Sunday, November 29, 2015

Barbara Taylor Bradford: A Woman of Jewelry!

A stunning pearl and diamond bracelet, and a black ebony and diamond butterfly brooch, both by Alberto e Lina.

In case you didn’t see it already, there is a fun read over at The New York Times called “From Barbara Taylor Bradford: A Life Story That Dazzles” that features the novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford talking about her jewelry collection. I love articles like this because it is always thought-provoking to read about the personal process that takes place, usually over decades, when a woman is putting together a collection of jewels. It was interesting to learn that Taylor Bradford’s husband, Robert Bradford, a film producer, likes jewelry as much as she does and is the one who has given her most of the pieces she owns. Lucky lady!

Jewelry by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.

I was especially enamored of Ms. Taylor Bradford’s Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. “Bird on a Rock” brooch, her black ebony and diamond butterfly brooch by Alberto e Lina, and her lovely sapphire and diamond engagement ring. And I almost fell out of my chair when I read that she is 82. 82? I thought she was in her early sixties, she is gorgeous and so young looking. Wow!

Barbara Taylor Bradford, beautiful at 82!

I liked this quote from Taylor Bradford in the article:

“Jewelry is emotional. I think women love a piece because of who gave it to them, how long they have had it, the love and the memories of somebody caring.”

I read a ton of novels in high school and college that featured strong female protagonists set in a historical background but I cannot remember if I read Ms. Taylor Bradford’s most famous novel, A Woman of Substance. There is a good chance I did because I used to love books that showed a girl of humble background and means who goes onto become rich and powerful in her own right (Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel were pretty good at this kind book themselves.).

Amazing color in this sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

I did not show everything here, you really need to swing by to see the rest of the short slideshow featuring Ms. Taylor Bradford’s jewelry (look for the photo of the three brooches, as well as the shot of the diamond watch!). Do let me know which is your favorite piece I’ve shown here and if you read A Woman of Substance, or any other of Ms. Taylor Bradford’s novels.

All photos by Nancy Borowick for The New York Times.


HappyFace313 said...

:-) These things are stunning, dear Jill. I do love pretty jewelry, too! I had to say that ;-)
My favorites from the article are the emerald and aquamarine earrings (love! love! love! and the Maltese brooch. Which reminds me that I need to take and send pictures for the HIWM series. righty?
A very HAPPY Sunday to you and yours :-) xo

Jill said...

Hi Happyface, I liked both of those pieces you mentioned. BTB has some amazing jewelry! It would be wonderful if you joined Adrienne and me for "How I Wear My: Brooch." We'd love to have you with us! xx

babette said...

Every important piece of jewelry I have, I purchased for myself. A beautiful pearl necklace when I celebrated my 50th birthday, a diamond cocktail ring, a Tiffany sterling silver charm bracelet with 10 charms when I celebrated my 55th and a beautiful natural sapphire and diamond ring on my 60th birthday. I don't really enjoy books about poor little women who suddenly inherited wealth or find a prince to take care of them. I believe in real life, educate yourself, work hard, take care of yourself. I've been married 30 plus years but I did not rely on him to complete me or to support me.

Jill said...

Hi Babette! I am SO glad you stopped by and left such an inspiring comment! I am with you 100% and can I say that I love that you purchased important jewelry yourself? I love that so much! I have revised my way of thinking about jewelry purchases over the last few years and am really hoping to gift myself some amazing thing for my next milestone birthday. I'm already saving for it! It was really great to hear from you, thanks for your comments and inspiration! xx