Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How I Wear My: Athleisure

Athleisure is the sort of trend that seems especially made for the warmer months’ promise of increased outdoor activity so Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country and I wanted to kick off the start of summer focusing on this fun fashion phenomenon!

It was great to see how everyone interpreted Athleisure in ways that suited them best. I have found some new inspiration in seeing these photos and hope you will too. Enjoy!

Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country.

Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country, my stylish “How I Wear My” partner, says, “The older I get, the more important comfortable outfits become. I love the Athleisure trend for that reason. I am wearing a pair of black leggings from Stella Carakasi with a t-shirt that says ‘Pink Skies Up Ahead’ and vintage-inspired sneakers. Rather than a sweatshirt or hoodie, I wore a lightweight white zip front jacket also by Stella Carakasi. I carried my Adora bag from Armadio, which is a great tote bag for carrying all my essentials plus a book, camera and a water bottle.”

Diane of Fashion on the 4th Floor.

Diane of Fashion on the 4th Floor says, “Come on, who said you can’t pair track pants and leopard print?!? Studded heels and a cool clutch add a little edge to this ensemble.”

[Editor’s Note: I love this photo of Diane. It looks like it’s from the pages of Vogue.]

Glenda of So What To Twenty!

Glenda of So What To Twenty! writes, “In a world that’s so homogenized, it feels good to be uncommon. The protagonist in today’s style story is a very uncommon buttercup yellow custom-made jumpsuit with ultra-wide legs. This creative look was lovingly designed by my sister, Steffyne Glenn, and her custom sewing service. Everyone won’t like or understand this story, but that’s perfectly alright. It is uncommon, but it was made especially for me.”

Linda of A Labour of Life.

Linda of A Labour of Life writes, “I may not be a huge Athleisure gal but I do love my Old Navy silk joggers. The key to making it work is with material and footwear. Joggers in a silky material paired with footwear that are not sneakers make a casual outfit look not too sporty.”

Ana of Mrs. American Made.

Ana of Mrs. American Made says, “I love this month’s theme of Athleisure because I must say that it took me some time to embrace the trend, but now I love it. I finally appreciate the flexibility of working athletic wear into a daily outfit and I feel I have been able to find a way to wear it that seems appropriate for me. My work is pretty casual so I can get away with a look like this of thick black leggings with tall boots and a silk top long enough to cover the hips. Then I added a statement necklace and a crisp white fitted blazer for a meeting. And boom! I was ready to work—and ready to work out later!”

Nancy from Jodie’s Touch of Style.

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style writes of her stepmother, Nancy, “She’s wearing her workout leggings under a fun, sparkly tunic! She also has on her Cole Haan sneakers that look like oxfords—they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. I should know since I just bought a pair too!”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style.

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style says, “I love joggers, but not styled with a tee and sneakers! I love them styled Nancy’s way!”

Malia of Style by Malia.

Malia of Style by Malia writes, “For me this is my least comfortable state of dress but I was able to make my style statement in Athleisure wear. This workout dress is Livi from Lane Bryant and my sneakers are Michael Kors.”

Sabina of OceanBlue Style.

Sabina of OceanBlue Style writes, “Blue is my all-time favorite. And I love mixing a bit of European elegance with SoCal ease—this is why I am a huge fan of the Athleisure trend. The track pants are comfy yet stylish as well. When I was visiting the set for the commercial photo shoot of a German fashion designer, I wore the pants with white pumps and a Victorian blouse. Here I went for a more relaxed flair with the blue turtleneck. Another favorite basic of mine.”

Rena of Fine, Whatever.

Rena of Fine, Whatever says, “If Athleisure is already a mash-up of athletic and leisure, what happens when you add Boho to the mix? I’m not sure but I felt both a bit glamorous and eccentric at the same time. Dahling!”


Our friend Valerie says, “Caught as I was just going to my weekly keep fit/dance session… Leggings from good old M&S with one of my favourite North Face tops in lime green (which I’ve had for years) as a cover-up. My trainers have a flash of lime green and are by Firetrap.”

