Friday, August 12, 2016

Glamour at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Gisele at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, August 5, 2016. Getty Photo.

I think everyone who reads my blog knows I look for glamour wherever I can find it and I’m definitely finding doses of it at the Rio Olympics! Gisele Bündchen looked so beautiful doing her catwalk stride to “The Girl from Ipanema” at the Opening Ceremony last week, wearing a gold sequined dress by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitz. Who better to make that walk (it must have felt like forever to her) than the ultimate Brazilian beauty! The song is one of my all-time favorites so it was a thrill to hear it performed live.

That smile! Getty Photo.

Laurie Hernandez flies above the balance beam, August 7, 2016. Photo by Tom Pennington.

I’ve also been loving the women’s gymnastics team makeup look. Those girls go in for gold eyeshadow, a dramatic cat-eye liner, and stud earrings, sometimes in multiple pairs. My favorite makeup is on Laurie Hernandez, whose eyes seem bigger than the rest of her body. I love that she opts for simple pearl studs!

Big eyes, big pearls! Photo by Ezra Shaw.

It’s hard for swimmers to glam out but I love it that every one of them seem to have bright nails, of all shades, and I’ve noticed both the ring manicure, as well as nail art, on the gals in the pool. Kathleen Baker, who came in second in the 100m backstroke despite having Crohn’s Disease, looked adorable with her stars and stripes manicure, her pearl studs, and that beautiful smile as she held up her Olympic silver medal.

Nail art and a silver medal: Kathleen Baker with her hardware for the 100m Backstroke . AP Photo.

Let me know if you are watching the Olympics and what your favorite moment has been so far. I can’t wait to see what the track babes are wearing next week. I’m predicting long nails, possibly bejeweled, layered necklaces, colored streaks in their hair, and of course, lots of fierce eye makeup. GO USA!


GSL said...

My Dear Jill,
I applaud your looking on the bright side and haven't watched a minute of the Olympics and apparently few others have as well. As a young butterflier, little GSL idolized Mark Spitz and marveled at Olga Korbet, Nadia Comenic, Winter hero Franz Klammer et al. What a sad state of affairs with the IOC corruption scandal, Brazil woefully ill-equipped, and the crime wave having even our Ryan Lochte robbed at gunpoint hours after taking Gold.
Hopefully, many leesons are learned.

Jill said...

Hi GSL, I do think the Rio Olympics are a bit of a disaster, with the tales of boaters getting sick from the water and empty seats, many of them, at the track and field events. I was shocked Ryan and teammates were robbed, and then I wasn't shocked at the same time. Glad they are okay. The athletics have been terrific, from Phelps to Ledecky, to Biles and Bolt. Hope nobody is drugging. I wish they'd stop having the Olympics all over the place and just pick 5 host cities that can afford to put the games on. I shudder to think of how much this is costing Brazil, and I do not think of them as a wealthy country. x

Hermesmerized™ the duchessofH said...

I agree with you Jill, on choosing host cities that can afford to put the games on.
My husband has had the Olympics on day and night, and is constantly switching from Canadian to US feed. I'm really surprised he's watching everything.
I feel guilty, as I've barely watched any of it. I even missed the opening ceremonies ; which is a first for me since 1976 when every Canadian was glued to the tv watching Nadia Comăneci nail a perfect 10.0 score in Montreal.

I have always thought that the US teams had the best uniforms, and I think it helps psychologicaly to be the "best dressed".

Jill said...

Hi Duchess! My family and I happened to be in Montreal during the opening of the 2008 Summer games in Beijing and it was interesting to watch the ceremonies on Canadian TV! We also got to visit the stadium where Montreal hosted their 1976 games. It was tough to get anything done when the games were on this time. I am still shaking my head at the idiocy of Ryan Lochte, who just did himself out of a lot of money by 'over-exaggerating' his robbery story.

I liked the US team uniforms too and I believe they are now made in the USA by Ralph Lauren, who caught such flak for making them in China before being called out on it.

I hope all is well with you! xx