Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How I Wear My: Pearls

Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country.

For this month’s “How I Wear My,” Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country and I wanted to celebrate a jewelry staple that most women own in one form or another—pearls! Whether real or faux, whether white or black, their gleam can add elegance to any outfit.

This was a fun post to put together for the sheer range of pearls we saw. I thought it might all be single or double strands and I was so wrong! We had a bit of everything come our way, from the tried-and-true classics to pearls worn in edgier and unexpected ways. It is a feast for the pearl-loving eyes and especially all you jewelry fans out there. Enjoy!


Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country, my lovely “How I Wear My” partners writes, “I have always liked pearls and have been wearing them since my mid-20s. This necklace is the newest addition to my pearl collection. It’s by Kay and Star and it’s got a lovely gray suede tassel which gives it just a little edge. It also has a rhinestone pavé bead to add a bit of glamour to it. I wore my faux pearl necklace with a pair of wide-legged white pants, a Stella Carakasi sweater with a coordinating tank top underneath, and gray suede shoes. I love a soft neutral look like this one, so great for warm weather. The pearl necklace adds just the right amount of texture and interest.”

I think this is such a gorgeously romantic look on Adrienne. I love these pale shades on her and I also love the roses and pearl necklace. These are my new favorite photos of her!

Nora of Jacket Society.

Nora of Jacket Society says, “I am wearing our brand new Rose fringe jacket with my torn Zara jeans. To compliment this Chanel-inspired jacket I have added a gold chain belt and Jacket Society’s gold tone chain with dangling pearls necklace. My sandals are Gucci and the bag is vintage Hermès. Both the Rose Fringe Jacket and the Pearl Necklace are available on our website.”

I love how Nora has taken staples of a woman’s wardrobe—a Chanel-like jacket, a vintage handbag (is that an Hermès Lydie I spy? Pardon me while I weep a little), a chain belt, and a glamorous pearl necklace with a tassel—and made them fresh and modern. I love Nora’s style and this photo of her highlights all the reasons why!


My good friend Rosie piled the pearls on top of her St. John bouclé jacket. I love the different sizes of the pearls and the different textures in the necklaces. I think Rosie looks so beautiful in this photo and I am adding her hair to my Bob Hall of Fame!

Tamera of Tamera Beardsley.

Tamera of Tamera Beardsley says, “One of my favorite ways to wear pearls is with my signature seashell necklace! Always a go-with-everything piece!”

Tamera looks like the most glamorous traveler ever—what an amazing ensemble on her, elevated by the pearls and her beautiful smile!

Alice of Happiness at Mid-Life.

Alice of Happiness at Mid-Life writes, “I love wearing pearls with mixed metals. This necklace is from White House/Black Market and has a mix of pearls and different strands of metals. I added a brooch to the necklace to give it a different look. I also mimicked the look of the necklace with my bracelet, which includes pearls.”

Alice wears polka dots so well and I love that she is wearing pearls with metals and made a whole new necklace just by adding a brooch. And I do believe that is her mother’s vintage Gucci clutch, which she first shared with us last July for “How I Wear My: Clutch.” I am happy to see it again!

Ana of Mrs. American Made.

Ana of Mrs. American Made writes, “This is my go-to ‘pearl’ look with this vintage pearl-covered clutch. I have used it many times but it is shown here with a #madeinUSA blue lace dress by Shoshanna and a crystal statement necklace by Loren Hope for a summer wedding. The pearl clutch really gives this look a classic touch.”

Just like Alice, above, Ana has shared this pearl clutch before, in “How I Wear My: Clutch,” but I never get tired of seeing it so I am glad she brought it out once more. It is divine! I love Ana in this lace dress, she looks so romantic and so young! What a great photo of her.

I just love this vintage pearl clutch that Ana owns.

Imogen of Inside Out Style.

Imogen of Inside Out Style says, “Pearls can often feel old fashioned, which is why I like to pile on a few at a time to try and take away from the conservative feel of them and, where possible, I look for pearls in non-traditional settings. I like to pair pearls with this shirt with a sheer spotty sleeve, as it replicates the shape of the pearls, and then dress the whole look down with jeans.”

