Thursday, July 31, 2014

Michelle Williams in White

Michelle Williams in a Louis Vuitton ad. Photo by Peter Lindbergh.

I have really enjoyed the Louis Vuitton ad campaigns over the past year featuring Michelle Williams. Her hair, makeup, and nails have been superb and her outfits (and bags, this one is the Lockit) have been low-key but gorgeous. I read that Carine Roitfeld styled the looks and I love that subtle luxe vibe she gave to Michelle in the clothes and bags she selected for her to wear. I’m sure the direction of the house will undergo a major transformation with Nicholas Ghesquière now at the helm at Louis Vuitton, replacing Marc Jacobs, so I think it was smart of the company to have Michelle Williams be part of the transition team during the big changes!

Let Michelle’s simple white jacket be your friendly reminder that August’s “How I Wear My” is devoted to white! Adrienne and are accepting pictures until August 4, 2014. You can send them to us at

Join us!


GSL said...

MW was charming in 'My Week with Marilyn' even if she was underequipped (even with padding) for the role. I think a woman always looks good in a men's style but better fitted white shirt and have a friend who has it as her wardrobe signature. White always works until the nibbles, red wine, and very friendly dogs show up.

une femme said...

GSL - fortunately my friendly dog IS white, and Tide-to-Go pens are life savers. ;-)

Jill - I love this ad campaign too...very casually elegant.

Anonymous said...

I think the ad campaign with Michelle Williams is beautiful and I enjoy these ads, too.
But I don't wear white - it somehow clashes with my skin color, so I really don't know what to do about the "how I wear my...white"?
Well, maybe something will come to mind, I still have a couple of hours ;-) xo

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

She looks great in white, but it is hard to look past the amazing handbag! I am getting better about wearing white as long as I avoid my grandson on those days!

Dawn Lucy said...

I've been loving the Michelle Williams LV ads! So luxe! And she looks amazing! Oh and yeah, I'll take the bag too!
Dawn Lucy

Glenda said...

I hope you received my entry!

Jill said...

Hi Glenda (and everyone!), we definitely received your photo and can't wait to share both of these posts tomorrow. They are fabulous. Stay tuned! XO, Jill