Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How I Wear My: Ladylike Elegance

May is a month when it seems no matter where you look there are flowers in bloom and beautiful signs of spring at every turn so Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country and I wanted to focus this month’s “How I Wear My” on Ladylike Elegance, a sartorial style that suits May so well!

We received so many photos for this roundup and I think we may say this several times a year, but this is my new favorite “How I Wear My” post. I bet Adrienne will say the same thing! Everyone is looking particularly gorgeous and fresh and fun, and I hope you get as much inspiration from looking at this post as I did putting it together. Enjoy!

Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country.

Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country, my “How I Wear My” partner, writes, “I practically live in jeans so I wanted to create a ladylike look for this month’s theme that would be both elegant and fit with my somewhat casual lifestyle. I bought this turquoise top at a hotel boutique. It’s by Josef Seibel. I wore it with micro flare white jeans, nude block-heeled sandals and a retro-inspired flower necklace by Kelli Hollis of Berkeley. I decided this ladylike look called for an up-do so I wound my hair into a French Twist. I forgot how easy it is to do those!”

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb and her handsome husband!

Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb writes, “I wore this red gown to the UK Blog Awards (the UK’s blogging equivalent of the Oscars) where I was shortlisted in the Individual Fashion & Beauty category—it must have brought me luck because I won... I was totally blown away! I felt a million dollars in this dress as it was the perfect shape for my hourglass figure, but I will admit I was somewhat restricted as I couldn’t pick up anything off the floor or sit very easily—it was totally worth it though. I think it will always be my lucky red dress...! My husband joined me on the night and this one taken of the two of us together is my favourite by far.”

[Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Catherine! What a huge honor. And what a great shot of her and her dapper and elegant husband!]

Yvonne of Funky Forty.

Yvonne of Funky Forty says, “This is how I wear my ladylike elegance. You cannot go wrong with a little black dress—it will look elegant in every situation. I like to team it up with red to make the details shine out. This photo was taken along the beautiful shores of Lago Maggiore in Switzerland.”

Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.

Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish writes, “I know pink is trending now, but I have always loved the look of red hair with pink tones. The floral pencil skirt is Ann Taylor and my statement sandals have pearls on the heel.”

[Editor’s Note: I also love to see a redhead in bright pink! And yay for pearls on shoes!]

Oh do I love these sandals on Jess.

Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun.

Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun says, “A simple fresh white shirtdress can feel chic and ladylike, and still be casual and comfortable.”

[Editor’s Note: I love the explosion of color in this photo!]

Gail of Is This Mutton?

Gail of Is This Mutton? says, “I love a floral skirt with cashmere cardigan, bow top and matching wedges in soft green and peach shades.”

Michelle of Retro Chic Mama.

Michelle of Retro Chic Mama has on a Rixo London dress she wore to the UK Blog Awards. She says of the two ladies who started the line just two years ago, “Their dresses are a modern boho chic combination made of the most exquisite fabrics and cut to fit and flatter. Absolutely ladylike heaven to me!”

[Editor’s Note: Doesn’t Michelle look like a Vogue model here?]

Linda of A Labour of Life.

Linda of A Labour of Life joins us once again and says of her look, “A bright yellow sheath made more ladylike with pastel accents. A flowing Kimono and a floral pump make a fashionable yet ladylike statement.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style.

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style says, “The black and white dress with the blue touch is a design I really love to wear. I think this is a very feminine and ladylike dress!”

Malia of Style by Malia.

Malia of Style by Malia writes, “Nothing says ladylike to me than giving back to the community and I do attend a ton of events. This dress from Christian Omeshun was a perfect dress to travel in.”

Annette of Lady of Style.

Annette of Lady of Style sent in a photo of the black dress she wore to the UK Blog Awards. That makes three lovely ladies in this roundup who sent us photos from that event! All three of them looked gorgeous!

Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living.

Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living says, “The red top in this outfit stole my heart when I saw the tiny ruffles on the yoke and the bell sleeves. It didn’t hurt that it had a tiny short fringe around the hem. I wore it with jeans, carried a colorful clutch and wore neutral wedge sandals.”

Laurie of Vanity and Me.

Laurie of Vanity and Me says, “I created a romantic ladylike look with a long skirt and everyday shirt. I like the ladylike floatiness of the skirt.”

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge.

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge writes, “I recently found this dress on the clearance rack at Dress Barn. It had a slight flaw, so I received an additional 10% off the sale price, making this beauty only $19! I was not even in the market for such a dressy dress, but I love the feminine feel of the lace combined with the contrasting black and taupe colors so much that I just had to bring it home...just in case I needed it! Well, it turns out that it fits the May theme perfectly!”

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo.

Suzanne of Suzanne Carilloo says, “I’m channeling my inner ladylike 1960s secretary in this vintage-inspired tweed dress in my office.”

Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style.

Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style writes of her mother Charlotte, above, “I always think of her as so classy and elegant. She always knows how to look so glamorous in my opinion!”