I really love this entire ensemble on Imogen and I am especially crazy for the jewelry that uses pearls of different colors in an unexpected way. And that wrap bracelet is so cool!

Darlene of Who’s A Pretty Girl.

Darlene of Who’s A Pretty Girl says, “I wear my pearls thrifted, of course! Paired with all black and a thrifted long gray vest.”

I really like this unusual pearl necklace and bracelet on Darlene, especially with the patterned tights and black manicure. I never get tired of black, white, and gray!

Greetje of No Fear of Fashion.

Greetje of No Fear of Fashion says, “Pearls with brogues—both classic items, but worn with a bright orange T-shirt it isn’t classic. And that was my intention.”

I love that Greetje wore her very classic pearls with such a bright color, livening them up and giving them a more modern feel.

Nikki of Midlife Chic.

Nikki of Midlife Chic writes, “Being British, I’m a big fan of pearls and wear them regularly. A great place for pearls is Claudia Bradby and they also have the honour of having designed a necklace with Kate Middleton. These are their grey peacock pearls with a solid silver heart. Being grey, they are even easier to style. They have the same gleam as ivory pearls but they are more low-key so they work well with the relaxed jumpsuit I’m wearing.”

I love the kind of easy-to-wear glamour that Nikki is highlighting here and since I love black pearls I am a big fan of the gray strand she is modeling. It looks so wonderful with the jumpsuit and suits her coloring so well!

Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust.

Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust says, “How do I wear my pearls? With distressed denim of course! Pearls don’t have to be matronly or old fashioned. They work just as beautifully with denim as they do a feminine dress and cardigan.”

I love that Debbie mixed some lace into this terrific mix. I find it edgy, romantic and feminine, all at once!

Jacqueline of Petite Silver Vixen.

Jacqueline of Petite Silver Vixen writes, “My illusion pearl necklace and bracelet have a very special place in my heart. Not only are they my birthstone (June), but they were custom made for my wedding day and are part of a set—necklace, bracelet and earrings. I’ve worn the set in various combinations quite a lot since getting married and here I’m wearing the necklace and bracelet with a tweed jacket. I thought it would be fun to pair these two classics that are both associated with bygones eras in a way that’s easy to wear, fun and relevant to a contemporary, casual lifestyle. Classic pieces such as pearls and tweed are such strong statements in themselves that you don’t need to limit them for formal occasions.”

I love these colors on Jacqueline, as well as her pearls and the story behind them. It is so nice to be able to regularly wear jewelry pieces that have a lot of personal meaning, don’t you think? It seems they grow even dearer with the passing of time.

Linda of A Labour of Life.

Linda of A Labour of Life says, “A plaid tunic from Old Navy just seems to have an extra oomph when you add a string of pearls (or multiple strands). I love taking a classic plaid and pairing it with leggings and an over-the-knee boot.”

This is such a great transitional look on Linda as spring begins to feel a bit more summery. I like the multiple pearls, as well as those gigantic pearl earrings!

Lisa of The Sequinist.

Lisa of The Sequinist writes, “This outfit is a pearl-print top with a contrasting pearl-print skirt, both from & Other Stories. I am wearing it with a Mikimoto strand of pearls that my husband gave me for my 40th birthday several years ago, so they are very meaningful to me. Honestly, the outfit feels a little too girly for my style, so I’ve toughened it up a little with some Rockstud heels and a leather trimmed coat, so it isn’t so overly sweet.”

I love this look on Lisa so much! Anybody who has been reading my blog for awhile knows what a fan of Mikimoto I am and I love the highly unusual pearl-print top and skirt. Amazing! Paired with the Rockstuds, this is the kind of ladylike with edge look I just love. Here is a close-up of both the printed blouse and skirt and the pearl necklace.

A detailed shot of the pearl-print and strand of Mikimoto pearls!

Trina of Tea Time with Trina.

