Thursday, March 24, 2016

Princess Charlene and Her Pearl Stud Earrings

The sublime Princess Charlene of Monaco. Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

I have noticed that Princess Charlene of Monaco really seems to wear her pearl stud earrings almost exclusively these days, though she does change out to diamond studs every once in a while, or puts on pearl and diamond drop earrings. While on one hand I feel slightly disappointed that she doesn’t break out more of the fantastic jewelry I know she has (all that Van Cleef & Arpels, I weep), another part of me loves what she’s doing for the pearl stud!

She cut her hair last fall into a pixie and I think she is looking more sophisticated and elegant than ever, with her extreme locks, red lip, and stud earrings. Talk about simple glamour, but one that packs a punch! And the best part is anyone can try this look on for themselves, you don’t have to be rich or royal. Here are a few of Charlene’s more recent looks I have loved featuring pearl (or diamond) studs.

Charlene and her family, August 2015.

These photos are from last August when Albert and Charlene attended the annual “Pique Nique Monégasque,” with the babies Jacques and Gabriella in traditional Monégasque costume. I am crazy for Charlene’s embroidered sheer blouse and do not even get me started on little Princess Gabriella’s outfit. It is SO adorable, I especially love that striped skirt on her with the floral apron and black trim. And check out those big eyes and little toes!

Charlene with the adorable Princess Gabriella.

A lovely plum look by Akris. Photo: Villard/SIPA/REXShutterstock.

This look was from last November, featuring a bespoke dress by Akris. I love the unusual cloche hat with netting, and you can see from the photos that her hair is not visible at all since she had just cut it all off, but you sure can see those big diamonds!

Love the netted cloche, as well as the mystery in this photo.

Nice big diamonds, her wedding ring set, a bracelet peeking out, and one cute baby (Gabriella).

Necklaces only but I love this look on her. Hooray for sheer black hose! Photo: AP.

This ensemble did not feature earrings at all but I had to include it because I love the pairing of the necklaces (do note that one of them is pearl) and the chic ensemble with tobacco-colored pumps paired with all black, just to pick up the color of the detail at her waist. Wow! Also, I have to say, I love those sunglasses parked on her hair, they just add to her clean, modern look.

Why yes, that IS a pearl necklace under the pendant! Photo: Pascal Le Segretain.

She wears stud earrings again in the photo below, this time made of diamonds, and a terrific ensemble featuring pale neutrals. She looks so good in a cape!

Another sensational neutral outfit on Charlene, January 2016. Photo AFP/Getty Images.

With Albert, January 2016. Photo: AP.

This was another outfit on her that I went crazy for. I love that she wears gloves so often too, they add to her polished look, as do the big scarves and wraps she wears close to her face. I find the photo of her below to be sheer perfection!

The pensive and beautiful Charlene. How glamorous is this? Photo: AP.

Do let me know what you think of Charlene’s jewelry choices, as well as her new short hair and those red lips. I think she is looking better and more confident than ever! 

Unless noted, all photos are by Getty Images.


GSL said...

That pixie cut does work well on she was inspired by Michelle Williams as they have the same colouring and face. Liking that black outfit with chocolate pumps.

You are well aware of my love of pearls.

Jill said...

Hi GSL, I will go look for a recent Michelle Williams picture to see what her haircut is looking like these days. Charlene does wear that black outfit so well (hello legs!) and I think I will wear my pearl studs today in her honor. Loved your Gatsby post. Waiting for a political post from you. I am sure you have some opinions on the topic! x

rosie said...

Charlene looks terrific. Luv Luv the red lips, pearl studs, cloche hat & pixie cut. Someone with great features like Charlene can pull off the pixie cut perfectly. As well as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence & Hayden Paniterre who are also sporting the Pixie cut.

It looks like Princess Gabriela resembles her grandmother Princess Grace. Lucky girl.

Poppy Buxom said...

She looks lovely! Those children are absolutely angelic looking! But oh dear, Albert needs to back away from the carbs. Yes, I'm judging!

BTW, did you see the VC&A feature in Town and Country magazine with Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls? I'm drooling over the stacked bracelets.

Jill said...

