Friday, June 5, 2015

Peonies at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I love the color on these pink peonies at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I know everything is coming up roses (or about to), but I wanted to share the peony pictures that I took mid-May at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the same day I got photos of the azaleas and Japanese wisteria. I have noticed peonies still blooming in my neighborhood even though it’s early June. I just saw buds in a neighbor’s yard down the street yesterday. I didn’t know peonies would continue to bloom so late.

Quick, while we can, before it’s all a rose show, let’s revel in some Brooklyn peonies, shall we?

Peonies and more peonies!

The BBG has a fantastic collection of tree peonies. The majority of the collection came from the Japanese town of Yatuska-Cho in 2002 “to bring peace of mind to people in the United States” after the attacks on September 11, 2001. What a moving and gorgeous gesture and one that keeps giving every single year because the peonies at BBG are stunning!

Beautiful in white!

I have always loved pale pink peonies best but the range of colors on the BBG peonies were glorious, from perfect white to deep dark red and many lovely shades of pink, including my beloved pale pale pink.

I think peony buds are beautiful. I love their roundness. And this shade of the palest pink is to die for!

Love this gorgeous dark pink color.

There were a few serious photographers taking photos the day I was there. They really nestled their cameras, on tripods of course, into the beds to get the closest shots possible. But even I, with my simple point-and-shoot camera, was able to get good photos. I don’t think peonies take a bad picture!

Love the dainty dark pink stripes nestled within the pure white petals. Gorgeous!

More lovely color.

L’Wren Scott would have loved this dark red peony.

Amazing bright pink peonies with petals that get paler toward the edge.

I am crazy for these striped peonies!

A wonderful trio of colors.

I really love how BBG has arranged the colors of the peonies for maximum beauty. White, red and pink! Pale pink with dark pink! Bright pinky-red with red and white stripes! Just amazing.

Let me know if you love peonies and if so, tell me your favorite color!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

what a feast for the eyes!!!! I can't choose a favorite because they all have that special something but I must say that this season I have bought 4 types and the darker ones delight me in their change because as they go lighter it's like having a new flower every two or three days! have a lovely weekend x

Catherine Robinson said...

They are so of my favourite flowers...the deep red is glorious!
Happy Weekend xx

Couture Carrie said...

So beautiful!


Adrienne Shubin said...

So much color! I love peonies...maybe I will buy a bouquet of them today!
xo, A

Shybiker said...

Great pics! I was at this Garden last year and blogged similar photos. The flowers are so pretty they ought to be captured in pictures.