Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Costume Jewelry Love

A brooch from LaCrasia in NYC.

I am beyond excited to see Fashion Jewelry: The Collection of Barbara Berger opening at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City today. I first read about this exhibition in Harper’s Bazaar and am going to the preview this morning. It sounds like Ms. Berger has an amazing and enormous collection (4,000 pieces, 450 will be on display) so I will report back with pictures as soon as I can. In the meantime, just thinking about costume jewelry reminds me how much I love it and here are a few favorite pieces I either own or have bought for others.

I purchased the above brooch by LaCrasia from their boutique at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. If you ever visit NYC, you must go, they have wonderful things for reasonable prices in that tiny little shop. I originally bought this brooch for my husband’s grandmother. When it was returned to me on her passing, I gave it to my mother. I still love it. Isn’t it old school glamorous? Can’t you just see this pinned to black velvet?

Givenchy necklace, 1977.

My enamel Givenchy pendant necklace from 1977 is an eBay gem. This is so great for summer, very simple and disco fabulous. I especially love to wear this with black and white and red nails! I’m wearing this to the preview today, along with a white blazer and black pants.

The enamel is in perfect condition.

This Chanel pendant is perfect at Christmas.

I picked up this Chanel pendant on eBay as well, over a year ago. I won it at auction and the bidding was fierce at the end! I like to wear this at Christmas time when I’m dressed all in black.

I love this dragonfly brooch pinned to my straw bag.

I recently found this dragonfly brooch for a song at a local thrift shop here in Brooklyn. I bought it the day The Great Gatsby opened in theaters. I had the 1920s on my mind and thought this might be something Daisy Buchanan would wear in her hair (hers would be real of course). I have it pinned to my summer straw bag from J. Crew.

Fabulous Fakes by Carole Tanenbaum is a great resource.

I found this book about costume jewelry a few years ago for about $6. I love looking through it to learn more about vintage pieces.

Tell me about your special costume jewelry! Was it given to you? Do you find it at thrift shops or on eBay? What is your favorite piece?


Linda said...

Can't wait to see photos of the exhibit. I'll bet the jewelry is beautiful!!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

The exhibit sounds so exciting, Jill! I love the Chanel necklace. I find my costume jewelry everywhere...thrift, garage sales, clearance, so many places. I love jewlery and love it even more for a ridiculous price!!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I'm a sucker for costume jewelry. Especially vintage. I pick them up at estate sales or vintage shops. I'm a bit addicted.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Love that Chanel necklace...and Carole's book is amazing! I have several pieces of Sherman rhinestone jewels and have such fun wearing with a denim jacket or putting a pin on a straw hat.
I like your style!

Kelly Jackson said...

Lovely pieces, Jill - the Chanel and Givency pieces are wonderful. I am a total vintage costume jewellery nut. I used to buy a lot at thrift shops but now I do Etsy and EBay. My fave pieces are 1970s and my latest obsession is Cadoro vintage jewellery, especially the textile pieces. Xo