Friday, June 20, 2014

Do You Drink Rosé?

Who knew rosé could be this pale or this good?

I loved this passage from Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod, the chapter called “My Rosé-Colored Glasses of Summer” when she’s in Paris during the summer:

“Rosé is a refreshing young wine with hints of floral and grapefruit. And it’s light as lace.”

She goes on:

“In the United States and Canada, wine lovers scoff at the stuff. You’re having white Zinfadel?! But here on the streets of Paris? Rosé was an honored beverage, a perfect combination of the reds of a cold winter and the refreshing whites of a hot summer. And Parisians were clip-clopping in their shiny open-toed sandals to the nearest bar to partake in this refreshing pleasure. It became so popular in France that in 2008, it surpassed white wine sales. This was a big deal. The French aren’t into change. At all. But they seem tickled by this pink potion.

“Even big burly men with bellies out to *here* maneuvered themselves into sunny seats on crowded patios to sip dainty glasses of rosé while conversing about the president, women, the economy, and that whole mess. Je crois this and je crois that. “I believe” everyone had a different opinion on everything in the Eurozone, but we all agreed that rosé was where it was at when it came to summoning sunshine.”

If you have a chance to buy a bottle of this, I highly recommend it!

I have to admit it has been a very long time indeed since I had rosé. My experience with it goes back to when I was 21 and trying to decide if I liked wine at all. Since then I’ve discovered that I like wine a lot, thank you very much, but I have never returned to the rosé I tried all those years ago when I was first of legal drinking age.

A few days after I read that passage I was at my local wine store and saw that they had cases of rosé right up front near the register. I thought, It’s June, nearly summer, this is exactly what Janice was talking about. I picked up the bottle then put it right back. Wouldn’t white just be better? Then I noticed it was the lightest rosé I had ever seen. The palest of pinks, just a hint of pink! After my recent petal pink post, how could I not give it a whirl? The very pretty gal at the counter told me she’d tasted it and liked it. “It’s good. It’s dry. You should try it.”

I decided she was right. And Janice was right too because this particular rosé is as light as lace and wonderful, not sweet at all, and it does indeed seem like the essence of summer. So move over prosecco and limoncello (well not too far, you know I love you too), I may have found my new summer drink!

I tried rosé strictly on Janice’s recommendation.

Tell me what you think of rosé wines, if you drink them! Any particular wineries I should look for?

I raise my glass of rosé to you and wish you a very happy start to your summer!


Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

We can often be found drinking rose on our deck, enjoying the yard and the sunshine with a fresh summer salad. I do find they are perfect for summer, light and refreshing. I don't drink much white wine so this is ideal for me.


Anonymous said...

Have not found one I like or that doesn't remind me of a wine cooler. Maybe I'll try this one out. Limoncello...irresistible. Champagne...fabulous.

Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

I just purchased a rose from Club W. I can't wait to try it out. I should have it in the next week. I miss rose wines, they are few and far between.
Barbara @

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

For me summer is all about rose!!! I remember when I lived in the states and ordered it some would give me a funny look and even more than a decade ago it seemed there was a time and a place. But if it is good and the mood takes me then I will indulge my fancy. Goes well with pizza but too much does give an odd hangover it must be said! Hope you have a great summer Jill xx

Anonymous said...

A generous glass of chilled rosé on a hot summer day is one of life's little pleasures. Las Rocas is a very nice Spanish rosé, refreshing and reasonable at $12-13 a bottle. I also love Sauv Blanc, in any season.

Anonymous said...

:-) I used to think that rosé would give you headaches. Little did I know! I have to admit that I'm not a fan of French rosé, too sour in my humble opinion and the acids give me heart burn.

But I've found my absolute favorite rosé two years ago, it's called STEPPENSEE ROSÉ by the Austrian vintner Leo Hillinger
The color is dark pink and the taste is fruity and delicious.

The perfect summer drink, apart from an Aperol Spritz, Prosecco and a "G'spritzten" - a glass of white wine mixed with sparkling mineral water.

HAPPY Sunday xo :-)

Ruth said...

I really enjoy rosé wine. I go to Paris twice a year for a month at a time and this last time, I drank only rosé!....I love Paris and I love my rosé....

Rebecca Hively said...

MANY years ago I began my wine drinking journey with an introduction to Mateus Rose'. Beautiful green bottles that I saved for vases and have just recently returned to trying rose' this summer after years of drinking heady cabs and merlots.

theduchessofh said...

I don't drink rose wines; but I adore rose champagne, and cremant.
I drink them extremely cold, at the point when they start to become viscous.
Cremant's are a great price point, and my current favourite is La Rose No7 I love the whole look of the bottle and label. Unfortunately our LCBO has stopped carrying it, so I'm hoarding my last eight bottles.
I also enjoy a Canadian sparking wine; Cuvee Catherine; by Henry Of Pelham.
It's Tiffany blue and gold label is so appealing; and it's contents, ain't bad either. lol.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I like it! I also like white wines and even sweet Rieslings and Moscotos... Even ice wines! I have unsophisticated wine taste lol