Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2012

I adore the gray-tinged lavender that is the signature color of Bergdorf Goodman.

Here are a few pictures I took in the city at Fashion’s Night Out. I have been going to Bergdorf’s for this event since its inception in 2009, so now it’s a tradition for me to start the night there.

Unfortunately I didn’t see either Bill Cunningham, the New York Times street style photographer, or Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President of Bergdorf’s, as I have in past years, probably because I jinxed myself by telling several people those were two I was on the lookout for. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I adore the plissé ruffles on this gown.

Bergdorf’s is celebrating its 111th Anniverary, hence the cake.

The center dress features a photo of the front of Bergdorf Goodman.

I wonder about the future of Fashion’s Night Out, because in my view (admittedly small since I only went to Bergdorf’s and Henri Bendel’s) the crowds are getting bigger and the drinks are flowing—Bergdorf’s in particular felt like a disco dance party amid racks of clothes and at Bendel’s there was a stream of people headed straight to the free bar, where a fight broke out!—but I’m not seeing people buy anything and that’s what the purpose of Fashion’s Night Out was supposed to be, to get people excited about fashion again in the midst of a terrible economy and to go out and spend. From what I can see, no one is spending very much, if anything, but they will come out for the spectacle of it all. But as the empty drink cups and cupcake wrappers piled up on cash register desks on Bergdorf’s fifth floor, I wondered if a store’s cost of hosting events for Fashion’s Night Out is worth it to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if merchandise is getting damaged because of all the eating, drinking and crush of people inside. Will stores still participate if FNO costs far more than they are taking in?

Live models were featured inside Henri Bendel (which was a zoo).

A small part of the Bendel crowd.

I found a quieter spot to check out the scene.

There was more eating, drinking and hanging out at Bendel’s than shopping.

The live man(nequin) in a Henri Bendel window on 5th Avenue.

Completely unrelated side note: At Bergdorf’s I had a Tarot card reading done by a lady with purple and black hair. She asked me to pick a card at random. I selected one and handed it to her. It was the 9 of Wands, facing upright. She said I was disciplined (which is true) and that I would be good at helping others to become disciplined, that I could motivate them.

So ladies (and gentlemen), if you are looking for any discipline motivation in your life, I’m your gal!

9 of Wands. This guy doesn’t look too happy but by God, he’s disciplined!

What did you do for Fashion’s Night Out?


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi Jill, you just made me miss Bergdorf's...I have not been there in many years. When I use to travel to NYC I always went there before leaving. FNO in San Antonio was still alot of fun at Neiman Marcus, but the crowds were significantly down from last year and as you say there is lots of free flowing alcohol. My student film team which has been doing fashion events for a few months now went to Macys and had a blast. One of the girls actually won $500 for having the best walk on the runway! They had a contest for every day people to walk and about 50 ladies of all ages did student won! I hope to post her video in the next week. I have many pictures to work on, but hope to have a couple of fun posts done before the weekend is out! Looks like you saw some beautiful styles.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Very interesting post. I read another today (Hudson East) and Julie said something similar, that the crowds were just out of control and next year she, at least, would probably skip the shopping portion. If more people are thinking that way, then yes, I'd say it defeats the purpose of what FNO is supposed to be.

I've never gone an FNO event, but maybe I will next year and see how it looks in smaller cities like Portland.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky that you have FNO! I would really like to go, but we don't have one in Vienna. The ones by closest were in Germany - Berlin & Duesseldorf. German VOGUE actually did an entire booklet last month on what would be presented there i.e.. limited edition CHANEL lipsticks and nail polishes and all the freebies and stuff you could get with purchase, trying to lure people into going and spending. - Well, who knows, maybe next year ;-)

Lisa said...

This looks like an incredible event. I love all the lavender.

cat said...

I think it all depends on how the stores going about promoting themselves. If it's all about the spectacle, especially if a celebrity is involved and you don't have to buy something to get their autograph or go talk to them, then no, the stores are not going to sell anything because they're just asking for a huge crush of people. But if a store is smart like Alexis Bittar (more about this on my blog), and does a promotion where they give away giftcards then people kind of feel like they need to buy something because they have a giftcard. Also, a few sales instead of liquor could help things. It felt like a lot of stores were not willing to put in the effort this year. The event listings were pretty weak.

Anyway, great pictures of Bergdorf's.

jill815 said...