Trina of Tea Time with Trina says, “ I love this ladylike theme you have chosen for May, there’s nothing like putting on some pearls to step up any given outfit, right? This is how I wear a set of long vintage-style pearls. I absolutely love adding long pearls to a modern look.”

I love this mix of pearl colors on Trina’s silvery-lavender sweater (the color reminds me of Bergdorf Goodman, never a bad thing!) and the mixture of textures in her outfit. I am also crazy for her shoes!

I love this detailed shot of the necklaces!

Dale of Savvy Spice.

Dale of Savvy Spice says, “I think pearl necklaces are so classy and can be dressed up or down. I wore my layered pearl necklace last weekend with a navy top by Zara while house hunting in Dallas.”

Pearls looks so good when they are layered up and I really like this look on Dale. I wish her happy and successful house hunting!

Andrea of Andrea’s Wellness Notes.

Andrea of Andrea’s Wellness Notes writes, “I own a traditional strand of pearls, but to be honest, I hardly wear them. If I wear pearls, I like them to be ‘different.’ As most of my outfits are pretty classic, I think it’s important to add some ‘fun pearls’ to make sure my look doesn’t end up being boring. I really like my black and white necklace with irregular black stones and pearls and wear it at least once a week.”

I like the idea of fun pearls and this is the kind of necklace I would wear often too. I love it on Andrea!

Rena of Fine, Whatever.

Rena of Fine, Whatever writes, “The freshwater pearl necklace I’m wearing was an anniversary gift from my husband several years ago and I’ve made it a point to wear it on our anniversary every year since. This photo was taken last September when we were celebrating our 24th. My husband uses this one as the wallpaper on his cell phone and told me I should send it in for the May HIWM.”

I love this chunky freshwater pearl necklace on Rena so much and I think it is so romantic that her husband keeps this photo of her on his phone and wanted her to send it in for our roundup. No wonder they will celebrate 25 years in September!


Nancy, one of the regular models on Jodie’s Touch of Style wore this lovely pearl necklace with a navy sweater and hot pink pants. I love the tiny dots on her sweater (I hope they are little sequins!), as well as her purple nails, and I am crazy about that necklace length. I believe it is a matinee length but let me know in the comments if that is incorrect. I love this on Nancy and I wish I owned a similar length!

My mother.

My mother is wearing a cobalt blue blazer over a black and white floral print dress with black pearls. Love it! The black pearls are from Macy’s (as are her black pearl stud earrings), the pearl pendant was purchased during a Caribbean cruise, and the slender gold enhancer hails from Peter Choi Gems & Jewellery in Hong Kong. It is so great to see a jewelry collection that spans many years and represents travel around the world. Here is a detailed shot of all three.

A necklace years in the making, from three different shops!

Claudia of Happyface313.

Claudia of Happyface313 says, “I’ve always liked pearls. Years ago I found a pair of CHANEL glasses with pearls. Sometimes I think they’re a bit outdated, but then I look at the pearls and I will wear them again. What I like about these little white baubles is that they’re so versatile—they can be dressed up or down and just a few will go very far.”

I am crazy about these glasses on Claudia. They don’t look outdated to me at all! I hope she wears them every day. They are classic and beautiful. I also love her necklace. Claudia sent in another photo that I had to share. She writes, “My daughter came up with the idea of mixing long gloves with pearls. So I dressed up all in black and took all the pearls I had (faux, cheap, real and authentic) and we played around with them. This is the outcome.”

This is a great photo, it looks like it is right out of a magazine. What a treasure pile of pearls to play with!

I think Coco would approve of this photo by Claudia and her daughter.

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge.

Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge says, “I really love pearls with denim. I am wearing a double denim outfit accessorized with my multi-strand pearl choker.”

I love this look on Shelbee and this is the kind of chunky pearl necklace I wish I had in my jewelry collection! I am going to be on the hunt for one now. I love that she wore this with a denim shirt and jacket and I always love seeing Shelbee’s big happy smile!

So ready for the Kentucky Derby.

