Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beauty Advice from a 6-Year-Old

The little giver of advice in the SoHo Prada window reflection in 2012.

My 6-year-old daughter recently gave me advice on how I could get people to think I was beautiful and maybe even stop me on the street to ask for my autograph! This was a completely unprompted discussion, which came about because she was not a fan of the bob I came home with a couple of weeks ago. I had to share these 7 tips with you because they cracked me up:

1. Lips need to be more shiny.

You heard it here, ladies, get out that gloss and put it on, stat!

2. “Wear perfume so someone says, ‘Wow, that smells beautiful.’”

A direct quote. I ask you, where did this child come from?

3. Curly hair.

“It’s fancier,” she said.

So now I know why my very straight bob did not find favor with her.

Le Volume de Chanel mascara. One of my favorites!

4. Long eyelashes

Definitely! I do not approve of 6-year-olds wearing mascara but for you adults out there Le Volume de Chanel mascara is a good one if you are in the mood to splurge. If not, my current drugstore favorite is Voluminous Million Lashes by L’Oreal. It’s really good and costs about $10!

As much as my child loves blue and ANYTHING kitty, I'm sure this would pass her strict test.

5. Red nails.

I had red nail polish on at the time of this talk and she told me that I should keep my nails like that.

6. Have a pedicure.

So she’s picked up on my affinity for nail polish, for sure.

A great color for a pedicure is Queen Vic by butter LONDON.

7. Wear shiny clothes.

My girl!

She would probably approve of this sequined J. Crew cardigan. I do too!

I reminded her that she doesn’t do any of these things and I think she is gorgeous! I asked if people could still be considered beautiful without taking her tips and she thought about it for a minute and told me she thought that would be all right.

Then she said it was more important to be awesome than to be beautiful. Wow! I will make sure to have a pen and notebook at hand when she fills me in on that subject.

She said all this in a completely serious manner which made it all the more funny to me. She has many opinions and I love to hear how they change and expand as she gets older. I’m sure I won’t think the opinions are so charming when she’s a teenager, but at the moment she never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Have you ever had a child give you beauty advice? Please share what tips you were given!


une femme said...

That picture with her reflection in the window is beyond precious!! I love how kids see the world, so open and fresh. I remember at that age thinking that sparkly clothes and red nails were the height of glamour.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love that photo of her!

Kids do say the funniest things.

My niece told my sister that she should get something done with her belly! LOL I don't think my sister (who by the way is very thin) thought that was too cute at the time. Thank heavens they don't see their auntie more otherwise I might have more of a complex. LOL


Happiness at Mid Life said...

This is such a precious posts!! I have a notebook that I keep of all of my son's sayings that I hope one day we will look back and laugh about it.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Very astute and precocious. My fave is curly hair is fancier!! I did get asked why I wear a lot of black...they are truthful kids...xx

Cloud of Secrets said...

The advice is great. At the same time I'm glad you brought the question around to being a beautiful *person* in general. I try to instill this into my kids even as they beg for some colored lip balm or nail polish. You're so beautiful/handsome -- and I give them reasons that come from their insides, as well as complimenting their physical strengths.

Hmm...on beauty advice...I had this conversation with my son when he was three. Found it in my Facebook backup:

I was in a hurry this morning, and trying to blend in some foundation that goes on a little too light for my skin tone.

N-- barrels in to ask me to fix something, and stops, watching me. On a little gasp of breath: "Dat's tooo MANY, Mama. Dat's too many!"

Me: That's too many?

N--: Dat's too many MAKEUP!

Aya in Couturgatory said...

Your daughter is adorable and so clearly intelligent! I love it.

I love her advice and her opinion at the end. You must be very proud.

I remember as a child telling my mother she was prettier without her makeup. I still think that she rocks the light, natural look better. She let me do her makeup once when we were travelling together. (:

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

The whole discussion is just precious, Jill! I cracked up over curly hair...I work so hard straightening mine! This is adorable and I agree made for a great post!

Kelly Jackson said...

Check on the shiny lips, Ah, love it, and what a cool shot in the window reflection. I also love that you have written all this down, as we tend to forget, don't we? No advice for me on that front for a few years yet. :) xo

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I hope I'm around to hear her advice in ten years ... please make her opinions at least a semi regular blog feature. I know I'd feel better knowing I'm up to snuff with her set.
(Complete aside ... just wrote another and perhaps my last "bob" post. "Bob Angst" should have been the title. I had a haircut-induced style breakdown the day before Thanksgiving, but the upside is I came out the other end with a whole new hair project to frustrate me!)
Hug your daughter for all the women she helped today!

Tami Von Zalez said...

And the pint-sized fashionista IS awesome!

denton said...

Wait, that's my fave Prada flame shoes!!! I love them! And one was in the FIT shoe museum shoe you wrote about!

Anonymous said...

This was about the cutest thing I have read in a long time. I love that age!

Adrienne Shubin said...

Adorable and darling girl you have there. I am not surprised because apples usually don't fall far from their trees.
I remember loving everything over-the-top sparkly, shiny and bright when I was her age...still sort of do!

You will have to show her this post when she gets older.

Awesome is way more important than beautiful! She is so right.
xoxo, A

the style crusader said...

This is hilarious and so stinking cute. I love her advice and definitely think I would have agreed with her when I was 6. I remember thinking curly hair was the epitome of beauty so I'd make my mom put those pink rollers in my hair and sleep in them. I thought I was hot stuff.

I havne't had any kids give me beauty advice but I have let my niece put makeup on me before and that did not end well.


Anonymous said...

Too cute and you know I agree with everything she says! My girls love it when I put on a dress and heels but when they were 5-6, they wanted all of us to wear ballgowns the entire day :-)

Heather Lindstrom said...

Jill dear-I am just catching up and am so happy I caught this post. This is DARLING! The wisdom of a 6 year old....priceless. She seems wise beyond her years. Love this!
xx, Heather

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Jill, This is totally precious! You need to print this out and keep it! I would love to meet this little cutie pie! She reminds me of myself as a little girl. I was always a fan of curly, glossy, sparkly and red nails!

I sometimes can'r believe I had all boys. Enjoy! You are going to have so much fun with her!!