Sunday, November 30, 2014

One Glamorous Cardigan!

One of my all-time favorite looks from L’Wren Scott, Fall 2009.

One of the quintessential pieces from a L’Wren Scott runway collection was her sequined cardigans. She seemed to offer them every season in a variety of colors and they were part of her Banana Republic collection last year as well. I was able to snap up a few of the Banana Republic cardigans on eBay for much less than the original selling price but what I have been hunting for was one from her runway collection, which originally sold at Barney’s for over four figures! My absolute favorite was this wine-colored beauty from the 2009 show “Bois de Boulogne,” one of her best collections, in my opinion. In fact, I love this particular look in its entirety, from the cardigan to the coat over it, from the skinny black pants to the strappy sexy shoes and the makeup with a heavy emphasis on smoky eyes, and dark red nails and lips!

I was beyond thrilled to score this exact sweater on eBay recently for a song! I wore it last weekend when my friend Gwynne and I went to Manhattan to see the holiday windows at Bergdorf and Tiffany and the shimmer could not be more perfect for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s festivities. I wore it as a blouse under a black J. Crew coat and with dark denim (and red nails and lips, of course). After checking out the windows, Gwynne and I had a drink at an Irish pub on Second Avenue and I got a few compliments on such a sparkly cardi!

Detail of the sweater with a black satin clutch and Revlon nail polish in “Valentine.”

The sequins are tiny, have an opposite side of silver, and the pile (I’d never thought I’d say that about sequins) runs both ways! The button placket is trimmed in velvet and the rest of the sweater is made of cashmere. It feels like heaven and is a treat to wear.

This sweater has shine no matter which way the sequins go!

How I wore the sweater, with a J. Crew coat, denim, and red nails!

Let this glamorous L’Wren Scott cardigan be your friendly reminder that Adrienne and I are accepting photos for the upcoming “How I Wear My: Sweater” until December 2, 2014. Do join us!


GSL said...

Sadly I only really became aware of L'Wren Scott's designs after her tragic death. She was a great talent and absolutely loved (!!!) the wedding dress she did that you featured awhile back Jill.

This cardi is a great outfit making piece and you paired it beautifully with the J Crew coat and jeans...also love the feeling we get when getting such a bargain on something even well worth full price.

Anonymous said...

That cardigan is gorgeous, what a find. I'm loving that first image.

Dawn Lucy said...

WOW! How gorgeous! Now where's the pic of you in it? I'm assumed we have to wait until HIWM, right? Love this beauty and how you styled it with that great J Crew coat!
Dawn Lucy

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this Jill! So jealous, I would wear this for have such a great eye!

Jill said...

Hi GSL, oh yes, L'Wren was really talented and I continue to miss her! I felt so lucky to find this beauty on eBay and even luckier to be the only bidder. XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hi Helen! That first image is so great, right? It is the essence of L'Wren's aesthetic! XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hi Dawn Lucy, I hope to use this sweater in a real outfit post at some point but I'm doing something different for the upcoming "How I Wear My: Sweater." Glad you are joining us once again! XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hi Pam, thank you for the compliment! This sweater has just trumped all my cardigans as my new favorite! XO, Jill