I love pearls but I admit I don’t wear them very often, with the exception of my Mikimoto pearl studs, which I seem to put on at least once a week. I am previewing my Kentucky Derby look here, with a dress from eShakti (which I also wore for “How I Wear My: Pastel” in June 2014), a fascinator, and an opera-length strand of faux pearls a friend gave me when I was 20. I wrapped it around three times, then found another string of faux pearls and added it to make four strands. I wish I had a few more to put on! I am also wearing a Mikimoto pearl bracelet, but it’s hard to see since it is so dainty. I can hardly wait for the derby this Saturday!

I got this fascinator for $5 on eBay.

I bought this fascinator for my nine-year-old daughter to wear on Derby Day. She selected it herself! I actually like hers better than the one I bought for myself so I thought I would wear it for this post since she has told me there will be no trading on May 7, ha ha! If you want to see the one I will wear (which is quite nice) you can read my fascinator post (and my pick to win the Kentucky Derby) here.

I love this pinky-red by Essie, “Plumberry,” that I picked up specifically to wear with this dress.  The enhancer next to the necklace is one given to me and all the bridesmaids when my (now) sister-in-law married my brother in 1998. I forgot I owned it! It is very glamorous and looks fantastic on any pearl necklace. I am not wearing it in the photo above but I want to start adding it to a single strand of pearls and get wearing it regularly. I think Liz Taylor would want me to!

One long strand of pearls, a pearl and diamanté enhancer, and “Plumberry” by Essie.

I hope you are wearing your pearls often and I wish you and yours a fun and lucky Kentucky Derby day!

The unofficial start of summer will be upon us by the end of the month and have us dreaming of trips we want to take so join us in June for “How I Wear My: Vacation or Resort Look.” Whether you are going to the mountains, the desert, the beach or even the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil, we would love to see what you are going to wear once you get there! Send photos to us at by June 6, 2016 and be sure to tell us a bit about your outfit.

Do swing by Adrienne’s to see even more fabulous looks featuring pearls.

And THANK YOU to all the fine foxes who participated this month!


GSL said...

Very nice looking group of ladies! With the significance of that day after Derby Day upon us, I am going to single out your mother for high praise. Love the black pearls and how these pieces were acquired and can't help but notice the fab new gamine 'do...has she been in to see Maya?

GSL said...

Very nice looking group of ladies! With the significance of that day after Derby Day upon us, I am going to single out your mother for high praise. Love the black pearls and how these pieces were acquired and can't help but notice the fab new gamine 'do...has she been in to see Maya?

Jill said...

Hi GSL, ha ha, no Maya for my mom, she doesn't live close enough, unfortunately! I hope you get to see your mom for Mother's Day! xx

jodie filogomo said...

It is interesting, that most of the "younger" bloggers featured like to wear their pearls in a non traditional way! That the feeling is that pearls can be "matronly"!! Yet, I think we've all shown how fabulous they can look with almost any other pieces of clothing!!
Thanks for hosting this party!!
ps...and you're absolutely right---those are sequins on Nancy's sweater!

Adrienne said...

What a great theme this month! I love all these pearl looks and that gloved pearl photo from Claudia is so fabulous! Have a great time at Derby Day. I bet you will have a blast.
Loving all these looks and excited to see some new faces this month!
Thanks for all your hard work on our labor of love for fashion ;)
xo, A

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love you look, Jill. I also love it that you wore a fascinator...they are big in San Antonio!

Jill said...

Hi Jodie, you bring up a great point about the younguns wanting to wear their pearls differently. I liked making mine classic, actually, I felt like I was in the minority this month! Also, I wanted a super traditional look for the Kentucky Derby! I'm glad Nancy joined us and I absolutely love the length of her pearl necklace. A true classic! xx

Linda said...

Jill, all these ladies look fab in their pearls!! Wow! And I am in love with that pearl clutch of Ana's...that is gorgeous!! Thank you to GSL for his lovely comments about my pearls and gamine 'do, but who is Maya? Do I need to meet her? Have a fun time on Derby Day!! Love, M

Andrea said...

