Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Anna Wintour Costume Center

Anna at the Girls Season 3 premiere, January 2014. Photo by Andrew H. Walker.

She’ll always have the Met.

It was announced yesterday by The Metropolitan Museum of Art that the newly renovated galleries for The Costume Institute will be renamed The Anna Wintour Costume Center. It opens May 8, 2014 with the inaugural exhibition Charles James: Beyond Fashion (and oh yes, I will definitely be there).

The complex is being named in Anna’s honor because of all her efforts to raise money ($125 million to be exact!) for The Costume Institute since 1995.

It made me laugh last year to read the speculation that Anna was hoping to be made an ambassador to England after Obama’s re-election campaign, in thanks for her fundraising efforts with his second presidential bid. Why would she ever want to be ambassador to England when she is the Queen of the Fashion (and Magazine Publishing) World? Even when she is no longer Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Condé Nast named her as Artistic Director over its entire organization, and now the chief wing of The Costume Institute, with its exhibition galleries, library, conservation library, research areas, and offices will bear her name.

I’d take all that over an ambassadorship too. Talk about power!

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America.

I am kind of digging the coat she recently wore to the Girls Season 3 premiere. Let me know what you think of it.


Linda said...

Love Anna, but not real sure about that coat...not my style. Interesting though, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That's such an honour! I don't like the coat but then I rarely like anything Anna wears. However, thank goodness she covered up her toes this time. Power. History has shown us what can happen when one person has too much of it. That scares me more than her hair :-)
Thanks Jill for all this kind of news you share with us!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even recognize her - all I saw was the coat. Well, I wouldn't buy it, but it does have high recognition value! And I guess that's what it's about these days - people to remember who wore what. Or?

Haha, Ambassadress Anna? Does she need to be diplomatic in her present jobs???

i'm with silkpathdiary - thanks for all the interesting things you right about. Should I ever come to NY - I will ask you to be my/our tour guide. Can I book you :-) xo

Serene McEntyre said...

Jill! I'm a fence sitter when it comes to Anna....I really don't know enough about her to give an opinion. BUT, I do want to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! You are such a sweetie! If I were disciplined enough, I could set a little aside each month and purchase an LV bag in a year or so. But I'm just not that disciplined! Ha!! Eventually, I may treat myself to a Louis Vuitton. I'll have to keep an eye on ebay! How ARE you?! It's sooooo great to hear from you! Big hugs! Serene

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

explains why Lena got the cover - I am kind of miffed at her for turning Vogue into Instyle magazine. But I gotta say - the british ambassadorship is one of the cushiest sweeties numbers you could ever ask for!!x

Adrienne Shubin said...

I guess it's good to be Anna! What a life she has.
That coat is nothing if not eye-catching!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Not just power...but way more fun!! Who would leave what she has for political strife! Thanks for sharing this, Jill!!


She seems to have earned the building named after her.

The coat is oddly out of character, though I suppose it works. I wouldn't wear it!

Paula Ruta said...

Well, Anna certainly has a lot of clout! I'm not sure I like the direction Lucky Mag is taking under her direction....
I like the coat; I'm glad she stepped outside her usual. Something someone in fashion SHOULD do. On fashion police, Joan trashed it but all 3 others liked it. Me? I'd wear it--its fun!

Jill said...

Hi everybody, thanks for the great comments, it's interesting to read what people think of Anna, in general, and her coat, in particular. I think it's wild and I'd kind of like one night to step out in it!

Naomi: I do hope you are going to review the February issue of Vogue because I know I am going to be laughing my head off and probably agreeing with everything you say. And I had no idea the UK ambassadorship was so cushy, but I wonder if it has the wardrobe budget that Anna currently gets from Conde Nast? Not to mention the free clothes just sent to her by designers like Uncle Karl. Ha. XO, Jill