Sunday, November 27, 2011

Give ‘Em the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

1898 Dresses from American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity at the Met in 2010.

I recently came across this contraband photo I took at last year’s American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity at the Met. It was the only picture I took from that exhibit because as soon as I snapped it the guard yelled, “No pictures allowed!”

Well, at least I got one.

The black dress with the sequins, on the left, was one of my favorites from the show. I don’t think of dresses from that period as being festooned with sequins, and yet this 1898 dress was a gorgeous subtle sparkler.

Fast forward to today and, as Rachel Zoe would say, “I love me a sequin.” Here is a J. Crew sequined cardigan I bought last year that I’m determined to wear more this fall and winter. I love how the sequins are sewn in straight lines up and down the sweater.

Consider this post your sparkly invitation to join Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and me in our “How I Wear My: Sequins” post on December 1. If you’d like to show how you wear your sequins, send either of us a photo of yourself in your finest sequined attire or the name of your blog, or both, so we can include you in all the glittery gleaming fun!


sacramento said...

Wonderful dress and divine cardigan.
See if I can find some sequins for December the first to join you.
Have a grand Sunday, my friend

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look great in the cardigan and I am going to try to join you on December 1!! I love sequins!!

You are a photojournalist after my own heart! Snap it any way and apologize later!!!!

jill815 said...

Hi Sacramento, I would love it if you could join us, we have three other ladies so far! XO, Jill

jill815 said...

Hi Pam, I hope you can join the sequiny fun! The guards at the Met were really on people that day, I watched them get into it with one guy (in the suffragette section, I love it) and actually escort him out! XO, Jill

Adrienne said...

I think that cardy/cardi (what did we decide about the spelling?) looks great on you. I hope you do get a chance to wear it lots this season.

Interesting about how "blingy" those dresses were from 113 years ago...who knew?

Looking forward to our post later this week! xo, A

jill815 said...

Hi Adrienne my dear! You know I am a stickler for spelling so I vote for cardi (and will probably still be calling it a cardigan). And yeah, that dress was so gorgeous, the rest of the dresses from that period on display were silk, some were embroidered but only those two were sequined.

Pam is joining us this week for our sequin post, yay! XO, Jill

ssally said...

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