Sunday, May 15, 2016

Naomi Watts in Armani Privé and Bulgari Jewels in Cannes 2016

Naomi Watts at the Cannes Film Festival, May 2016. Photo by Andreas Rentz.

Naomi Watts and her stylist Jeanann Williams seem to have found the perfect formula for Naomi to wear on the red carpet. It’s this: Armani Privé gown + Bulgari jewels + L’Oreal makeup. It equals a glamorous look that she showcased last week at the Cannes Film Festival. Jeanann is selecting perfect colors for Naomi to wear in both clothing and gems and this was yet another look of hers I loved. There have been so many this year!

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

I really like this silhouette on Naomi. It suits her and it seems both easy to wear and to walk in. I am, of course, crazy about the necklace, which is a one-of-a-kind high jewelry necklace, according to the Instagram account of Bulgari. I would not say no to those big diamond studs either.

Jewelry by Bulgari. Photo by Pascal Le Segretain.

Great makeup on Naomi. Photo by Ian Gavan.

I think the makeup was perfection as well. I did love the deep berry lip the makeup artist Tyron Machhausen gave Naomi for the SAG Awards in January, but now that it is May and the red carpet is in Cannes, I like that the entire makeup look is very subtle and not overpowering. I think it lets the necklace and dress be the star of the show! The makeup was by Charlotte Willer. Do check out her Instagram account and scroll down to see a stunning shot of both the makeup on Naomi and the necklace!

Naomi and a ton of photographers. Yikes! Photo by Anne-Christine Poujoulat.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but the idea of walking a long red carpet with dozens of photographers in tuxedos calling my name and taking my photo sounds entirely too daunting for me. I hope Naomi had a glass of bubbly in the car ride over, I would need at least that to deal with the flare-up of nerves that would come my way knowing I would be facing people with long lenses and possibly longer memories! Could you walk the red carpet at Cannes with ease? Let me know in the comments!


GSL said...

Jill, NW is a grown-up and a knockout....her knowing of GSL's high regard makes this pap gauntlet a small price to pay.

Jill said...

Hi GSL, I am with you--she's a grown-up and a knockout! I would add that she seems to be getting better with age and from what I can tell, she's left her face alone. I like her more and more! She seems to have no problem walking that gauntlet, so I have to admire her confidence and sense of fun. xx

Suzanne Carillo said...

This is really stunning.


Jill said...

Hi Suzanne! That is high praise from you since I know you normally don't go in for fine jewelry. Thanks for stopping by, I hope all is well with you and the Mr! xx

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

She really is a gorgeous woman and that dress is perfect...
love the necklace too!
I could never walk the red carpet...I know I would fall off my high heels...
unless they permitted me to wear ballet flats!!!

HappyFace313 said...

:-) I am not so fond of the dress itself (the silhouette is stunning though), but the necklace - oh, my, so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing these pics with us.
Have a very HAPPY Sunday xo .-)

Hermesmerized™ the duchessofH said...

Naomi looks stunning as usual, and I love her unusual colour choice of gown. That necklace is deadly delicious!

Jenna said...

I like her dress.