Thursday, April 28, 2016

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in Pearls

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

I know these pictures of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, are from 2003, but they are new to me and I love the vibe of this whole look on her—it seems so 60s with that big hair on her head and the one-shoulder gown (what a great color on her), and I especially love her unusual necklace, made of white and black pearls with a diamond and sapphire clasp! I read that this was a present to her from her future father-in-law, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark, and I think these photos are from a dinner that took place the day Mary and Crown Prince Frederik were engaged in the fall of 2003, but I admit I don’t really follow Denmark royalty (I can barely keep track of the British royals, you see, and sometimes that little family in Monaco too), so if you know for sure, tell me in the comments.

With her husband-to-be, Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

I don’t know that much about Mary except that she hails from Australia, is the mother of four, and looks pretty good in most photos I see of her. I love her elegant style, which seems was in place right from the start!

Notice the sapphire and diamond clasp in front. I love this necklace!

Let Mary’s gorgeous look be your friendly reminder that May’s “How I Wear My” is all about pearls! Send photos to Adrienne and me at by May 2, 2016 and be sure to tell us about your outfit or the jewelry!


GSL said...

I only recently became aware of this very attractive Mary. Many of these inbred Royal lines could do with an infusion of a dashing Cavalry Officer or saucy Aussie as we have here.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

She looks great in that photo and I love black pearls too!!

Jill said...

Oh GSL, you have me laughing as you often do. A saucy Aussie indeed! She is pretty gorgeous, right? I have kind of known about her but only moderately paid attention. She has my attention now! xx

Jill said...

Hi Naomi, I forgot how much I like black pearls. It would be so great to own a black pearl pendant or an actual strand someday. If only I could get my brain to stop thinking about VCA...Ha, I know you know what I mean! xx

Hermesmerized™ the duchessofH said...

I think it was a very thoughtful gift from her Father In Law, as the white pearls are very likely South Sea pearls from Australia.
I like the clasp that allows her to either feature it in the front, or behind her neck.

Jill said...

Hi Duchess, oooooh so glad you weighed on this one, I did not even think of the symbolism of South Sea pearls. I totally agree with you on the clasp. I wonder if she wears this necklace very often? I will be on the lookout for more recent photos of her wearing it, I think this necklace is just stunning! xx

No Fear of Fashion said...

I have a short string of big black pearls but I think they are fresh water pearls, which are not nearly as expensive as the beautiful pearls we know from Japanese waters. And I actually do not wear it much. Strange. Or perhaps it is because I am steering away from a classic look. I incorporated it a few weeks back in an outfit with a purple velvet jacket, print T-shirt and boyfriend jeans. That was OK. Not super duper.
As for this beautiful lady of Denmark... those princes and kings aren't stupid.

Jill said...

Hi Greetje, your comment made me laugh about the princes and kings of Denmark not being stupid, ha. Are you joining us for the pearls post? xx