Monday, August 13, 2018

How Do You Store Your Jewels?

A J. Crew Factory jewelry tray holding Alex & Ani bracelets and my favorite long earrings!

I finally realized I have a jewelry organization problem. I figured it out when I noticed that I have six separate stashes of jewelry, both fine and faux, in different spots around the bedroom plus a medium-sized box of pieces that I consider seasonal. It was when I was looking for my summer jewelry that I realized I didn’t know where half of it was and couldn’t put my hands on any of it easily! I eventually located everything I was looking for in a cardboard box—each piece safely nestled within their own smaller boxes—but it only reminded me that I forget about what I own all the time because I am not seeing it on a regular basis.

A J. Crew dish with Carolee brooch and CrewCuts bracelet my girl owns.

Pieces that I wear daily like rings and stud earrings end up in various jewelry dishes and trays, and, of course, because I see them they get more regular wear. I have picked up a few trays from J. Crew or J. Crew Factory. The small round blue and white dish below came from Pearl River Mart in Chinatown.

A tiny bowl of rings.

I do love the jewelry trays on top of a dresser or bookshelf but they can’t hold much and I am thinking it’s time to get more organized about storing jewelry so I could see it all regularly and get more wear out of each piece. I like the idea of opening a dresser drawer and finding my entire jewelry wardrobe there so I could have easy access to it. I found this neutral-colored set of four stackable jewelry trays by Stock Your Home on Wikibuy. I like the look of them, that kind of golden-beige shade would allow the colors of the jewelry to stand out. Maybe these organizers would make me feel like I was perusing my own private jewelry boutique if I could open a drawer and find a lot of what I own stored in them instead of seeing box after box stacked in various spots and not remembering what is inside!

Stock Your Home Stackable Jewelry Trays. Photo courtesy of Wikibuy.

If you have any tips on storing jewelry, let me know. Do you switch out what you see regularly due to the season? Do you use a jewelry organizer or trays, or are you more haphazard about it like me? Do you keep the fine jewelry you own in a safe? I would love to hear how other ladies and gents take care of their jewelry when they are not wearing it!

As for Wikibuy, I like that everything on their site is arranged to show me what my options are from different online retailers for an item I am in the market for and then shows me which retailer will sell me that item for the best price. It seems a lot easier and more organized than a Google shopping search, which is a way I have shopped for things in the past when I haven’t gone directly to a store’s website. I can also search for coupon offers or go straight to a store’s home page, which are other nice features. They will also alert you if the item on your watch list goes on sale! I was able to hone in on these jewelry organizers immediately and am already thinking of how I can clear out a drawer to make room for them. I might need to buy two sets!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the lovely people at Wikibuy but all opinions expressed here are my own.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I lost a ring bc I didn't store it and put it back but it was after a party and i just thought iw ould leave it- so who knows who took it or if it is the fairies!! But I was told to put it away back in the box of origin. Plus if it is a real stone of precious or semi precious - they like to be in its own orb and energy ( I know...) but when it is piled all on one tray i do find it harder to pick - this way i feel like wearing something and then i look for it rather than be bombarded by choice! x

Jill said...

Hi Naomi, I know what you mean about precious or semi-precious stones. Those do tend to end up in special places and normally back in their own boxes. I go looking for certain pieces too, but I forget about my costume stuff all the time because I don't see it enough. Organization might help me with this! xx