Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fire Engine Red Leather Bracelet & Choker

A Fire Engine Red Leather bracelet ties all these accessories together!

If you are looking for a way to edge up an outfit with an unusual piece of jewelry I highly recommend having a peek at one of the leather bracelets my good friend Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) has for sale at her new online site, Shop the Rich Life! Summer is a time when I really like to wear navy, white and red as much as possible, so when Adrienne said she was going to send me one of the leather bracelets as a gift in a color of my choice, the Fire Engine Red was my top pick!

Colorful and comfortable!

This piece of jewelry, with 12 strings of leather and a snap fastener, does something I always appreciate—it multitasks! It can be worn as a double-wrapped bracelet or a loose-fitting choker. I love how striking and unexpected it is, whether on my wrist or around my neck, and I also love the bright heart-stopping shade of red. I like wearing it right now, with navy and white (and a leopard clutch!) and I also think this will be a terrific-looking accessory in those colder months too, when I am looking for something with bold color to brighten up the all-black I tend to wear in fall and winter.

I love how this bracelet has the ability to expand depending on how you hold your arm!

I have to say too how comfortable this is as a bracelet—I wore it for several hours the first time I tried it on and it just moved with me, never a bother. I am the kind of jewelry wearer who despises a bracelet that is flopping around, banging into keyboards and counters and getting in the way, and I am happy to report this bracelet was so lightweight and comfortable it seemed to be a part of me!

One way I will be wearing this: With a neutral manicure and carrying a leopard clutch!

I thought it would be fun to pair the choker with classic pearl studs. I like the combination!

In addition to Fire Engine Red, the bracelet comes in several other colors: Make Me Blush, Black Licorice, and Like a Fine Cognac. They are designed by the talented Jessica Zoutendijk of Large Leather in Sonoma, CA, are 15” x 1 ¾,” feature full-grain leather, sell for $59, and, from the leather sourcing to the crafting, are 100% made in America!

How about celebrating Christmas in July by gifting yourself this amazing piece of jewelry?!

Disclosure: This bracelet/choker was a gift from Adrienne and her online boutique Shop the Rich Life (thank you, my dear!), but all opinions written about it here are my own.

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Cheryl Tucker said...

Yes, yes, yes! I have the bracelet/choker in the Make Me Blush and I love it. I think I will need the red soon! How perfect it looks with a leopard bag! Peace! Cheryl

Jill said...

Hi Cheryl! I love that Make Me Blush color. I think I need to add it to my collection! I bet it looks so good on you...xx

Alice Warren said...

I have been wanting this cuff - it's stunning!


Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

Jill said...

Hi Alice! I definitely joined the link-up this week. How fun to see that it is growing every time! I can absolutely see you wearing one of these cuffs, and red would be a good color for you! xx

Anonymous said...

Jill, you picked the right color! The red is just amazing on you. What edgy pieces, I love them.

I really like the choker and I don't have a leather necklace (but I own several leather bracelets, they are my favorite).

Jill said...

Hi Helen, I could see you wearing this piece as a leather choker--maybe the Make Me Blush? You look so good in pale pale pink! xx