Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Silvery Start to 2013

I bought these two items separately, and weeks apart, and it wasn’t until I got them both out at the start of the month that I realized they look like a matching set. For over 10 years I’ve had a Manhattan Diary made by Per Annum (they make them for other cities as well: Boston, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and a “Metropolitan” diary) and get a different color every year. It’s my datebook—if I write it down in this book there is a 99.9% chance of me doing it, taking care of it, seeing it, buying it, etc. The Manhattan Diary also has helpful things like a mini subway map, names and numbers of department stores, museums and restaurants, as well as information like a vintage wine table and the Dow Jones Industrial Stock Average for every year dating back to 1924.

The thank you cards are by Wendy MacFarlane from Peter Pauper Press and I just liked the silvery look of them and the muted tones of gray, cream and periwinkle.

I’m sure so many people now have their schedules on their computers or smart phones and I’ve had people tell me they don’t send thank you notes at all anymore! The more technical and electronic the world becomes, the more I cling to my Manhattan Diary and my thank you cards, no matter how old-fashioned.

Do you still use a traditional datebook or send thank you cards?


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Very chic choices...and don't you just love it when that happens and your buy things separately, but really seem to be a perfect match!!


I love my tech gear, but I use a Filofax and have for years. When it comes to my agenda, I need PAPER. I like to see what's coming up, check things off, and I like being able to backtrack when I need to. And writing is so much faster than typing on a phone keyboard. I keep a little notebook in my bag daily so I can jot down notes or shopping lists.

And hand-written thank yous, whenever possible!

Love your 2013 diary. Wish I could condense mine to that degree.


And PS: If I don't write it down, it doesn't happen. I'm pretty sure I create a least 2-3 lists a week.

Cloud of Secrets said...

Hi, Jill! Happy 2013. The year would certainly be easier to get through with such a chic planner and pretty notecards!

I have a small paper desk calendar in front of me, for appointments, school events, and planned tasks. I need a physical object in front of me, with days I can mark off, especially as I don't have a smartphone. I do have Google Calendar set up to send me emails about regular housekeeping (and selfkeeping) tasks, though. Like, today I received my Thursday email reminder that it is Eyebrows and Fingernails day. I get to delete the email when I complete the task.

I write paper thank-yous for 90% of the gifts that the kids and I receive. The other 10%, I'll sometimes skip the note if we were able to thank the giver thoroughly in person. According to Miss Manners, if I remember rightly, this is acceptable. I've got a ton of note writing to do after Christmas and my December birthday.

Adrienne Shubin said...

Hi Jill,

What beautiful thank-you cards and planner. I use my phone for appointments but always write my goals and lists in paper. But I use an ugly spiral notebook - so NOT chic.
I am still a thank you note writer - on paper, not email. I like to send and receive them. And it's fun to pick out new styles when you get low on your thank you note inventory.
I just received a very special gift from a friend and went out to buy an extra special thank you card for her from a lovely card boutique. It was $5.00 for a little card but so worth it to me to send along a note of thanks on a beautiful card.
xo, A

Anne said...

Those are lovely. I love the tactile satisfaction of a real, paper schedule book. In fact I've got to start shopping for this year's version. And I also love notepaper (even if I just enclose a typed note in it...)

Marla Robinson said...

I love sending special cards and thank you notes. I think it is such a nice touch. The flower and butterfly thank you cards are so delicate looking. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,
I have to use an electronic diary in the office. So absolutely NOT chic!
So I personally keep a diary, a book. It's not super pretty, but I make it "pretty", by sticking boarding passes, photos, theatre tickets etc. into it. It sort of is a diary/scrap book. I couldn't live without paper and pens! The amount of cards I buy, and make is amazing.
One last thing: On a pretty envelope should go a pretty stamp, too.
Love your cards and diary! Wish we had this kind of diary here, too!
Have a very HAPPY weekend! XO :-)

triskelos said...

I still have a traditional diary, and even a few of them. I love plannin - both my work and my life out of work, and using smartphone for this is not the same)

grunge-queen said...

Jill, I DO still send thank-you notes - in fact, the lovely ones you've featured here were the exact ones I chose to send for my wedding thank-yous a year ago! (They seemed to go with the wintery wedding colours). Recently my hubby and I were invited to dinner at a French family's home; we didn't know them that well so we made a point of sending a card afterwards. They were so tickled they showed it to our mutual friends! I agree it's a dying art but I truly think a hand-written note expresses much more than an electronic thank-you. Call me old-fashioned: I also prefer real books to downloaded ones. I love the silver diary you chose. I haven't kept a diary for years, but I love the concept.

P.S. Thanks for the lovely comment and SUPREME compliment on my blog; the latter means a lot coming from you! xoxo

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Hi Jill! Wanted to stop by and say thanks for following Ooh La Frou Frou this week, just followed you as well. So nice to meet you and I'm glad you'll be a part of the fun in my world. ;) Love your stationery and I'm with you ... nothing compares to a handwritten note (and in my book never will). And when it's on pretty paper that reminds the reader of you when they open that envelope, it's even more perfect! ~S

SANDY M Illustration

A Well Styled Life said...

Lovely diary and note paper! I use my iPhone now for my appointments and lists but always send handwritten thank you notes. I have a fun collection to choose from for different occasions. It's a wonderful style statement and I love to see what types people choose. It's such a delight to receive "snail mail" these days that I frequently send notes just to say hello!

Anonymous said...

I am old school. Take my agenda away and I am lost ... not to say dead. So I hear you.
The day we meet will be marked down in red on my agenda for sure!
Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)