Monday, April 30, 2018

Princess Charlene and Her Cartier Trinity Ruban Diamond Earrings

Charlene & Albert, April 2018. AP Photo.

Just after I did a post on Meghan’s Galanterie de Cartier diamond earrings, who should I spy also wearing Cartier diamonds but Princess Charlene of Monaco! I saw these photos in the Daily Mail of a recent tennis match she attended with Prince Albert and of course I loved her outfit and makeup and mirrored sunglasses right away. On closer inspection, having spent enough time on the Cartier website to learn about Meghan’s earrings (ha!), I recognized what Charlene had on were the Cartier Trinity Ruban earrings, in diamonds set in 18k white gold. Gorgeous! Do you think maybe Albert is whispering to Charlene how great she looks in the above photo?

I do believe those are Cartier Trinity Ruban earrings on Charlene! Reuters photo.

Just like the Galanterie de Cartier, you can pick the size and specs of the center stone of the Cartier Trinity Ruban earrings, from .50 to .59-carat each, to .70 to .79 each, to 1.00 to 1.15, or 1.50 to 1.69. I love that swirl of pavéd diamonds around each center stone and how it gives the entire earring a 3D effect. They look so modern and glamorous on Charlene. I don’t know what size she is wearing, maybe the half-carat each (any guesses?), but they seem like they would be a great earring for every day wear!

Cartier Trinity Ruban diamond earrings.

A shot of the side. Love that swirl of diamonds!

I hope they were a gift to Charlene from Albert. She just turned 40 this past January so perhaps they were to mark that special occasion? I visited with these this past weekend since I was near the Cartier Mansion on Fifth Avenue. The pair I saw had a center stone size of well over a carat, so with the added pavé swirl they were quite large and so very elegant!

Let me know what you think of these Cartier earrings on Charlene!


Beverly Breslen said...

I love that whole outfit! The sunglasses, earrings, blazer, top, jeans, etc. I even love the red lipstick!

GSL said...

She looks good with that gamine look and fab accessories.

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