Monday, October 27, 2014

Racetrack Fashion

Dita Von Teese in an amazing hat and jacket featuring orchids!

This post is dedicated to all you Australian babes out there since I know it’s horse racing season right now in your part of the world. I have to say I find racetrack fashions such a visual treat! I love how colorful and wonderfully feminine they are; I also love that millinery is required! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fairly recent fashions on the field looks, some worn in Australia, some worn in England. What especially struck me about these ensembles was how they really seemed personal. The outfits seemed like something each of these famous ladies would wear. They let their individuality and creativity shine through and it makes for some great racetrack fashion!

So nice to see the Queen in hot pink!

I love the Queen in this hot pink coat over a floral dress which she wore to Royal Ascot this past June. I especially love that pairing of a triple strand of pearls, so very classic, with that multicolored floral brooch, which feels so modern. Her Majesty wears it well!

Love the nod to My Fair Lady in this look by L’Wren Scott.

I cannot help loving this My Fair Lady-inspired dress Nicole wore to Melbourne Derby Day in 2012. That the dress was made by L’Wren Scott of course makes it more special to me. The two of them must’ve had such a good time working on this idea, especially when adding the milliner Stephen Jones into the mix. He designed the fantastic and dramatic hat and I love the wildness of it and how it gives Nicole’s look a modern flair.

I love the side profile of this dress.

What a gorgeous hat by Stephen Jones!

Lady Helen Taylor.

I immediately fell for this quirky and elegant look on Lady Helen Taylor, which she wore to Royal Ascot in 2013. From the colorblocked dress to the round sunglasses, turquoise teardrop-shaped beret, triple strand pearl choker, white gloves, and the blue nails (!), I loved every bit of this ensemble on Helen. She must’ve been like a breath of fresh air when she stepped onto the field wearing this!

Love the jewelry, hat, and sunglasses!

Great shot of the Countess of Wessex, especially with the men behind her!

Solid black does not strike me as a traditional color for racetrack fashion but I love this textured black dress with its full skirt, short sleeves, and high neck that Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wore to Royal Ascot this year. I also adore that dramatic hat and Sophie’s lovely smile! I also just like this as a photo, with Sophie looking so beautiful and the spiffy gents behind her with their morning suits and top hats. Could this picture be any more English?

Dita Von Teese. Oh that gaze!

Wow, wow, and wow. Talk about knocking it out of the park. Dita Von Teese, the burlesque performer, wore this stunning ensemble to the Melbourne Cup Day last year. I love the origami-like folds of the jacket, the lilac-colored lace bustier peeking out from behind the jacket, the beautiful pearl and diamond drop earrings, and the beyond-gorgeous addition of orchids draped on one shoulder and on her hat. Dita looks stunning!

If you’ve ever been to a racing event anywhere in the world and worn a fancy dress and hat, tell me all about it!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Really enjoyed the post Jill!

Couture Carrie said...

Incredible millinery! Especially love Dita's hat!


GSL said...

Fabulous post and perfect pics! NK in the L'Wren Scott is gorgeous as are all you show here. The Queen Is never less than magnificent as Diana Vreeland said decades ago: "nobody knows her role better and plays it better than QE2"

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Dita is always on point!

Jill said...

Hi Pam, this was a fun one to put together, I really loved the ensembles on these ladies! XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hi Carrie, isn't the millinery stunning? I'm with you, Dita's hat is my favorite of this bunch! XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hiya GSL, oh the Queen looked so good in hot pink. I always love seeing pictures of her at Royal Ascot, she gets so into the races and it's fun to see her expressions when watching the horses run. XO, Jill

Jill said...

Hi Becky! Dita is such a knockout. I always love to see what she is wearing and I am always impressed by her attention to the details, right down to the polish color on her nails (looks like two shades here, deep red with white half-moons). I usually feel under-groomed after seeing a photo of Dita and that I should break out the eyebrow pencil and red lipstick! XO, Jill

Monica said...

Very creative, elegant and yes, personal outfits! Doesn't the Queen look fantastic! And that is probably my favourite Dita outfit of all time. I have actually never been to the races, but this post makes me want to go if for nothing but the fashion.

Jill said...

Oh Monica, if you get a chance to go to the races this season, please do! I would love to hear your report, even if you didn't dress up (but I would love it if you did! Wear a big hat!). I think I'm with you, this outfit on Dita is my new all-time favorite on her. It is just stunning. XO, Jill

Anonymous said...

I love the orchids! Beautiful but I can see myself wearing something more like the queen's ensemble. ��

Jill said...

Hi Heather! The orchids are just beautiful on Dita, aren't they? If I was attending a race dressed to the nines I would probably end up in black, like Sophie. I really liked her look in that photo! XO, Jill

Linda said...

Jill, love this post and my favorite is Sophie Wessex. I think she looks so elegant in every way. I've been to many horse races (many years ago) but never had an opportunity to dress to the nines like these ladies. What fun it would have been, though!