomi, you are so funny, hobo?!? Ha ha wouldn't that be a wild HIWM! Hee hee hee. I think RZ might have some late-night show called 'Fashionably Late' that she co-hosts with Derek Blasberg. I haven't seen it since I don't have cable. I liked the format of the old show but can see it had run its course. I think RZ is so knowledgeable about fashion history I wish she had a show that focused on that. I saw her years ago on a 'Mad Men' special features piece about the look and clothes of the show and she was impressive in how much she knew! x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

She looks good in anything! I didn't like the late night show very much...but I enjoyed her reality show. Thanks Jill...have a great week.

Jill said...

Hi Pam, you've seen RZ's new show? I hope to catch at least an episode next time I'm in a house with cable! I think I will forever prefer the format of the original show. It was so interesting to see her work and fun to watch her shop! x

GSL said...

This RZ does pull that look off as well as anybody could but it is usually a bad misfire as this casual vibe is often steeped in such pretense due to its being an outfit rather than a expression of personality. This 'vibe' is either 'all in' or silly nonsense.

Jill said...

Or dear, GSL, I am already cringing to think of what you will have to say about our boho roundup on Wednesday. I'm considering what you said and am thinking you are probably right. I am thinking also of what I wore in my photo and asking myself, Is this me? I think the boho elements I selected actually are an extension of my personality. I know you will let me know what you think! As for Rachel, I think boho is who she is, it's not an outfit to her at all, she dresses like this all the time. x