Hi Pam, oh I wish you had been with us when we went to Bergdorf's. The store was so beautiful inside, with lavender lights here and there. In a way I feel I have to keep starting there for FNO, not only do I up my chances of seeing Bill Cunningham (who's usually outside taking pictures), but as FNO grows and evolves every year, I am curious as to what events Bergdorf's is willing to sponsor and what the crowds look like. It was fairly to easy to get into the store but crowded once inside. Bendel's was just crazy. I think I will skip it next year! Looking forward to more of your San Antonio FNO posts. XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Oh Gracey, I would love to hear your report of FNO in your town. You have to go next year! I insist! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Happy Face, I hope FNO makes it was to Vienna for you. My friend and I got Pantene samples outside of Bergdorf's and inside the store was giving out wine, water, cheese sticks and the most delicious tiny cupcakes, topped with lavender-gray frosting (which was delicious). I did see people buying FNO merchandise, mainly T-shirts, and I went ahead and bought a Tom Ford nail polish (whee!) that I'd had my eye on anyway. I saw an email about the Chanel lipsticks/polishes you mentioned, but didn't see them in person. I hope you can attend FNO next year! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Lisa, isn't the lavender beautiful, it's really the most gorgeous shade that Bergdorf uses, right down to their shopping bags. My son starts ballroom dancing lessons in two weeks. We are both excited! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Cat, yes, I know what you mean, I don't think the NYC stores were putting in quite the effort as in past years. Bergdorf had SO many designers and celebrities the first year. It was crazy and fun. Not so this year, though I'd say the turnout for them was still pretty good, but not as insane as the first year. I am curious how this event is going to look in 2-3 years. XO, Jill

judi.0044 said...

We were in NYC from the 2nd-5th and I wondered if we would have been able to find a room since we stayed near Macy's. Perhaps best we escaped back home. Did get to fabric shop which is always my favorite thing to do. Thanks for your recap.


I am a morning person anyway, hehhehe.
Do feel free to take any photo you want for your project. You know better than me what you are looking for, and my home is your home, dear Jill.

Anonymous said...

Hi fashion girl,
What a night! As you said, all these people eating and drinking next to beautiful clothes is scary... Oh well... it's part of NYC mystic and that's why so many of us love this gorgeous city.
Always something hot going on there. Today I have decided to tidy up my collection of scarves. Will do it with discipline... but I may need your advice ;-)

Anonymous said...

You ARE a mistress of discipline--so kindly reminding me of the round-up this past weekend. I've not felt well this past week and had a major screw-up in one of the courses I teach...and have been in a resultant funk. But, at least, your post helps me believe that I didn't miss anything at NYFW.

jill815 said...

Hi Judi, what fabric store did you go to? Mood? Mendel Goldberg? Or any of those little places in the Garment District? XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Sacramento, you are so sweet! I am sorry you didn't have a FNO to go to, but you will be trumping us all when you report on Milan's Fashion Week! I am so looking forward to it! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Anne, oh how I was with your to help organize your scarves! I have a feeling I would learn so much about different Hermes designs. I just went to the Hermes Festival des Metiers yesterday, which was amazing. I am going to post pictures on it later this week. I wish you had been there with me, we would've had a great time! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Terri, I hope you are feeling better and that all has been worked out with this semester's courses. We are doing Burgundy/Bordeaux for next month's 'How I Wear My' post and I will be sending you a reminder because I hope you can join us once again! XO, Jill

Angele Style said...

What I am doing is enjoying the photos of NYFW and you are definitely THE WINNER in my opinion. What GREAT photos. You brought me right there and I am all the way out in nowhere land Portland, Oregon.

You are right it is always about "follow the money" so must be getting a pay off of somekind. I hear even "charity" events spend more money on the pomp and circumstance plus food and drink then they ever recover let alone give toward the charity. It must be worth just the publicity and keeping fashion in peoples mentality that is the payoff? Interesting!!!

jill815 said...

Hi Angele Style! How are you? Where have you been? I was trying to follow your blog a month ago and couldn't find it! I will look again.

It is so interesting to watch how FNO is evolving every year and because I have been going to Bergdorf's for it since the first one in 2008 I am going to try to keep going back to see how they, in particular, are shaping it as the event grows. I just heard today that it was a wild scene down in Nolita, in the downtown section of Manhattan, even windows were broken! I think I will stay uptown where the crowds are so very polite!

And THANK YOU for the compliment on the pictures. I love taking pictures of the Bergdorf windows, they are always inspiring and gorgeous, and it's always fun trying to get good scenes of the crowds. XO, Jill

judi.0044 said...

Late to respond but I shopped Elliott Berman. They just had a new shipment from France but it wasn't available for sale. I purchased some fabrics that were. Too hot and humid to hit up Metro, Mood, and Paron. Now this week it's cooler I see - oh well.

jill815 said...

Hi again Judi, I have never even heard of Elliott Berman but now I want to go! I hope you picked up some lovely fabrics. I still have to get over to Mendel Goldberg. And as for muslin, oh my, sewing is a lot like life, huh, it never comes out exactly like you want it to. Or maybe that's just my experience with it. I hope to post about it later this month. XO, Jill

Veshoevius said...

Discipline? Boy do I ever need your help!
I didn't go to any fashion week events - I'm usually working so can't attend and this year as you know I went away during LFW.
It's a really interesting point you raise about whether these events will continue. I guess they might be hoping that the publicity will have a knock on effect even if people don't actually shop on the night? Though having a fight break out can't ever be good publicity!