Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grace Kelly Teaches Me How to Wear a Hat

Detail of Howell Conant photo of Grace Kelly, 1956. Drop dead gorgeous!

This is how you do it.

The above photo is a detail of a picture by Howell Conant from the book Grace of her looking so very beautiful the day she pulled into the harbor in Monaco, to meet and marry her prince and become a princess. Conant says in the book that he thought the hat looked great and told Grace as much, but was embarrassed to later learn the Monégaques complained that they couldn’t see her face. I’m with Conant on this one. Grace looks amazing in this combination of hat and glasses.

Consider this your invitation to join Adrienne and me in our “How I Wear My: Hat” roundup by sending me a picture of yourself in a hat by November 1.

How do you wear a hat?

Completely unrelated side note: By time you read this we may have no power in NYC because of Hurricane Sandy. If this is the case I will publish the post as soon as I can! If you are in the way of this storm, stay safe.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Jill, I so hope you are Ok...I am watching everything on the news and was so concerned for those I know up there. Stay safe...I hope power is restored soon...it breaks my heart to see Queens on fire and all of the devastation. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

Sacramento Amate said...

I, like Pam, am thinking of you everytime I watch the news. It looks so terrible.
I also got in touch with Ari and he is ok.
I never wear hats. Spanish women never do. No idea why.
Take care and be safe!!!

Jane W. said...

Alas, I am not a hat wearer. I do admire them on others, though.

Stay safe and warm.


Jane W.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I long to look good in hats. I love them I really do but I look terrible in them.
Grace looked fabulous in her hats and I love how chic she looked wearing her Hermes scarf on her head in Monte Carlo in her convertible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,
I hope you and your family and loved ones are well and safe! What I see and read here in Europe on the news and the papers is frightening.

Apart from that - Grace Kelly was such an outstanding lady - she could have worn a potato sack and still would have looked stunningly beautiful. - I only were hats if I can't avoid it: bright sun on the beach or rain and snow in winter. Will see If I can get a photo to you in time.

I am thinking of you - keep safe and the very best wishes from peaceful Vienna! ox

Hang T. Tran said...

Gorgeous photo of Grace Kelly.
I wear hats sometimes, very light weight ones to keep me safe from the burning sun here.
Please stay safe with your loved ones.

fashionoverfifty said...

I'm a total hat person. They have a hat exhibit at the local museum that I will take in over the weekend; cant wait!

Hope your are fine--we dodged the bullet here in Boston.

Stop by the blog; I am posting again with a new format. See what you think~

Marla said...

I don't wear hats. They just don't suit me, but Grace Kelly could wear anything. She was so beautiful.