I love seeing everyone's looks!

And your outfit is great! What a great fascinator! Have fun at Derby Day!

Andrea’s Wellness Notes

Suzanne Carillo said...

This was such a great round up!

Although I rarely wear pearls this showcased some great ideas.


Jill said...

Hi Mom, Maya is the lady that cuts my hair! Wish you were going to be here for Derby Day. I would love to fill up our living room with ladies wearing big hats or fascinators! Ha ha. xoxo

Jill said...

Hi Adrienne, this may be one of my favorite HIWM posts ever! Your pictures are soooo gorgeous this month. You should just walk around carrying roses wherever you go! xx

Jill said...

Hi Pam I can just imagine all the lovely ladies in San Antonio in their hats and fascinators. I think I would feel right at home! xx

Nora Minassian said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my look Jill, I love everyone's looks and their individual take on pearls. And you my dear, look so chic and ready for the Derby. Have a great time!

Jill said...

Hi Andrea, so glad you could join us again. I am going to be keeping an eye out for a necklace like yours! xx

Jill said...

Hi Suzanne, I could definitely picture you with some oversized pearls. I know you would style them in a unique way! xx

Jill said...

Hi Nora, you look so great in that shade of pink, especially with the pearl and fringe necklace! The jewelry you are selling is so great and I have my eye on several new pieces! Glad you could join us once again. xx

Shelbee On The Edge said...

Jill, thank you so much for your kind words! And thanks to you and Adrienne for once again putting together an amazing roundup for this series! I am completely jealous of Ana's pearl clutch and your beautiful new fascinator! All these ladies are purely fabulous!


Dale Janée said...

I love all these looks, especially the long tassel pearl necklaces are so gorgeous. Can't wait for the June resort outfits. Can't believe it's almost summer already


Jill said...

Hi Shelbee, glad you could join us again, hope to see you next month too! If you lived down the street I would so be asking you if I could borrow that necklace of yours, that's exactly what I wish I owned for Derby Day! xx

Jill said...

Hi Dale, I really like the multi-strand necklace of yours! I hope your house-hunting is going well. That's going to be such a big move for you. How's the baby? xx

HappyFace313 said...

:-) Dear Jill,

this really must be the best HIWM edition so far. Everybody wears them differently and pearls are just always the right choice.

I will happily pass your comments about the gloved picture on to my daughter, as it was her idea and she took them. They did turn out fabulous, I agree.

You look absolutely great - you'll win a prize at the derby. Maybe we'll get to see a pic of you and your daughter afterwards?

Now I'll hop over to Adrienne…

Have a very HAPPY day and again THANK YOU for doing this for all of us!
xoxoxo :-)

Jill said...

Hi Claudia, I liked both sets of those pictures showing all the pearls, they look like they are right from a Chanel ad. I hope you are wearing your Chanel glasses a lot, those will never go out of style, they are wonderful! Thank you so much for joining us. This post surprised me, everyone wore their pearls in such wonderfully different ways. It was great to see! xx

Happiness at Mid Life said...

Another great round up of stylish ideas! I have always wanted a fascinator but have no where to wear it.

Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!


Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up

Rena said...

This was a fun challenge and I'm amazed at all of the ways pearls were worn by these stylish ladies. Thanks to you and Adrienne for the work you do in putting together these features.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Love every single one Jill!!! Xx

custom writing services said...

The pearls have always been popular among women. It is the kind of jewel that goes for almost everyone. The main thing is to be able to combine this elegant and sophisticated decoration.

Petite Silver Vixen said...

I knew this one would be a bumper month! What a fantastic collection of pearls and I love how varied they all are. Just shows how versatile pearls are and that they are not frumpy at all but can be fun, stylish, sophisticated or quirky. Wonderful.

Darlene Fadem said...

Love all the different ways everyone wore their pearls! Thanks for the kind words, Jill. I'm glad you like my black mani. The girls at the shop keep trying to convince me to get a different color but goes with everything!! ;-)