Monday, September 21, 2015

Jewelry at NYFW and Joining Instagram!

Easily my favorite picture from NYFW! I LOVE that this guy is wearing a brooch! Photo by YoungJun Koo.

New York Fashion Week has already come and gone and because of my schedule of getting kids back to school I wasn’t able to keep up with anything more than the street style photos by YoungJun Koo, one of my favorite street style photographers, who works for New York Magazine. I loved these photos he took of people and their jewelry, especially the young man in a crisp white shirt and a brooch!

A better shot of the brooch. Love that and the sunglasses too. Photo by YoungJun Koo.

The Fendi bag I could leave behind but I do love all the jewelry this gal is wearing! Photo by YoungJun Koo.

My interest in jewelry, both fine and costume, has really blossomed in the past few years, most recently helped along by the Van Cleef & Arpels lectures at the Cooper-Hewitt in June and the New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show in July, so I decided to start an Instagram account to relish in all things sparkly and glamorous on the jewelry front. Find me @everythingjustjewelry. I already have two jewelry shows lined up to attend this fall so I hope to be posting gorgeous things to Instagram regularly! I really am loving the vibe of jewelry shows—both the range of people who attend and exhibit and of course all the lovely things to see and learn about!

A brooch from the Tower of London.

This brooch is featured in my first Instagram picture, in honor of London Fashion Week. I had originally written about it back in 2013, as part of my welcome to little Prince George of Cambridge. I also wrote about the Imperial State Crown, which this brooch takes its inspiration from.

Leave me a comment about where I can find you on Instagram and I will come follow you. And if you have any tips for a newbie like me, let me know what they are!


GSL said...


That guy is jacking my style. I was wearing almost the same outfit to tailgate at the Bears game yesterday.

My apologies for missing the Leslie Hindman VCA auction preview. I had a jampacked Saturday last week and had to skidaddle out of town Sunday am. My bids likely would have been a bit low anyway.

Jill said...

Hi GSL, please tell me you wore a brooch to the Bears game. I would love it! Re the Leslie Hindman auction, I know you are a busy guy but it never hurts to ask! xx

Kelly J said...

Jill! This is fortuitous. I visited your blog out of the blue last night (not blogging anymore - life too crazy with two babes) and was going to leave a comment on your jewellery post below (since I'm a vintage costume jewellery nut I am especially obsessed with 1970s Cadoro tassel necklaces!) before sleep won out. I was also wondering if you were on Instagram, which has now become my social media platform of choice as it's quick and easy - and now you are! So please find me at Kelly_Grungequeen and I will happily follow you! /Kelly xo

HappyFace313 said...

:-) This guy is great, as is his styling.
I remember the brooch and your posts.
Already following you on Insta! Great to see and read you there now, too.
I'm @happyface313 there as well.
Have a wonderful week xo :_)

GSL said...

Jill, I am gsl1964 on IG.

Anonymous said...

I love the brooch and sunglasses too.

I'm @valleyoftheshoes on Instagram!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

My I.g name is my blog name :)

Dawn Lucy said...

It will be fun to see your posts on IG! I'm @fashionshouldbefun

Dawn Lucy

Denton said...

I was always against IG as I didn't like the square format (now relaxed) and didn't want to post from a mobile device. About six months ago, I was having a drink with a well known blogger who very gently prodded me to look into it. Fortunately I had already signed up in the beginning so I had my name. I figured out the workflow as a DSLR shooter, which involves Lighroom and synching to LR Mobile on an Ipad that I bought just for this. Since this is a bit of work, I try and process a bunch of photos at once and then post two a day. And storing hashtags and brands in Evernote so I can just cut and paste.

I have to say I under-estimated the power and breadth of IG and also the quality of the work on it if you follow the right people. I particularly under-estimated the power of hashtags and their use as a giant searchable photo database.

Some tips:
-Don't get all excited and over-post. A couple of photos once a day else you will annoy your followers. But do try and post every day.
-Search out those people and companies you want to follow, in fashion, jewelry, etc.
-You can compartmentalize your life by having multiple accounts, maybe you want to have an account to share photos of your family with relatives, just start a second account (you will need a separate email for each but nobody sees your email).
-Do extensive research on the best hashtags for what you are posting. I find when you want to spend a lot of time looking for hashtags, easier to use a desktop program like gramfeed where you can work like a civilized person with a real keyboard.
Getting noticed by the companies and people you want means tag the brand, tag the brand!

Jill said...

Thank you to everyone for leaving me their Instagram handles. I have followed you all! And Denton, thank you for your list of tips! I know I will refer to it often. At this point I am keeping my IG account strictly about jewelry! Although I may have to post the occasional cat or dog photo. Ha. Thank you so much for your help! xx