Rosemary of Distinctly Southern Style.

Rosemary of Distinctly Southern Style says, “My wearing of Athleisure wear is basically as workout clothing. I am always either walking, biking or going to my yoga practice. My style is basic yoga pants and Nikes. I do like a cover-up layer when going into the gym for yoga.”

Becky of Pink Cheetah Vintage (and her guy!).

Becky of Pink Cheetah Vintage and her guy show how fun, daring, and even patriotic, Athleisure looks can be, especially when worn as his and hers ensembles!

Nicole of High Latitude Style.

Nicole of High Latitude Style says, “I have a hard time finding pants that fit me. One day when I browsed the apparel section in our supermarket, I saw these straight sport pants. The stripes on the side are sort of the stripes on tuxedo pants. Thus, I bought these sport pants with the intent to wear them as an unmatched suit. However, I also wear them just as pants for Casual Friday like in this winter outfit. Do I need to say that I never wear them to exercise? They don’t twirl, that’s why, lol.”

Michele of @chele_clark.

The Athleisure look by Michele, @chele_clark on Instagram, features a thrifted Macy’s top, Zara pants, Vans sneakers, and Kendra Scott jewelry.

I was not sure how to get even close to an Athleisure look so I used a Howell Conant photo of Princess Grace (from 1962 I think) as inspiration. If Athleisure is about looking like you might be going to or coming from an athletic endeavor—then Grace had the look down pat in this picture!

Love Grace’s Athleisure look from 1962. Photo by Howell Conant.

In following her lead I paired Old Navy white denim crops with a J. Crew linen shirt, my new favorite sneakers by Puma in mint green, and sporty and reflective sunglasses I borrowed from my daughter. I also added an open-weave gray cardigan and my trusty no-name summer tote. This is the kind of Athleisure look I can wear, no problem!

Love these Puma sneakers, they are so comfortable!

An open-weave cardigan from GAP and rainbow-hued sunglasses borrowed from my sweet girl!

I hope your Athleisure looks take you everywhere in June!

Next month we want to turn our attention to the romantic and always summer-appropriate look of embellishments. Whether they are pom-poms or baby tassels on a sleeve, scarf or tunic, or the most glorious embroidery or floral appliqués on a skirt or pair of pants, join us in July for “How I Wear My: Embellishment.” Send photos to us by July 10, 2017 and be sure to include details about your outfit, which we will use directly in our posts.

Do swing by Adrienne’s to see even more fun Athleisure looks.

And THANK YOU to the fine foxes who participated this month!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

U did the classic sweater!!!!! Perfect look!!! Thank u for including us!!!! So fun! I want to wear joggers and heels next!!! On the hunt (budget-friendly) lololol for some :)

Jill said...

Hi Becky, so glad you and Mr. Handsome joined us. I think you two should wear those clothes on the 4th of July! xx

jodie filogomo said...

I have to admit that athleisure wear wasn't on my radar until recently!! That's why I think I love your outfit so much Jill!! It's not so casual, and how perfect you included the photo of Princess Grace!!

Adrienne Shubin said...

Great post, Jill! I love your Grace Kelly inspired look.
Looking forward to Embellishment next time!
xo, A

OceanBlue Style said...

Thank you for the fabulous idea. Happy to be part of it and have always loved Grace Kelly! xo Sabina

Distinctly Southern Style said...

Jill, This was such a fun post! Thanks for including me.
Looking forward to next month.

Ana from Mrs. American Made said...

What a great post! Thank you for your hard work putting these together and for including me. I am excited to try some of these looks and incorporate them into my new love for "athleisure"

nancy baten said...

Fabulous all these different athleisure styles! Thank you for being featured!

Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun said...

What a fun round up! Thanks for hosting!

Dawn Lucy

GSL said...

Well GSL's thoughts on cropped pants are well known and apparently fall on deaf ears...Grace Kelly would have paid heed.