Friday, February 21, 2014

The Fix Is In?

L to R: Yu-Na Kim, Adelina Sotnikova, and Carolina Kostner. Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Europe.

For all you Olympic watchers out there: Do let me know what you thought of the ladies’ figure skating competition in Sochi. I did not realize when I wrote my prediction post that Carolina Kostner of Italy was still competing, I forgot about Yu-Na Kim of South Korea, the defending Olympic champion from the 2010 Vancouver games, and did not even know about Adelina Sotnikova, because there was nary a mention of her in the team event. Carolina won the bronze medal, Yu-Na took the silver, and Adelina won the whole thing, the first time a Russian skater has ever won a ladies’ singles Olympic gold medal.

Apparently some people feel there was fixed judging, with no less authorities than Christine Brennan, a noted sports journalist with a specialty in figure skating, and Tai Babilonia, five-time U.S. Pairs Champion, and 1979 World Champion (with her partner Randy Gardner), both taking to Twitter and saying outright that the judging was flawed and fixed.

I don’t know, I saw all the performances, and while I would give the gold to Yu-Na artistically, technically I can see why Adelina won (and it was so close to begin with), so I feel that the judging was pretty fair, but I will be curious to see if there are further suggestions from the media and other famous skaters that the judging was fixed.

Speaking of controversies, NBC will air a documentary “Nancy & Tonya” about one of the most notorious sports scandals, in any sport, on Sunday at 7PM, just before the Sochi closing ceremonies. I can’t wait to hear what Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding each have to say, twenty years after the knee-whacking heard around the world.

I can’t bear to put a picture of Tonya Harding on my blog so I will stick with this photo of Nancy Kerrigan in her gorgeous Vera Wang-designed dress (set with 11,500 rhinestones!) from her free skate at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. It is a great picture of her, taken during the skate of her life.

Nancy at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. Photo by Chris Cole/Getty Images.


Catherine Robinson said...

I've loved watching the coverage of the Winter Olympics...and I agree with you I think the judging was pretty fair...there's always discussion and views re. judging isn't there? It's part of that particular sport; it's in the eyes of the judges not a photo finish or a hundredth of a second!
Have a lovely weekend.

Paula Ruta said...

True--judging skating can be subjective and the discussion is what people like to talk about! I liked Kim's performance too but understand her silver. There was a good article in the Ny times sent to me by one of my skating friends which explained the scores.

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