Friday, February 5, 2016

Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts at the SAG Awards 2016

Nicole Kidman at the SAG Awards, January 30, 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

I didn’t watch the SAG Awards last Saturday but I read a few articles recapping the gowns and it seemed as though there was a lot of bad fashion on the red carpet (exceptions included Helen Mirren—of course!—and Viola Davis). While going through pictures, I saw Nicole Kidman in a pink and lavender sequined Gucci gown. I wasn’t sure of it at first, but then saw a clip of her walking in it and decided that I totally loved it—that multicolored shimmer when she moves is amazing! Plus, she is so tall, I thought that slender silhouette with a ruffled bodice really suited her and I liked that the panels of sequins were edged in black.

A better sense of the flow of the dress and Liev Schrieber on the side! Getty Images.

Love the pairing of these two necklaces!

You won’t be surprised to know that what stopped me first were her AMAZING necklaces. In fact, if you look closely, her jewelry knocked it out of the park—an onyx, diamond and carved emerald pendant necklace, layered with another onyx and diamond necklace, diamond earrings, a lion brooch at her waist (I think it’s a lion) and assorted Art Deco rings and bracelets. I guessed it was from Cartier but it turns out to be from Fred Leighton, the celebrity jeweler. The watch is vintage Omega from 1952 called the Ladies’ Secret Jewellry because the face is hidden behind diamonds.

Do note the brooch at her waist, below. I absolutely love details like this that you may not catch on first glance!

So crazy for this manicure against the pinks and lavender of the dress with black edges! Photo: Kevork Djansezian.

I don’t know who Nicole’s stylist is these days, she was very close to L’Wren Scott, who was her stylist for years before her death in 2014. Whoever it is, she (or he!) has a great eye for jewelry!

Secret watch by Omega, circa 1952. Let the weeping begin! Photo by Jason Merritt.

Naomi Watts & Liev Schrieber at the SAG Awards 2016. Photo by Getty Images for Turner.

Naomi Watts looked so beautiful in her deep blue floral gown by Burberry, topped off with Bvlgari jewelry. The blue of the dress and the sapphires really made her eyes the bluest I have ever seen them! I read comments over at the Daily Mail by people who thought Naomi looked too thin. I didn’t think so but let me hear your thoughts on this. Is Naomi looking too thin for your liking? She looks pretty good to me!

Such a great shade of blue on Naomi!

Bvlgari earring is just visible under her hair.

A gorgeous Bvlgari sapphire and diamond ring.

An amazing clutch and watch. And what a color combo!

I was so in love with this detailed shot of the dress, watch and bag. This is my perfect idea of red, white and blue!

Except where noted, all photos of Naomi (and some of Nicole) are by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America. I cannot wait to see his shots from the Oscars!


GSL said...

I'm not loving the NK dress but not hating it either...she gets high marks for doing something different and interesting to appraise.

NW's blue Burberry is FAB! She does look thin but not unhealthy and I at first didn't recognize her as her look is apparently evolving...but certainly not in a bad way. She's obviously hard at work prepping for her plum role of starring in your biopic...after a colourist & Mya do their magic.

HappyFace313 said...

:-) As much as I like shades of pink and purple, I prefer Naomi Watts' blue dress - such a classic and so elegant.
But I agree that Nicole Kidman's jewelry is absolutely stunning. BEAUTIFUL!!
Have a very HAPPY weekend xo :-)

rosie said...

Nicole Kidman with her height & slender figure was able to pull off her gown beautifully. Her art deco jewelry just spectacular. Particularly the necklaces.

Naomi Watts was lovely in her classy elegant blue gown. Her sapphire jewelry matched her gown & even her stunning eyes.

Naomi's best accessory in my opinion was her arm candy - Liev Schreiber

These are two Aussie beauties who are terrific actresses & long-time friends.

Jill said...

HI GSL, I agree with you re Nicole, I think she took a chance on her look, and I, for one, think she pulled it off! Re Naomi, I loved her dress most of all when I saw red carpet pictures. She and her stylist are doing a great job these days! xx

Jill said...

Hi Claudia, I agree with you, Naomi's dress was a stunner, so perfect for her and so elegant. I loved the jewelry on both ladies! xx

Jill said...

Hi Rosie! Ha, you are right re Liev, he is not hard to look at! And of course you bring up what I forgot to mention, Nicole and Naomi are both beautiful Aussies and longtime friends. I don't know if they rode to the SAG Awards together but it was perfect that they were side by side on the red carpet with their guys.

I'm still dreaming about those necklaces on Nicole. Divine! xx

Anonymous said...

They are both over 40 , but have totally smooth faces, that's what I noticed!!

Jill said...

Hi Anon and ME-OW! I do believe Nicole Kidman came out admitting to have using Botox and that she had stopped and would not use it again. Maybe she is using a filler these days? I can imagine the pressure she feels to keep herself looking as good as she can for as long as she can, and am somewhat sympathetic. As for Naomi, I don't know, I don't think so, she is just a year older than me and I see the same kind of lines on her that I am seeing on my own face so I think she is not doing work yet. Who knows if she will in the future. I hope not. I would love for these two ladies, who are fine actresses, to go the route of Helen Mirren. She doesn't appear to have done anything to her face and she is almost always on the best dressed list at awards shows and looks pretty damn sexy to boot!

Thanks for swinging by! x

No Fear of Fashion said...

what beauties. the woman, the dress, the jewellery. I am in awe.

Jill said...

Hi Greetje! I agree with you, I thought both women looked superb that night! xx