Thursday, July 5, 2012

J'adore Dior (Again)

Talk about knocking it out of the park the first time up at bat. Raf Simons, the Belgian-born new creative director at Christian Dior showed his beginning haute couture collection for Fall 2012 in Paris on Monday and I am in love. I was not a big fan of his work at Jil Sander, his last head designer position, so I was slightly worried about what he’d do at Dior, but there were so many gorgeous looks, I think he found the right home, and Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH (Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton), which owns Dior, picked the right man.

A super chic updated version of Dior's 1947 "Bar Suit."

My favorite part of the whole thing is the way Simons channeled Christian Dior himself, taking the Bar jacket, a key component of Dior’s 1947 New Look, and updating it for today. You see it in every one of the looks where there is a nipped-in waist that then flares out to those stunning pockets.

I love everything about this look.

I need this in my closet.

New Look 2012

Another dress I want, along with the blue and yellow shoes.


I love the silvered gray flowers paired with hot pink polka dot!

Which of these do you like?

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I love Simon, but you know me, a born baroque and madly in love with GALLIANO for ever.

jill815 said...

Hi Sacramento! I still love Galliano's work too. I was just wondering the other day what he will do in the future. I hope he will continue to design under his own name. XO, Jill

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Gorgeous looks. And I love that second suit like nobodies business!

jill815 said...

Hi Gracey! I am so with you, that second suit is just beyond, I bet they are going to sell quite a few of those at Dior. That doesn't strike me as a look that will go out of style! XO, Jill

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the black and blue dress! We've got to find the slip for your black eyelet. I'm looking.

Adrienne said...

The pink dress is my favorite - but they are all gorgeous, of course.

Angele Style said...

WOW! Where do you ever go in REAL life in these clothes unless you are a REALITY STAR HOUSEWIFE?? I wish someone would design clothes for my plain vanilla life in Portland, Oregon. They look nice like a BMW looks nice but I don't drive one.

Anonymous said...

I think the better question is "which of these looks do you not like?", because all of them are absolutely gorgeous. What would I be willing to sell to own one of these timeless-yet-current pieces?

As for wearing these pieces, there are several cocktail dresses that are appropriate for any dining out option. That black suit would be intimidating in the best of ways for any business meeting or chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend/husband.

No reality star has the personal panache and inner elegance to even touch the hem of these beautiful garments.

JTwisdom said...

Wow! I adore them all but to pick a favorite it would have to be the dress with silver gray flowers and it even has pockets.

I wanted to also give you the link to the cameo bracelet post I did that included the cuff you like:

Enjoy your weekend!


Bella Q said...

I agree with you Jill, out of the park. And like you, I wasn't too thrilled with recently Jil Sander. But he did it- I feel the Dior luxe but modern and very wearable. In my BMW.

jill815 said...

Hi Bella, I would love to see you in the black and blue dress, cruising around in your BMW. That would be Vogue-worthy, honey! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi JTWisdom, I have missed you my dear! I'm coming over to read your Dior review. Thank you for the link regarding that cameo bracelet. I really do love it. XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Angele Style, I hear you about haute couture, but I just love it, even though I know I won't be wearing any of it. It just blows me away to think of the technical skill of atelier seamstresses that can bring a designer's vision to life. And I write that wearing J. Crew, which is the bulk of my closet. XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Oh Rebekah, I am so with you, the collector in me is thinking, Hmm, can I start saving some money to be able to start a teeny tiny couture collection? That's when I think I need to get a Pinterest account going! And yeah, from my limited watching of reality housewives (I don't have cable TV), I don't think any of the ladies I've seen from the New Jersey show or the Atlanta show could pull off this version of Dior. I'm coming over to your blog. Did you get a new computer? XO, Jill