Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Luxuries: Rich Girl Hand Cream

I got this Rich Girl hand cream by Deborah Lippmann as a sample from Bloomingdale’s when I bought one of her nail polishes and I was instantly hooked. I love the thick creamy texture of Rich Girl and I especially love the scent—not too heavy, but fresh, slightly floral, even a tad beachy, and altogether wonderful. The cream is very thick yet it permeates my skin, doesn’t just sit on top of it like some other hand creams I’ve tried. The sales associate said it would be good for gardeners since it’s SPF 25 (although really, don’t most serious gardeners wear gloves?) but I actually like this cream best at night, right before bed.

It’s more than I would normally pay for a hand cream, $28, and I bought it with a Christmas gift card to assuage my guilt over a pricey product, then I remembered that it’s good to have a few products you love, that they end up justifying their price because you don’t waste money buying other inferior products. I don’t use that much, since a little goes a long way, and I alternate it every few nights with another less expensive (but still good) hand cream, so this 3 oz. tube of Rich Girl has lasted well over two months so far.

Do you have a beauty product that you buy yourself as a little luxury? Do share!



It sounds most interesting, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Have a good Sunday, JIll

Anonymous said...

I have a thing for luxurious beauty products, so yes, I definitely have a few little luxuries!

Every now and then, some well-meaning friend will "inform" me that cheaper items are just as effective, and yes, that's often true. But I decided a while back that my morning routine would be a luxurious practice. :)

The latest little luxury I bought was Estee Lauder's "Mad Men" cream blush compact. It's gold with a blue "jewel" closure. It was just so pretty, I couldn't resist. (Luckily, the blush inside is quite usable, too!)

jill815 said...

Hi Sacramento, hope your knee is doing better, I still hope to meet you this fall! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Miss M, thank you for stopping by and thank you for telling me about the Estee Lauder Mad Men blush! I am going makeup shopping next weekend, and I am going to check this product out!

I would love to hear about more products you are using, do you have a blog I can come visit?

I am trying to let go of the guilt regarding more expensive beauty items. I use plenty of budget items and have for my whole life so it seems okay to have a few special things like Rich Girl! Right? XO, Jill

Adrienne Shubin said...

Sounds like a lovely product and I like the name - it reminds me of a blog I know :)

My beauty splurge is a Kerastase hair oil called Elixir Ultime. It really helps with dry hair and frizzies. It's about $55 for a bottle but will last for ages and so worth it.
xo, A

jill815 said...

Hi Adrienne!

I need to look into that Kerastase hair oil. I'm letting my hair grow out a bit and I'm noticing that it's so dry. I also have problems with it frizzing up if there is a drop of humidity in the air. Thanks for the tip! XO, Jill