Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Is Athleisure Anyway?

Princess Charlene in track pants. Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

Athleisure is one of those trends that I see and wonder what everyone is thinking. It doesn’t seem a trend so much as a realization that it has become perfectly acceptable to wear your yoga/gym clothes 24/7, even if you have no intention of attending a yoga class or going to the gym. It’s a big hit in both Brooklyn and Manhattan!

Track pants, leggings, and sneakers seem a key part of this look so I found a few photos of ladies over the age of 35 wearing Athleisure. Princess Charlene, above, is in an outfit she had on during the Monaco Grand Prix last year. She certainly looks as though she is giving Prince Albert the slip as she races by in her high-end track pants! I love that she is wearing them with high heels!

SJP looking very athleisurely here.

SJP usually has a handle on anything even remotely trendy so I knew I could find photos of her in these kinds of outfits. [Side note: I am watching her new show “Divorce” and it is SO funny. Ensemble acting at its finest. If you haven't seen it add it to your Netflix list!]

SJP in dress and sneakers. Does this count? Photo by Pacific Coast News.

Jennifer Aniston’s take. Not bad! Photo: Splash News. From WhoWhatWear.

I rather like what Jennifer Aniston is wearing in the photo above. At least she makes this trend look polished! As for Princess Grace, below—I think she wins the award for the Most Elegant Sailor Ever, don’t you think?

Princess Grace sailing. Love it! I believe this photo is by Howell Conant.

If you’d like to come dip your toe into these fashion waters or are a whole-hearted fan of this look, June’s “How I Wear My” is devoted to Athleisure! Send photos to Adrienne and me at howiwearmy@yahoo.com by June 5, 2017 and be sure to include some details about your outfit, which we will use directly in our posts.


GSL said...

SJP has been hitting the sauce!

GSL said...

Nobody could rock athleisure like Al Sharpton!

Jill said...

Oh GSL there you are! I was about to send out a search party. You think SJP has been hitting the sauce because of her hilarious new show or because of these outfits? As for ol Al, it's been quiet lately here in NYC where he is concerned (hooray!) but I'm sure that's temporary. And yeah he really worked his athleisure look back in the day, didn't he lol! I hope all is well with you! x

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I love these looks! Fun seeing this post and today's ladies. Great styling and everyone looked chic and comfy!

Jill said...

I was so glad you joined us this month Kim! Are you watching the French Open this year? It's been an interesting time at Roland-Garros! xx

rosie said...

Recently, I took to watching "Friends" on Netflix because I never followed it years ago & wanted to find comedy I could actually enjoy. I noticed her clothes in the series even now doesn't look dated at all. She did & still does keep it simple & classic.