Friday, July 27, 2012

Chanel’s Chandelier

This chandelier, made in 1921, hangs in Chanel's apartment at 31, rue Cambon in Paris.

As part of my DIY Chanel jacket project, I’ve decided it’s high time to read a few biographies of Chanel, and I’m really enjoying the one I’m working on this summer, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney.

In a recent chapter I read, Ms. Chaney writes about the chandelier that Chanel had the crystal maker Baccarat make her in 1921, which still hangs in her apartment in Paris.

From Ms. Chaney’s book I’ve learned Coco was both superstitious and fascinated by symbols and had Baccarat include certain symbols in the chandelier that were important to her—metal figures of the number five (which she believed was her lucky number), B for Boy (Arthur Capel, her lover who financed her first boutiques) and double C’s for her name.

All of this has me thinking about my own personal symbols, which currently would include the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, my two favorites in New York, a champagne bottle, an Hermès box (with a silk scarf inside!), my tiny black and white Chanel bag, the Eiffel Tower, a chocolate truffle, and a pen for writing.

I may have to  include nail polish as one of my symbols too.

I am terribly addicted to these truffles.

I am super picky about pens. This style has been my favorite for over 10 years.

What would your personal symbols include?

Don’t forget that for the August “How I Wear My” post, Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and I are going Chanel! If you’d like to join us, send me a picture of yourself in your Chanel-inspired outfit by July 31 at 5PM EST. I would love to include you in our Chanel party!


Jane W. said...

A baccarat chandelier, oh my!

I'm with you on those pens. I've been using them for 20+ years.

Hmmmm. My personal symbols would be a Buffalo (where I'm from), the number 11 (my birth month and year), and music notes because my husband is a musician.

Anonymous said...

My personal symbol is a color: hyacinth/hydrangea/light blue. It's the color that makes me happiest.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

First, the chandelier and the story are great...loved it! Second, I have no idea what my personal symbols would be...I can think of some, but I need to give this some deeper thought and get back with you! I do not want to take it lightly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm addicted to the same pen! I use them for journalizing and grading too.

And I better get a move on with my Chanel look. I just found the shoes for it today?

Have you read the Picardie bio of Chanel? If not, I'll include it in the package I have not sent yet.

The Silver Bunny said...

This is such a clever post, I wish I'd thought of it myself ! My own symbols woould definitely include a Hermès scarf ("Passementerie" is my favourite), my dog's leash and a red pen to mark papers with.X