Greetje of No Fear of Fashion.

Greetje of No Fear of Fashion says, “This is one of the few mixed prints outfits I have created. Or rather the shop assistant created it for me. And I like it very much. I added the black belt and black and white shoes.”

Rosemary of Distinctly Southern Style.

Rosemary of Distinctly Southern Style writes, “This is a Michael Kors jumpsuit that I recently wore to a charity black tie event. Although black tie refers to the gentlemen’s dress code, I find that I always feel very comfortable dressed in black too. I like to add some ‘Fire & Ice’ to black dressing! This beaded bag along with some rhinestones and diamonds does a perfect job of adding the bling for my evening!”


Our friend Sandy says, “White is my absolute favorite color and I can never pass up a white dress, top or pants—I have so many! This Ralph Lauren dress is crocheted and has beautiful work on the neckline and the hemline. I paired it with blush colored pumps and a matching Tory Burch handbag.”

Michele (@chele_clark on IG).

New participant Michele, @chele_clark on Instagram, shows her ladylike elegance with a Sheln blouse, a Kendra Scott necklace, Walmart trousers and thrifted leopard pumps by Banana Republic.

Naomi of Coulda Shoulda Woulda.

Naomi of Coulda Shoulda Woulda writes, “This is my go-to coat dress that my mother got me for Christmas about a decade ago and it has gotten me through so many occasions. It’s loose so forgiving through thick and thin—literally! 3/4 sleeves and only three fasteners lighten it and make it flexible to wear anything underneath. Chanel for life!”

[Editor’s Note: Oh wow do I love this coat dress of Naomi’s. Chanel for life indeed!]

Love this beautiful cuff of Naomi’s coat dress.

Nicole of High Latitude Style.

Nicole of High Latitude Style says, “I love dresses. They are instant polish and look professional. One can style them down to posh-casual with a denim jacket or ladylike with a pair of court shoes. One can even style them sexy. This dress has a vintage 40s-cut that I found on eBay and I made it from a black with white daisy print fabric. Daisies look so friendly.”

[Editor’s Note: I love the old hunting lodge vibe of wherever Nicole is at. I wish I could visit that restaurant!]

Ana of Mrs. American Made.

Ana of Mrs. American Made writes, “This is an all #madeinUSA work-appropriate outfit that has a few ladylike qualities, such as the turtleneck top with neck-tie silk bow and the patent Mary Jane T-strap shoes worn with a skirt and dark hose. The pearl drop earrings add a final classic touch. And depending on the location, I might wear this as a ‘going out’ outfit, too.”


My good friend Rosie says, “I like to wear black and crème together, particularly in the evening. This combination is so simple and easy to accessorize and dress up or down. I frequently wear hats and sunglasses because of the strong sun when I am in Florida. The geometric silk scarf adds to the evening look. And, my pearl necklace goes with everything.”

[Editor’s Note: I love this entire ensemble and I am especially crazy for all of the accessories!]

I think because of the post I just wrote on Catherine Zeta-Jones’ terrific travel style, and my good friend Rosie, above, looking so amazing in black and white, I could not help but want to be part of that fun! I love a ladylike spin on trousers, just as Catherine and Rosie wore, so I paired a J. Crew palm print sweater I bought last summer during their clearance sales with a Zara blazer I have had for a few years, a pair of Gap pants, and my Hermès Jigé in Rouge Vif, which is one of the best bags I ever bought (secondhand and on eBay!). I really love the embroidery on the J. Crew sweater. Here it is in detail.

With all this black and white I had to scoop up my tuxedo cat Tippi for a photo. She fits right in though she was ready to bolt as soon as I picked her up. Should’ve had some Fancy Feast in my hand!

With the ever fashionable Tippi.

I hope your spring provides many opportunities to revel in ladylike elegance!

With warmer temps on the way it’s time to get sporty! So break out your track pants and hoodie and join us for “How I Wear My: Athleisure.” If you have a fun way to style this casual trend based on athletic wear we want to see it! Send photos to us at by June 5, 2017 and be sure to include a description of your outfit, which we will use directly in our posts.

Do swing by Adrienne’s to see even more Ladylike & Elegant looks!

And THANK YOU to all the fine foxes who joined us this month!


Adrienne Shubin said...

First, let me say, Jill, that you look like a movie star!! I love every inch of your outfit!
Second, what a gorgeous round up of outfits. I love the way Ladylike Elegance brought out so many different takes. From Catherine's breathtaking red gown to Charlotte's fun look with a t-shirt and choker.
Last, it's so great to see so many new faces this month! Lots of participants came to us from The Fierce 50 Revolution - I hope we see more of them in the future!
Thanks for all the hard work - looking forward to sporty looks for June!
xo, A

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I am so into black and white in general. You look very elegant and sophisticated! Catherine is WOW in that dress!

Distinctly Southern Style said...