Hi Rosie! Yes, now that you mention it, all those ladies do look great with short hair! I didn't realize Hayden had cut her hair, will go look for photos. Isn't Gabriella so cute (Jacques too of course!)? It will be so fun to watch those two grow up, I hope Gabriella strongly resembles Grace as she gets older! x

Jill said...

Hi Poppy! I'm SO glad you told me about that T&C feature, I am looking at the pictures online and they are fantastic. They gave Sarah so many great VCA pieces to wear for the shoot. My favorite photo is of her in the car with a red interior. I think I have to get a subscription to T&C, they show beautiful jewelry every single month! x

LPC said...

Yes, she's beautiful. She has become stylish. But was there any truth to the rumors that she's miserable and dominated?

Jill said...

Hiya LPC, you know, that is the question that remains about her, isn't it? I heard the same thing everyone else did before she married Albert--she had second thoughts before the wedding, had tried to take off, etc.--and yet, she married him. I have read some snarky things on other blogs that she appears unhappy, etc., but I really don't like participating in that kind of thing so I am just focusing on how beautiful she looks these days. She does seem much more self-assured than in the past, I just watched an interview she and Albert gave together and she definitely spoke up for herself regarding what she thought was best for the children. After reading several bios about Grace Kelly and understanding what a difficult transition it was for her in becoming Princess of Monaco I feel nothing but empathy for Charlene. I don't think that is an easy family, society or "court" to marry into. It is clear she loves those kids so I think she will do whatever she has to to make the marriage work and in that regard she reminds me exactly of Grace. Albert may now understand his mother better too, watching his wife go through the exact same thing she did. I bet all of the discipline and resolve that got Charlene to the Olympics is serving her well now. x

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Some of the jewelry is borrowed of course. She's lovely but unfortunately it's hard to ignore the obvious issues in her life. I hope her children brings her much happiness and she uses her position to all its benefits. Xx

Jill said...

Hi Naomi, I am having a hard time believing her pearl studs are borrowed. Or the diamonds for that matter. Maybe those VCA tiaras, like Grace's, are what you mean? I am not speculating on any 'obvious issues,' she chose to marry him despite rumors so I have to think she knew what was best for her. I hate to start raking around in the mucky-muck of people's marriages because at the end of the day only the people in the marriage know the real score. I only wanted to highlight some lovely looks on Charlene featuring stud earrings so I am a bit surprised that people are taking the time out to take a swipe at her, or at this post. x

Linda said...

Great post, Jill! Charlene is beautiful. Thank you for staying above the gossip and innuendos about her personal life by not commenting or speculating about it. Seems that is best left to the tabloids. I appreciate your blog focusing on beautiful jewelry and fashion. There are enough negative events and situations in the world that we can't get away from so your blog seems like a breath of fresh air that I think we all deserve as a small break from the grind of daily life. Thank you!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Sorry Jill- I should have clarified - the big pieces from VCA are borrowed. There are signs if you go to the balls in Monaco that these items are on loan albeit on small print and in the boutiques in SoF. Well I don't know what the news you get over there but I think being stopped from leaving the country at the airport twice (that was an order that was made public by France as the Nice airport is in French jurisdiction not Monagesque ) and being escorted back by an entourage then crying at your own wedding is a pretty obvious issue. I hope you didn't think that was a swipe though? Hardly. If anything the pro-sentiment for Princess Charlene is rather strong even with the press. The Monaco crowd are very empathetic and the locals actually shoo off any tourists or people who don't know better who try and take a picture. She is beautiful and elegant and I respect her composure and charachter in fact but it is hard to separate her circumstances from her pictures looking so beautiful with amazing objects at the same time. I appreciate your sentiment equally though x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

She is stunning! I loved these pictures. Thanks for sharing Jill!

HappyFace313 said...

:-) I thought she was pretty as a swimmer and before she got married.
Now I think she looks stunning. Love the pixie cut, the red lips, her style.
There's a no-nonsense attitude she effuses.
Whatever the rumors may be (and we read quite a bit in the yellow press in Europe), I hope she and her little family are happy and I wish them only the very best.
Many hugs xo :-)

No Fear of Fashion said...

Great pictures. She steps into Grace'shoes. Looking stunning. She also reminds me of Claire in House of Cards, but much, much softer and friendlier. There are quite a few moments where she looks absorbed in thought. I do hope she loves Albert and that it is not an arranged marriage. Well.. we will not know, will we?