Friday, April 21, 2017

Catherine Zeta-Jones Travels in Ladylike Style

So crazy for this look on Catherine from June 2016.

Last summer I noticed in the Daily Mail two different articles highlighting Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing two outfits I just loved. The fact that she was gliding through airports wearing these ensembles made the photos that much more impressive to me. It seems like plenty of times when celebrities are photographed while traveling they are wearing jeans and slip-on sneakers, so I loved that Catherine was dressed up and either carrying a Birkin or a Chanel, and sometimes BOTH.

Another terrific look, from August 2016.

I especially love the black and white aesthetic she seems to favor, with taupe added to the ensemble through her scarf and bag in the photo above. I am also crazy for her cropped wide-legged pants (and if you know who made those with the lace, shown at the top, please tell me!). I’m not much of a hat person, but Catherine’s fedora makes me want to rethink that position. I love the crispness and polish it gives her outfits.

From October 2015. Photo by Ron Asadorian/Splash News.

I also found this look, from Fall 2015, and once again, I am crazy for the black and white, the great jewelry, the peep-toe heels (and dark red pedi) and the Chanel/Birkin combo!

It seems like Catherine has a uniform for travel and (in addition to its elegance) what I like about it is that it could be recreated by any woman, no matter her budget, and it also seems like it would travel well. She can ditch the jacket, hat and heels once on the plane, and at its core her outfit looks very comfortable indeed!

I love all the accessories and jewelry she is wearing here! Photo by Ron Asadorian/Splash News.

Let me know what you think of Catherine’s ladylike (and elegant!) travel style. If you have a travel uniform you stick with, like she does, tell me all about it!

All photos of Catherine from the Daily Mail.

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andee said...

She looks wonderful and I agree with all your observations.
I have been trying to buy another hat and this is the one!
Anyone know where I can get one?

Jill said...

Hi Andee, I love this hat too but don't know who makes it. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a similar one and if I find it, I will share details!