A stunning collection of beautiful ladies and marvelous looks!
Thanks Jill & Adrienne

rosie said...

Wow, the ladies really turned it out, again . A big welcome to all the new participants.

Suzanne Carilloo's look reminded of Mad Men. So retro & so lovely.

Jill, your J.Crew black sweater with white embroidery is a forever piece. I don't known how I missed that sweater last year @ J.Crew's sale.

jodie filogomo said...

Ahhh, Tippi is the perfect accessory for your look, Jill!!
I'm quite partial to a white blazer, and so you look so fresh in this.
Thanks for including my mom in this post!!
It's so fun to see how all of the other women look elegant!!

Unknown said...

This is such a great post this month! Lots of new faces and tons of lady like style! Peace! Cheryl Tucker

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

You guys know I love the monthly round ups and the effort it take to do such a thing. Thanks for including me despite the subpar quality which is only more apparent with the other clear photos :) xx

Catherine Summers said...

Jill I will ALWAYS love a white blazer - I love this time of year because it means I can get mine out again... Hurrah!! You look so chic in black and white :)

Thank you so much for an amazing round up of elegant looks and featuring my lucky red gown (and your very kind words - the husband's head is swelling now *roll eyes*). Ladylike looks are forever my favourite...!

Catherine x

GSL said...

This charming group far exceeds that Met Gala spectacle. Well done Jill with the Zara/JCrew/Gap with trademark sunnies.
Big bonus with Naomi & Tippi cameos.

Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun said...

Thanks for another fun HIWM, Jill! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for athleisure next month. I could use some styling ideas!

Thanks again!

Dawn Lucy

Michelle Tyler said...

This IS absolutely my favourite by far! The women all have such unique styles which is what makes it so much fun to read through. If I had to choose my top 5 It'd be - 1. Lauries amazing skirt style with a floral shirt which is surprising yet perfect 2. Greetje's mixed pattern outfit, love the accessories 3. Catherine's red gown of course because she looks like a movie star! 4. Annette's black satin gown that shows off her incredible figure 5. Finally, Suzannes vintage-esque shift, those sexy shoes & well the glasses are hot right? Boys don't make passes & all that Marilyn Monroe stuff ;-)
Thanks so very much for hosting ladies xxx

No Fear of Fashion said...

You are so right. This Ladylike theme will be a hit. So, so many absolutely stunning outfits. We all should do ladylike more often haha. I am more of a jeans woman than a dress, but I am trying to balance since I was "told off" by my Italian blogger friend Daniela haha. You put on a very elegant outfit in my favourite black and white. And of course with a pop of colour. Perfect bag.
I was at the UK Blog Award with the three ladies featured here (Catherine, Michelle and Annette) and Nikki, featured on Adrienne's blog). And there were two more blogger friends, all very ladylike. I was in a trouser suit as I don't have many parties to wear a long dress to. I reported on this award occasion on my blog.

Jill said...

Hi Adrienne, wow what a compliment! Thank you! What a great turnout this month, one of my favorite roundups! xx

Jill said...

Hi Becky, get out your vintage tracksuit and JOIN US next month for Athleisure! And I am ITA, Catherine is so drop-dead gorgeous in that dress! xx

Jill said...

Hi Rosemary, I love your black jumpsuit, so elegant and sophisticated for a Black Tie event! I think Nan Kempner would have approved of this look lol. xx

Jill said...

Hi Rosie! I tell you, I was so inspired by your look this month! I still am. I have found that sweater on eBay but only in XXS so far. I will keep my eyes peeled! Thank you for joining us this month, you look so beautiful and glamorous! xx

Jill said...

Hi Jodie, I am glad your mom joined us again this month! Can't wait to see what you ladies cook up for Athleisure. That is going to be a tough one for me ha ha. xx

Jill said...

Hi Cheryl, I loved both of your looks this month. You always look so fresh. xx

Jill said...

Oh Naomi I am so glad you joined us this month! That Chanel piece is spectacular and you are lucky to have it. You wear it well! I especially love it with those unusual shoes. Feel free to join us anytime my dear! xx

Jill said...

Hi Catherine, congratulations on your win that is so exciting! And I love that photo of you and your handsome. What a nice-looking couple! xx

Jill said...

GSL, where have you been? I would love to read your thoughts on what happened in France yesterday, as well as what is happening here. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for the compliment. And I think we are both big fans of Naomi! Wish I could meet you both for some bubbly. xx

Jill said...

Hi Dawn Lucy, I loved both of your photos this month, they should be in a botanical/fashion calendar. Atheleisure is going to be tricky for me for sure. I can't wait to see how everyone translates it! xx

Jill said...

Hi Michelle, that photo of you was spectacular. I think it should be in Vogue! xx

Jill said...

Hi Greetje, I saw that you attended as well, that is so cool! You get to do some amazing traveling, I have to say. I am more of a jeans gal myself ha ha. I hope you will join us for Athleisure next month! xx