Monday, July 23, 2018

Duchess of Windsor Style Earrings by Magnificent Costume Jewels

At my local thrift shop I recently found a pair of earrings that immediately made me think of the Duchess of Windsor and her love of cluster-style earrings, usually featuring colored gemstones surrounded by diamonds. My thrift store specials feature a ring of faux cabochon sapphires with a center cluster of faux diamonds. They are clip-on so they remind me even more of something Wallis would wear! I got them for about $20 and they are signed: MCJ. A little internet research turned up that this stands for Magnificent Costume Jewels, a company founded by jewelry historian and designer Clive Kandel. He has made some amazing costume jewelry. The prices can be pretty high for some of his pieces so I feel lucky to have gotten these for a song.

Love that blue.

These earrings look great with my triple strand of Jackie pearls by the Franklin Mint but they are also lovely on their own!

They are clip so the weight plus the backing takes a bit of getting used to since my ears are pierced and my daily earrings are studs that I put on and forget about, but I hope to get some wear of out these beauties the next time I want to add some glamour to my look.

Let me know if you have heard of Magnificent Costume Jewels before, own any pieces by Clive Kandel, or if you have some tips on wearing clip earrings to make them more comfortable!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

They are beautiful and you got a bargain! you need to see if you can unscrew or loosen by screwdriver padding can only do so much! try going to your key cutter guy - they might be abletodo it without havingtogotojeweller!x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I've never heard of that name, but they are beautiful!

Aamir shehzad said...

They are beautiful and you got a bargain! you need to see if you can unscrew or loosen by screwdriver padding can only do so much!
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rosie said...

These are beautiful, your favorite color - blue & a great price. You will be reaching for them all the time.

On Amazon, they sell something called slide-on foam cushion backs for clip on earrings. They get 4 stars out of 5 with 59 reviews.

Clive Kandel said...


I am Clive Kandel. Contact me at or look at Magnificent Costume Jewelry on for more of the collection.
I will send you the comfy covers that are missing for the ear-clips!
The collection was called 'Balmoral' and yes, the stones are Wallis Blue

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