Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meghan Markle and Her Galanterie de Cartier Diamond Earrings

Great Cartier earrings on Meghan!

As the next royal wedding gets closer I am looking for signs that Meghan will be a Jewelry Gal as she becomes a member of the British royal family, so I was happy to see a few bloggers identify the new diamond earrings she has been wearing lately as the Galanterie de Cartier. I think so much of her jewelry thus far has been very simple and dainty and a tad on the Californian bohemian side so I was so glad to catch these earrings on her and to note that she has been wearing them a lot all of a sudden!

I found a few pictures from around the web showing them on Meghan. I think she looks great in every shot and the earrings help light up her face.

They go with everything of course.

Love them with the black beret!

The Cartier website says the price is available on request so I had a chat with an ambassador to get the details. The earrings are only available for purchase at the boutiques since you can pick the size and specs of each center stone, which can run from .18 to .20-carats and from .40 to .44-carats. For instance, the larger size, with each center diamond being around .40-carats, F color, and VS1 clarity were quoted to me as being around $12,300. If you like the smaller size, they offer a center stone of .20 each, D color, VS1 clarity at around $6,900. They are set in 18K white gold. I like the idea that you can pick your center stone based on your preferences and budget. I also like the flat profile of these earrings, their disk shape, their pavé outline, and their Art Deco feel. I may have to visit with these in person next time I am by the Cartier Mansion. I think they are ladylike, elegant, and if I owned them I would wear them every day!

Galanterie de Cartier diamond earrings.

A side profile.

Since Meghan will be the first American woman to marry into the royal family since Wallis, it is not lost on me that she is stepping out in Cartier, a jewelry house with deep ties to the Windsors. Some of the most amazing pieces that Wallis ever received from David, both when he was Prince of Wales and then King Edward VIII, were by Cartier, so I love that the first “big” jewelry we are seeing on Meghan comes from them as well. I hope they won’t be the last. I also hope Harry bought these Cartier earrings for Meghan as a present!

From another angle.

Let me know what you think of these Cartier earrings!


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

They are lovely and she truly radiates beauty...I hope they were a gift too.
Cannot wait for the wedding coverage and to see her gown...she will make a beautiful bride!!

Jill said...

Hi Hostess, how are you?!?! I am SO looking forward to the wedding, I can't wait to get up early for it ha ha ha. She is going to be so beautiful and it will be so fun to watch her and Harry grinning like mad at one another lol. I hope she gets to wear some serious jewelry on the big day!!! xx

GSL said...

12 Large for earrings? I'd need to have a word with that Cartier Ambassadortoo...with my ski mask and pistol.

Jill said...

LOL GSL, those big burly Cartier security guys at the front door will see you coming and may not let you in! Yes, the bigger size are quite expensive. Even the small ones are pricey. It is Cartier so I am not so surprised at the cost! I hope you are well. What did you think of the WHCD? Hope you will do a post on it. xx

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